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How to Keep The Hair Beautiful State and Soft?

Thick hair is the key to your beauty. What is the right way to keep the hair nice and straight, know first |

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Hair straightening has been ‘in’ for a long time. Many curly hair. Straighten it to bring it under control. Long haircuts or trimmed hair up to the shoulders, if straightened, will also look pretty.

Many again highlight straight hair. Or you can change the style by keeping the original color of the hair. As if flying in the breeze, the hair does not become lamella. Similarly, straight, soft hair touches change the style statement. But remember to straight hair.

Hair loss can be done without proper care. Keep it in the head as well. It is not right to straighten the hair in an emergency, at home or in the wrong way. So how to straighten hair straightening, you need to know first.

How to Keep The Hair Beautiful State and Soft?
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Types of distortion

The gait process of hair straining is done by hitting. It has different parts. The main process of keratin treatment, thermal treatment in the Japanese method and the process of straightening the hair with various chemicals.

Many straighten the temporary hair. Many again two or three. Straighten the hair accordingly so that the month lasts. This is keratin. Called treatment. As Priscilla Corner, Creative Head of June Tomkins said, “Products that are used to straighten hair will have some chemicals. He’s as expensive. Why not hack the product. For that reason.

After straightening the hair you have to take a lot of care for the hair. However, the product used for long-term treatment has a relatively low chemical content. Chemical is more used for temporary stratification.

How to take care

Hair straightening care at home regularly.

How to Keep The Hair Beautiful State and Soft?
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  • It is best to follow the advice of an expert after straightening. Use the shampoo and conditioner that experts tell you to straighten the hair from. Although the price is a little higher, it is good for the hair. Because the hair straightening since, only those who know what kind of chemical has been used in your hair.
  • Do not give extra hits to the hair after straightening. As a result, you can not get the hair to hang, perm or blow-dry. More hits. As a result, the soft feeling of the hair goes away. The hair becomes very rough and dry.
  • Oil is applied for a few days after straightening. Not exactly, though. It is also not right to discard oil. Rather, hot oil massage in straight hair is undoubtedly the best natural moisturization.
  • After straightening, the specialist will tell you how long you are in the hair. Can’t insert clips or any other accessories. After that in the hair. Whether to use the accessory or not, it must be of good quality. Otherwise, hair can be torn.
  • 15 days after hair straightening. Professional deep conditioning hair treatment should be done at heart. This treatment will maintain the moisture of the hair and increase the volume will not damage the hair.

Do notice

The cost of a good hairdresser is much higher. As well as repeated hair strains, the hair becomes quite rough and brittle. The result is hair fall. The problem escalates. So regular hair

Moisturizing is very important. The chemicals used during straining are damaged by the scalp. May be If the scalp gets too rough, it can also cause cough problems. So use a moisturizing hair mask.

Hair smoothing

How to Keep The Hair Beautiful State and Soft?
a woman at the beauty salon

If your hair is extra rough, the way the hair is softened is called drying. Hair straightening causes a lot of damage to the hair. Smoothing doesn’t happen. Hair Smoothing Through Can be straightened. And it looks much more natural.

On the other hand, shaving hair through tanning is often seen as artificial. There is more stability like hair straightening, the effect of smoothing and it goes away quickly. Curly hair has no motion without straining.

Priscilla karnay was saying, “There is a difference between hair smoothing and staining, in Ironing. The temperature will be absolutely minimum for smoothing. Hair thinning reduces hair loss. But its stability is also low.

Hair polishing

This method is applied to the hair massaged with cream. It returns the rough hair zest. This treatment is mainly used to fix the hair plate and hair. Splits can be fixed by polishing, without cutting hair.

Hair color when dyed or after any chemical use. There is a possibility of becoming rough. Hair polishing can overcome that problem.

How to Keep The Hair Beautiful State and Soft?

Hair spa

This method consists of root moisturizing, oil massage, shampoo, conditioning stage. It also makes the hair soft and smooth. Reduces cough, reduces clotting, increases hair volume. But before doing a hair spa, you need to know what kind of hair or scalp you have.

Whether there is Whether it is good for hair straightening or polishing, to decide on your hair type. Will be However, the primary condition is hair care. Otherwise, there is nothing to do if the Preferred hair is damaged.

Remember that

  • Try using sulfate-free shampoo. As hair textures become too rough in straight hair treatment, sulfate can cause further damage to the hair.
  • Be sure to do deep conditioning after shampoo.
  • Hot Oil On Straight Hair | Massage is very effective. In it. Provides moisture to the hair And the nourishment of the hair is also maintained

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