How to make kids interested in physical exercise By Play Tricks.

Many kids are not accustomed to exercising. Most children do not like to exercise according to the rules. In this article, I will know how to increase their interest.

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Every year the children feel a different excitement after moving to a new class. Going up a class makes me feel pretty big. At the same time, the smell of new books is also a big favorite. The children have great fun to deal with them. But even though they got good results and got new classes this year, they are not having any excitement.

The school is closed! No new books were found. They have to spend time with online classes and six siblings But at this time you have to keep yourself fit. For that, you have to eat according to the rules, you have to do physical exercise.

When children go to school, they are involved in various activities. But now the school is closed. Even six children play at home on their own. But many teenagers do not. If there is no activity in this direction, there will be a possibility of weight gain. Which is not good for the body. If you sit quietly at home, you may have digestive problems.

Sleep is declining day by day because of being at home. Many people stay up late playing games on their mobile phones or computers. The problem is getting more complicated. Many are suffering from depression again. Some people are becoming hyper again. Physical exercise is the best medicine to keep all these problems away.

How to make kids interested in physical exercise By Play Tricks.

But teens may not want to exercise at home all of a sudden. Because 13-16 or 17-year-old children do not have the ability to understand themselves in that way. However, 18-19-year-old children develop a mentality according to the situation.

In that case, what needs to be done to make children of this age interested in physical activity? Fitness expert Chinmoy Roy said, “Teenagers will be interested if they go for physical training in the guise of sports. In addition, they can be interested in giving prizes. There are many ways. ”

Announcement of prizes

The practice of rewarding children for their physical activity has been practiced in the United States for a long time.

However, you can be allowed to make your favorite food, get permission to watch a special show on TV or play 99 show games on mobile. As a result, the children may obey their parents. May show interest in bodybuilding.

Provides inspiration

If the parents themselves exercise regularly, the sixth member of the household will also be interested. Apart from this, some people have struggled hard in their lives to get interested in fitness. Such a story but works as an inspiration.

Physical exercise in the guise of play

While teens aren’t interested in physical activity, it’s normal to be interested in sports. If that doesn’t happen, it’s still a way to get more involved with the game. If there is nothing, at least there will be a bottle of water.

But some fitness training can be done by using these. However, parents must also take part in it. Chinmoy Roy was saying, “In this way, two birds will die in one fell swoop. It can make children interested. Second, parents will be able to exercise themselves. ”

How to make kids interested in physical exercise By Play Tricks.

Ball games

Deuce ball, football, volleyball, whatever it is, fun games can be played with it. If there is more space, the football match is definitely the best. However, it is not possible if there are six places. In that case, if there is a little more lake, the ball can be played.

But now there is less lake ball in the nuclear family. So if there are two or three people, the ball has to be thrown towards one, it has to run after catching it and the other person has to change the place and throw the ball again. Whoever misses the catch, his points will be reduced.

Or you can keep the ball in a certain place, run and take the ball from there first, you can be challenged. This game can also be played with a water bottle instead of a ball. It will be both to stay fit and keep a good mind.

Going up and down the stairs

The challenge is how fast you can run up and down a certain number of stairs.

Jumping Jack

Points can also be given on how fast one can do this exercise. This may arouse the interest of the children.

Imitation of parents

Children may be encouraged to imitate the type of exercise their parents are doing. The kids will have fun. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. They will be encouraged to exercise by looking at themselves in the mirror.

Walking race

Walking is always good for the body. So the walking race can be done because everyone is devastated by the coronavirus. However, exercise can be a great weapon to get rid of frustration and bad mood.

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