How to keep body fitness at home during covid-13 lockdown.

How to keep body fitness at home during COVID-13 lockdown.

If you do not go to the gym or jogging in fear of coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown, it is very easy to know the details of how to keep your body fitness from home.

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Almost everyone in the horror of the Coronavirus. This can lead to emotional exhaustion. Again, those who regularly go to the gym, walk or bar jogging, have more problems. Fitness ends up sitting at home, eating, sleeping. But from home, you can keep your fitness. Found relief from mental exhaustion.

Speaking of immunity

It is unknown to the body to wake up with the mind. The fact is, keeping the body inactive with depression anxiety reduces the immune system or immunity. To increase immunity against coronavirus, the body’s immunity must be increased.

Doctors have repeatedly said that the risk is even higher for those with diabetes, COPD type disease. Because their immune system is very low. Bodybuilding is a great weapon to increase immunity.

There is no comparison to exercise to increase heart rate and lung capacity, increase the dose of Phil-Good – hormone in the brain, reduce sugar levels in the blood. Exercise can be done while you are a prisoner at home. I did not suggest easy exercise. Fitness expert Chinmoy Roy.

How to keep body fitness at home during covid-13 lockdown.
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Walking aloud with weight:

Weight is not dumb. One liter of water holds two handfuls of water from one wall to the other. You have to walk quite up to the wall. To breathe out loud and leave. After walking two or three minutes clockwise, rest one minute. Do the same exercise five times.

Spot Run:

This is an easy exercise. Standing in the same position, the foot movement should be made as loud as possible. Think of it in your mind. Do this exercise three times. Take a few minutes to rest. If fitness is good, two liters is a liter The exercise can be done with a water vapor.

Free Hand Boxing:

You have to hold your hands in front of the mirror. This time, the fist should be swept through the landscape as loud as possible. In such a way, the mental exhaustion can be overcome if the scabbard is drawn. After 50-60 bouts, the exercise should be rested for a few minutes. This exercise can be done five times.


Doing these exercises raises the heart rate. Increased breathing speed. Lung function will increase ability and immunity. Also called endorphin, the Phil-Good Hormone. Increases serotonin levels. There is joy in it.


Many people are more interested in exercise at home. Especially those who go to the gym. Chinmaya Roy has suggested two exercises for them. According to him, “it will increase the strength of both the muscles and the mind.”

Push-ups and planks:

Push-ups are known to many. After pushing it up 10-12 times, you need to plan immediately and not rest. The body is held in a vacuum by placing mass on the two elbows and hips. It will increase muscle, chest and shoulders and abdominal muscles.

If no one can do the traditional push-ups, then he can be put on the knees with a push-up. This exercise is good for three times. But you have to take a minute to rest.

Squat Plus Side Plank:

Two liters of lumbering and another chair should be taken. It is important to touch the hip chair in order to keep the technique in place while knee breaking. After squatting Mate 10-12, the side should plan on the side immediately without resting in the previous exercise.

Side plank is placed on the elbow and the foot with the mass placed on the side and holding the body to zero. You have to stay that way for 20-30 seconds. If you can do the exercise three times, it is good. Take a minute to rest.

Speaking of mind

Plank or side plank while breathing goes deep into the body. Following this technique increases muscle tension on one side. At the same time, the mind is still furious. Worrying. Even if you have a house to prevent coronavirus, there is no compromise on fitness. Because physical activity will keep you fit.

How to keep body fitness at home during covid-13 lockdown.
How to keep your body fit from home during lockdown.

Stay healthy

  • Mass pool is more likely to occur when the body is dehydrated. Therefore, it is important to consume an adequate quantity of water
  • Some exercises but this can be relieved from the mass pool. So keep that kind of exercise in the list regularly
  • Stress is also one of the major causes of muscle pool. Therefore, meditation is also useful for keeping one’s mind and mind calm.

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