How to overcome summer rash.

How to overcome summer rash.

As the heat increases, so does the painful rash and itching, but if you want, you can be careful beforehand. To learn in this article, how to overcome summer rash.

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It is difficult to keep children quiet in one place for a long time at home in lockdown. So I run around the house all day, my clothes get wet with sweat. Red rash all over the back.

The rising temperature in summer is so painful. In addition, summer rashes, preeclampsia, boils, or various skin infections increase pain. But not all rashes are the same. So you need to know, what is the character of a rash?

Different types of summer rash.

How to overcome summer rash.
How to overcome summer rash.

Heat rash or acute sunburn:

If you stay in the sun for a long time, the heat rash will go away. It is made according to the red patch on the playing part of the body. Sometimes there is intense irritation and irritation in that part. Children can often fall into a heat rash and become temporarily unconscious.

Intense suntan:

When exposed to the sun, the skin changes color. Holds brown or dark prints. As the sun tan irritates that part of the body, so does the color of the skin.

Miliaria or prickly heat:

It simply means prickly heat. Excessive sweating from the body, many times their skin Pores closed. As a result, patches are formed according to the six rashes. This is known as preeclampsia or malaria.

Insect allergies:

In summer, there are a lot of beekeepers. And there is no question of a storm. If the bite is bitten or licked a little, it can cause various rashes and allergies on the skin. The result is itching in some cases. Sometimes very irritating.


Skin infections from bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites are not uncommon. This type of infection has been manifested in the past of COVID-19.

In addition, herpes, chickenpox, measles, Kawasaki disease, cellulitis, eczema, acne. A lot of the time the rash also appears on the scalp. Sweating on the ends of the hair can also spread the infection.

Awareness is also important

How to overcome summer rash.
How to overcome summer rash.

Once the summer rash comes out, it can be treated later – this attitude is not right. The rash goes away. But the initial burnout is not to be avoided. Many rely on marketable talcum powder or laxatives. Instead, follow some rules to stay ahead.

Even though it is hot, cotton flower sleeve clothes are worn on the streets. Also, choose light colors. Avoid black clothes. Because the color in black is more than the temperature.

It is very important to apply sunscreen in outing. Use medicated sunscreen even on children’s skin.

If you take a bath two or three times a day, you can be protected from pre-heat.

Children often have a tendency to catch a cold. In that case, you can soak the baby in clean cold water and make a cold sponge on the baby’s body. In fact, the body should not be allowed to sweat in any way.

If you are allergic to beetles, apply Lacto-calamine lotion. Depending on the severity of the inflammation or inflammation, the doctor may recommend mild steroid or steroid-antibiotic combination for at least five to six days. Oral to avoid itching
Anti-allergic medications may also be given.

Effects of excessive sweating and ultraviolet rays

How to overcome summer rash.
How to overcome summer rash.

Excessive sweating can cause skin and respiratory allergies in children. It is also known as an atopic allergy.

Again, excessive secretion of sweat reduces the levels of sodium and potassium in the body. So the baby is often in hot weather. Feed ORS or salt-sugar water.

Prolonged exposure to the sun means that the skin comes in direct contact with ultraviolet rays. As a result, white patches or spots often appear on the skin. There is also itching.

So it is important to use sunscreen during the day, from home to the balcony, or before sending children to school. If the children of the house are involved in any sport, then it is a rule to use sunscreen.

But you should not overdo it. Many times, many people put antiseptic in water before taking a bath. This damages the bacteria inside the body and in many cases increases the risk of infection from the outside.

So there is no alternative way to stay clean. Regular bathing, washing hands and feet and not letting sweat sit is the main way to control summer rash.

Cleanliness is desirable

  • Adults need to bathe two to three times a day and children need a cond sponge more than once a day
  • At least three to four liters of water must be consumed. Seasonal juices should be on the menu
  • At this time it is better to cut the nails. Dirt accumulates in the corners of the nails. Itching on the rash further damages the nail scratch
  • Chocolate, chips, toffee, cold drinks are absolutely forbidden. Stay healthy by eating light easy-to-digest food. Dealing can be done in the summer Rash
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