It takes a long time to understand that a child’s hyperactivity is a kind of illness. With proper guidance, it is possible to get out of this problem. To find out properly How to handle a hyperactive child.

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No one can believe a 4-year-old child, He is fickle all the time. Parents shocked by the child’s energy! He is the ultimate immortal in it. It takes time to convince him of anything. In addition, everyone is tired of handling his deposit.

If you look at it like this, you will think that all this is Monsters. Gradually it will get better. If you look a little harder, the problem is deeper.

Hyperactivity is a disease. In medical terms, attention deficit. Hyperactivity disorder. (ADHD). Many children just run out of ADHD, and some have autism.

If there are two problems, the matter becomes more complicated. Proper therapy, care and patience are the three things that ADHD can cure. But first determine the emergency problem. There are several steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

Diagnosis of symptoms

How to handle a hyperactive child.
How to handle a hyperactive child.

There are three aspects to ADHD. Special Educator Kakli Kar explained, “Inactive, hyperactive and impulsive these three factors are seen in children with ADHD who cannot concentrate, their ability to plan. No, there is a problem understanding the instructions …

There are several such invasive symptoms. There are many children who never sit still in one place. They are running and jumping all the time. This hyperactivity is also a symptom.

With it there is impulsivity 6 No patience, time management cumin, excited all the time, not letting anyone else talk. These three aspects, however, must be present in a child with ADHD. Any symptoms can be more or less. ”

Many parents may think that my son is also very naughty. This window is going up, this is going down the stairs. Or my daughter doesn’t say anything and her statement doesn’t stop.

Don’t worry. Inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive — if any of these three symptoms, up to 18 years of age. If seen in any child, then it should be understood that he is suffering from ADHD.

From the age of 18 onwards, if anyone of the three stages shows symptoms in anyone, he or she is also infected with ADHD. The problem is, it is not possible to diagnose these symptoms before the age of two and a half years.

However, hopefully, if the disease is caught between the ages of four and five, there is a possibility of recovery. For that, of course, therapy and care are needed.

Rehabilitation psychologist Atreyi Dutta advises taking the child to the clinic if there is any suspicion in the child’s behavior. But today’s parents are aware. There are different levels of ADHD.

How to handle a hyperactive child.
How to handle a hyperactive child.

We give parents a chart, asking them to answer some questions. As a result, the type of problem of the child can be determined. If the disease is caught within five years, it is completely or most cured by the age of 12 years. However, it takes time to cure that disease in teens. ”

Why is that?

In the words of Special Educator Shreyasi Kundu, “ADHD is a type of neurodevelopmental disorder. It can be genetic or environmental.

Such problems can be seen in the child if the mother smokes, drinks alcohol, or takes drugs during pregnancy. Even if one of the parents has ADHD, it can be seen in the child.

The responsibility of the guardian

The right decision is to send the child to a special school or clinic after the disease is caught. Ordinary schools will not want to take them. It is also not possible to take the necessary care of your child there.

The way ADHD teaches children is different. Home care as well as school or clinic is equally important. Shreyasi Kundu explained in detail how to take care of a child at home.

How to handle a hyperactive child.
How to handle a hyperactive child.

At home, parents can teach waiting skills, term techniques. If the child wants something, don’t give it away. Hyper baby can’t wait. Tell him to count 1-10, then he will get it.

Let’s say everyone is eating something together at home. In that case, tell the child to eat with everyone after that. That way he will learn to share and wait for his own turn.

Engage the child with household chores. Let the glass fill the bottle with water. Try to plant things with him. It takes patience and perseverance. Give work. Hyperactive baby has a lot of energy. That energy has to be channelized accordingly. Swimming can be filled in karate.

In order to handle a hyperactive child, the therapist’s instructions must be followed. “The therapist will fix the medication based on the problem of the child. Give medicine when needed.

Parents often do not want to give medicine to the child. In that case, I would say trust the expert. Do not stop the medicine because the child is sleeping more after taking the medicine..The dose of the drug should be gradually reduced, “

In situations of COVID-19

How to handle a hyperactive child.
How to handle a hyperactive child.

For the past three months, it has been important for all children to stay at home and maintain a routine of ADHD sufferers. By the time they got to school, many were packing their bags or standing at the door.

Special Educator Kakli Kar said, “We have done online classes in this. At first, they were sitting, not making eye contact. Now it has become a habit that parents are also doing counseling at home in the manner taught by the therapist.

Maybe after that when the school opens, they won’t want to go first. That too will gradually get better through habit. ”The first step in curing ADHD is the patience of the emergency guardian. This is a long-term process. Your love and care can both heal the baby.

Be Careful

How to handle a hyperactive child.
How to handle a hyperactive child.
  • Do not scold or beat such a child excessively. They will become more aggressive. If necessary, you must rule by keeping the level.
  • It is very important to create and follow the routine of what they will do throughout the day.
  • Don’t go comparing with other children. You have to motivate him
  • It is difficult to teach them in the traditional way. Remember, learning is real. It doesn’t matter how you learn
  • Children with ADHD have problems socializing. If you want to take them somewhere, explain in advance that if they go somewhere suddenly, they get nervous.
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