How to increase the hair gel from home due to lockdown?

Due to the lockdown, no one is leaving the house and no one is getting proper hair gel care. With some household materials, hair follicles can be easily enhanced. But how? In this article, I know his way of ease.

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The coronavirus has a lockdown and no way out. When this year will go, he is not sure. That said, hair care can no longer be stuck in it. Because your hair should be wet, rough, you do not want it. But the question is, how do you take care of hair at home?

There are some easy ways to get hold of your hair gel at home. But remember, not all hairstyles are the same. The way you take care of oily hair, when it comes to dry hair, is bound to change. So how to do hair care will depend on the kind of hair you have.

How to increase the hair gel from home due to lockdown?
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Easy hair packs can be made at home to make hair look dazzling and shiny. You can make a pack with two teaspoons of tuck yogurt and three tablespoons of honey. Before bathing, rub the mixture on the hair for 45 minutes and place it on the head. After that shampoo and wash. This hair pack is very effective at removing hair roughness.


Combine triple powder with lemon juice and apply it on the hair two days a week. Mixing tuck curd with lemon juice and applying it on the hair is relieved from the problem of dryness. After shampoo, wash the hair with water in the tea liqueur mix with lemon juice, it becomes even brighter.

Onion juice

Onion juice is also useful for sweetening. When the onion is tossed, it will reduce the dryness, and the hair follicles will increase. It also helps to grow new hair.

Hair oil

Hair is good in oil, this is not new. However, instead of ordinary oil, hot oil massaged the hair, it is much more effective. Hot oil treatment is considered one of the most important ways of hair care. This hot oil massage is very important for the health of the hair, especially if done with hair color.

This treatment can be done at home. Heat a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil. Massage the mixture into the hair and scalp on a lattice. Three days a week. Can do it If the hair is not too dry or oily then there is no need for regular hot oil treatment separately.

How to increase the hair gel from home due to lockdown?
How to increase the hair gel from home due to lockdown?

However, hot oil treatment can be done twice a month to keep the hair healthy. Hot oil treatment will strengthen the hair follicle even though your hair is very oily. In this case, you can mix and massage the oil with castor oil and castor oil.

But if nothing else is found in the lockdown period, you can just rely on coconut oil. Or use the oil you have applied to your home. But after oil massage, soak in a towel in hot water for 20 to 30 minutes. Get involved. After that shampoo.


How to increase the hair gel from home due to lockdown?
How to increase the hair gel from home due to lockdown?

Honey is a very useful honey in hair care. At this point, if you have a conditioner at home, you can use honey as a replacement. Before bathing, mix a little more than half a cup of honey in one mug of water.

Instead of conditioning after shampoo, the mixture should be poured into the hair, rubbing a light finger and massaging for a few minutes. After that wash with water. It will benefit all types of hair.


Now almost every house has aloe vera trees. So even if you are available to buy Ala Vera Gel in the market, there is no problem. The leaf should be sliced ​​from the inside. If you do not use it directly, remove the hair from the thickness of the hair and apply this shell and massage it lightly.

How to increase the hair gel from home due to lockdown?
How to increase the hair gel from home due to lockdown?

It is best to use after shampoo. Remember with this, a hair dryer is not a hairdryer. Its hot air causes damage to the scalp. Frequent dryer use can also ruin hair follicles.

It’s summer now and you’re at home, so dry hair instead of the dryer. It’s almost time for the lockdown to be home. So take care of the hair to get bored. Besides, your hair is also getting rid of the pollution from the house and not the get out.

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