How to keep a happy bridal In scary situations of lockdown.

Now the situation is very scary. The danger outside is the turmoil in the house. In this case, the secret of keeping a spouse happy is in this article.

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The bride is a small word in six letters. But this is not the least of these things. And it is found in this lockdown environment. Sometimes a peaceful husband is angry with fire, and sometimes his wife is crying at home in an uproar.

It is no less a matter of being together for 24 hours every day under one roof, four walls. She is working with her to tear up, coronavirus panic, insecurity in the workplace, child molestation. But it can be a happy marriage if both parties try.

Your touch, that is the reward

To touch to keep the relationship good. Urgent. Research says that if a man weeps and puts his hand on his back or on his hand, he will gradually reduce his cry. Come on After an age, people do not cry loudly.

But the pain is suppressed in the mind. At the same time, the slightest of people on the other side double the injury. The onset is a dispute. If there is a hand on the hand, you can ask why. Speaking of which, the situation will change.

Quality time

Have a good time with just two people a day. In the afternoon, when the children fall asleep or in the afternoon, share cups of tea with each other.

 If you have a job tension or a family problem in a recessionary market, don’t talk to each other about that. Or gossip seamlessly, take a quick laugh together.

Memories are truly happy

Go back to the old days for a while. When you first met, what did you think of each other? The first day that Tagore went together to see, the first movie, the first picture, the first turn around. ‘Remember the first days together.

Find images in old or continue with old video. You will see that sometimes all the bitterness of the mind has disappeared. In the midst of a monotonous marriage, the man has found himself again.

Work with pleasure

The joy of working together is different. “When you clean, I cook, you cut clothes, I wash dishes. Instead of dividing the work in this way, combine the same work into two.

Suppose you are cooking, ask your husband to cut the cereal. Again, the husband is cleaning the fan, you change the water. Again, if the husband cut the clothes, you would rub them in the saddle. Working together will work well for both.


Can’t give a surprise at home? Do not surprise your wife by making a glass of syrup in the afternoon. He made watermelon syrup or garlic and poured it into a beautiful glass and gave it to Ginny. And if you cut the paper and make a flower it is not a gift to your husband.

Praise is also important

All working hard for homework all day. At that time, the praise of the people next to you, but your biggest concern. What good fish did you bring ‘or’ Today’s cooking is very good or this homemade garment looks beautiful in it ‘, but it works according to the magic.

Keep the distance

Occasionally just make time for yourself. Spend that time, read books, draw pictures. It is also important to provide food for your mind. If you are good for yourself, then the person next to you will be fine.

Thousands of ways to stay good

Together, the two can see a good romantic picture on a laptop or a mobile. Keeping your hands in your hands, eyes, and eyes … be it around rock and rally or Kishore-lata duet, but it doesn’t hurt. Heck, that’s not it. The two buddies will decide the tone of your relationship.

And one thing to keep in mind, never blame one another. How many days after having received such a privilege to stay home? Think. And in the opinion of Uttam-Suchitra, Shah Rukh-Kajal, Amitabh-Rekha, consider whether or not you will lose the privilege of being a hit pair.

Absolutely forbidden

  • The chatter may go on, but it is logical. Never verbal or physical attacks.
  • Don’t say derogatory words to win a fight. Remember, the wounds that are created about that one word will remain in place even after the lockdown goes up
  • Do not quarrel in front of the child. In the midst of their quarrels
    It is not right to drag a child. It creates wounds in the baby.
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