How to easily make a mask from home in horrible conditions of COVID-19

Demand for masks is now high due to coronavirus. But premature masks in the market. So make many types of masks from home easily.

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There are countless people in the world coronary plague. To prevent coronary infection, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the use of masks in getting out outside the home is important. But where is the mask?

The demand for masks in the market is sky-high. There is no N-95 or surgical mask in the shops. black marketeer is carrying masks on this site.

But even ordinary people, if urgently needed to travel outside the mask. What will they do in that case? So without relying on the shop, you can easily make different types of masks at home.

Cotton mask

If you do not have a mask, doctors say, you can tie at least one large handkerchief with a split knife. Doctors have been asked to use silk cloth masks. However, if silk is not available, many are making cotton masks using this method.

Take a soft sari or any piece of cloth that needs to be washed thoroughly in hot water. After that,washed in rattan water. Let it dry. With the structure and shape of the mask, the idea is to create an idea. Dry the cloth in a dry and rough manner.

It has to be wrapped in four sides. After this, you have to fold two between the clothes and sew. If the elastic for a two-sided rope is good, you can use reach-me-downs or any other rope. The mask is made without sewing the rope. Again thick rubber bands can be used instead of ropes.

How to easily make a mask from home in horrible conditions of COVID-19
How to easily make a mask from home in horrible conditions of COVID-19

Mask with handkerchief

In the same way, you can make a mask with a handkerchief. The cloth you take for the mask will not be too thin, nor too damp. You can not breathe properly if it is too much.

Mask with T-shirt

Old or used T-shirts can be easily made from double layer cloth according to cotton cloth. Several pairs of masks are made this way, and others can be distributed. However, keep in mind that the t-shirt is cotton.

But do not use it without creating a mask. Soak the salt in the sun for at least five hours, then use it. Once the mask is used, you can then sanitize it by following the rules and drying it in the raid.

The touch of fashion in the mask

Without creating a monotonous mask, you can put on a fashionable touch because of the horrors of coronavirus, everyone is under stress. If only a little color can be conveyed to everyone through the mask, what a loss!

The mask that you are making at home can be made with a little colored cloth. The props can be used as props at home. Fashion designer Abhishek Roy said, “The mask is not just what she is wearing now. The mask should be worn for several months even after the situation is somewhat normal.

Therefore, keeping in mind the fashion-conscious children, if masks of different colors, different designs can be made instead of monotonous masks, it will be much more acceptable. And they can easily make it at home.

How to easily make a mask from home in horrible conditions of COVID-19
How to easily make a mask from home in horrible conditions of COVID-19

The advantages of home-made masks

Its biggest advantage is that it can be washed and sanitized and used again. Abhishek says, “Now everyone has a lot of extra time at home. This time can be used to create a mask.

Not only for the sake of your own home but also for others, you can create a mask and distribute it.

Abhishek and some of his close friends have taken such an initiative. He said, “I have taken a great initiative, begging friends on Facebook to make some masks. Many of them are making masks in my opinion and distributing them.

A photo of ChristianaReynalda has recently gone viral on social media. There, a mask made in the jersey color of Portugal is worn by CRSeven. You can also put on a jersey of your favorite club in a mask. However, do not forget about hygiene and protection when you go to the mask to test!

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