Don’t be unnecessarily afraid of TB disease. The rate of this disease is much higher in our country. However, it is not difficult to beat TB due to a healthy living and nutritious diet.#live a healthy life#

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TB is a bacterial and five other diseases. But there is a kind of fear and frustration in his name even today. In India, the rate of the disease is higher than the eye.

Although there is no scientific reason for this, it is believed that since the population density is very high in our country, the patient rate is high. Diseases that spread from person to person (such as corona) are easily spread due to high population density.

In addition, malnutrition also increases the risk of TB. But healthy living, proper medicine, and nutritious food … all these things make it possible to live a healthy and normal life.

Symptoms of Disease

How to live a healthy life without unnecessary fear of TB disease?
How to live a healthy life without unnecessary fear of TB disease?

The disease is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Another person becomes infected through the sneezing or coughing of an infected person. In this way, the disease spreads.

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. These are just some of the common symptoms of TB. Some of the symptoms of the organ that has TB also occur.

If you have TB in the lungs, you may have a cough. In many cases, blood also comes out with a cough. However, in all cases, it may not be. Knots swell in different parts of the body. We have a lot of lymph nodes in our throat, those lymph nodes can swell.

In addition, the lumps in the groin or armpit are sometimes seen to swell. However, most TB is in the lungs. Because the disease is transmitted from one person to another. So the lungs are more affected by the lungs.

Outside areas that are affected are called extrapulmonary. Extrapulmonary organs are also affected, such as the outer layer of the brain, meninges, eyes, lymph nodes, the outer layer of the heart, pericardium, intestines, bones, etc.

In addition, in rare cases, the adrenal glands, kidneys, etc. are seen to be affected.

Diagnosis of the Disease

How to live a healthy life without unnecessary fear of TB disease?
How to live a healthy life without unnecessary fear of TB disease?

In the case of TB in the lungs, some blood tests are done first. Then an X-ray of the lungs. If nothing is found in it, then if there is any doubt, a CT scan is done.

Chest Physician and Critical Care Specialist. Dr. Anirban Niagi said, “The most important thing, in this case, is the spit test. In this case, various new tests have come, which are recommended by the World Health Organization.

It can be said that there has been a revolution in the test. The category of medicine is divided based on the patient’s history, sputum test, etc. Mantu was also tested. But that is not so important now.

RNTCP. According to the guidelines of (Revised National TB Control Program), TB is treated in public and private hospitals in our country.

The RNTCP does not attach much importance to the Mantu test. Blood tests, sputum tests, X-rays, CT scans, and various other tests are given according to that organ. For example, if there is TB outside the lungs, water accumulates there. Test that water. Even if water accumulates in the stomach, then that test.

TB is often found in various joints of the body. Then the synovial fluid is sent for testing. If it is in the gland, biopsy has to be done. However, only two to five percent of TB germs are detected under a microscope. That is due to some technical reasons and some due to the low number of germs.

But if you look at the symptoms and the history of the organ, look at the blood report, X-ray, CT scan, look at the specific tests of different organs, if it is clinically seen that there is fever, cough for a long time, weight loss, diabetes or lack of immunity Yes … if there is a suspicion, TB medicine is given.

Since the rate of TB is very high in our country, medicine is given on the basis of some suspicion. This is called empiricism. Let’s give medicine in this way for many years. ”

TB drugs can take up to a week or two for some to work, and up to four weeks for others. After that, when the cough or fever started to subside, it went away indirectly, the rage was TB-E. Because the field, in particular, cannot be ruled out even after all the tests, the problems are due to TB.

Is TB Contagious?

How to live a healthy life without unnecessary fear of TB disease?
How to live a healthy life without unnecessary fear of TB disease?

If sputum-positive TB is in the lungs, the patient can spread TB by sneezing or coughing. But if it is somewhere outside the lungs (for example, in the outer layer of the lungs i.e. in the pleura or gland or heart, etc.) it is not contagious.

In the case of sputum-positive TB, it is important to stay away from others in the family, especially the elderly and children, even after the first month. Cover face or wear a mask when sneezing or coughing. It is best not to use other items used by the patient.

Does a person who has recovered from TB have a fear of relapse?

How to live a healthy life without unnecessary fear of TB disease?
How to live a healthy life without unnecessary fear of TB disease?

If the TB infection is controlled with medication and the person is free of the disease, then there is a risk of getting angry a second time, but that is not the case.

However, the definition of disease-free is different for different organs. The same is true of the lungs, the same is true of the lymph nodes. A second infection can occur in two ways. The germs may have stayed inside for some reason, but later they reappeared. Or again if someone has a new infection i.e. re-infection.

“If the patient is given the medicine as per the guidelines and he takes the medicine according to the rules, then the doctor declares him free from the disease following the instructions, then his chances of getting TB for the second time are very low.”

At the same time, proper nutrition, proper immunity, and control of sugar in diabetic patients are important in terms of well-being. In very rare cases, this is the second or third time someone has been diagnosed with the disease. If that is the case, then drug resistance TB MDR or XDR should be kept in mind. ”

What precautions need to be taken

How to live a healthy life without unnecessary fear of TB disease?
How to live a healthy life without unnecessary fear of TB disease?

Must live a healthy life. Need to eat nutritious food. Medicines should also be taken completely under the direction of a doctor. If there is any side effect of the medicine, it is necessary to inform the doctor immediately. The patient should never stop taking medicine on his own.

“TB drugs last a minimum of six months, in some cases eight months, ten months. In many cases, it can take up to two years to eat. If a person becomes a drug defaulter without taking a couple of months of medication, then in his case the course of medication has to be changed completely.

So you must finish the medicine course. ” In addition to all this, it is especially important to stay away from intoxicants to stay healthy. Even if there is another disease, it should be taken care of As if in control. A high protein diet is needed to increase immunity.

Unless that person has some other reason for the high protein diet. Especially in the case of diabetic patients, if the sugar level is not under control, then there is a possibility of infection.

In public places where there is a fear of spreading the disease from sneezing or coughing, one should also be careful.

In the end, that’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Although this disease is just a common bacterial infection. Spreads from one person to another. Complete recovery after treatment.

All you need to do is take the medicine according to the guidelines. There are also government efforts for this. So he is aware of the fear, then there is no worry about this disease.

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