How to get rid of the danger of obesity with the help of yoga

How to get rid of the danger of obesity with the help of yoga

How to get rid of the dangers of obesity with the help of yoga, if you have any problems with this post or feel, please use Google translate

There is a type of cell in our body that is fattyle or affectionate.
Fat or fat accumulates in them. These cells continue to grow in the first two to three years after birth. Then increases again during adolescence.

For those whose normal weight is normal, these cells do not add much. People who have more meat have more of these affections in their abdomen, waist, back or back. These cells increase in fat accumulation. Diffusion of cells from adipocytes results in the formation of eczema. |

Fat in the body can grow for many reasons. The causes are excessive eating, non-balanced dietary intake, hormonal ambulance, labor latency, hereditary category, post-operative stage, medical effects, emotional ambulance, menopausal syndrome, excess sleep, drinking, etc. |

What are the dangers of obesity?

Stones or stones in the gallbladder, rheumatoid arthritis, piles or orchids, hernia, respiratory distress or illness, varicose vein, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, menstrual cycle problems, infertility, diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, kidney stones, kidney stones, Stone, brain stroke, decrease sexual capacity, decrease reggae immune system, sluggishness, also various problems May occur. |

Yoga to reduce fat.

Zegason can control metabolic disorders. Many | He is eating so much food but he does not care. Stay up reggae Many people are eating less or drinking some water is also turning into fat. The jagging habit is very effective in keeping the metabolism in the body.

In prison, hormonal dysfunction shows an increased incidence of fat. Pituitary gland hormone plays a major role in body obesity. In addition, thyroid gland variations can increase body fat, especially for high pheroidism.

According to any vet specialist, appetite can be reduced by jaundice. The tongue increases the craving for food. So the tongue is pulled upside down. Pranayama practice can reduce the craving for food or interest in eating. In this way the pagans were used to eating less.

If you can properly control the diet in a natural or natural way through regular yeast pranayama, it is not necessary to take different supplements.
Practicing pancreatas, jaundice, simple fire, jagamudras and udadians (standing or breathing) in jagasana helps to reduce the volume of the stomach.

As a result, there is a huge potential to lose weight. Separate conventional stoma does not require gastroplasty and gastric bypass surgery for operation or vertical band.

Moreover, Shashangasan, Matsasan, Revelation, Sovereignty, Karnapitasan, Halasan, | Bullion, the aquatic pituitary on the throne, dominates the thyroid.

Hormone variations help to relieve obesity due to genetics. Vegas facilitates hunger through the nerve through the nerve center of the brain’s hypothalamus. One thing to keep in mind is the practice of exercise and yoga. – So if you want to eat oil, spices, grilled or high-calorie foods, that is not right.

Exercising or sitting down controls calories. But more exercise for more calories (over exercise) in the body As specified in capacity. As a result, fat does not want to be reduced. That’s why La-Callery | It is highly recommended to take added food.


How to get rid of the dangers of obesity with the help of yoga

After lying down, first fold your right knee and knee with your stomach and chest with two hands. Place the right palm on the left-handed elbow and the left-handed palm on the right-hand elbow in a knee-jerking position.

If the other elbow is caught with a hand gag. . If it is not possible to swallow the finger of one hand with the finger of the other hand. Catch up with Keeping your breathing normal is ten to ten.

Multiply by thirty. That is, holding the left foot and then the two legs. After that. | Rest in the coffin. Thus three times. People who are very thin-skinned, fold the towel and press on the stomach.


How to get rid of the dangers of obesity with the help of yoga

In Sukhasana or. Bajrasana (if inactive. Sitting in the chair), breathe out loudly with your mouth and immediately empty your stomach (pull inwards).

Inhale again with the mouth and breathe out loud and then inflate the stomach. It is called one dimension, once drawn and once without. Do this six times in a row. Rest for five seconds in normal breathing. This is once. Do this six times. Gradually | Can raise Many call it forehead.

Half cartilage

How to get rid of the dangers of obesity with the help of yoga

Sit with your feet spread out. Fold the right leg over the left thigh and with the left buttock, so that the toes are covered with the toes and the ankle buttocks. Apply left knee to knee with right hip. Now the left hand over the right knee, the left knee to the left Hold on. The right hand moves backwards and the left thigh adjusts

Hold on. Turn the head and neck to the right and rub all the body to the right. In this situation, count the twenties in your normal breathing. Swap hands and feet in a similar manner to the left side. Take a rest Do this three times. | Those who are unable to do the aforementioned situation, can sit in a comfortable position and rub their body with one hand on the thigh and the other hand at the waist.



The first ones who have difficulty in burning the fire are the ones You can practice Agnisar (Dhoti) in the simplest way. Place the two hands on the back of the waist under the chest ribs at the waist to the waist, with both fingers pointing to the back of the chest and the rest to the fingers. Stays on the stomach. The middle of both hands will touch the navel from both sides.


How to get rid of the dangers of obesity with the help of yoga


Folding from the legs to the knees, folding the ankles Bring it to the buttocks in two pairs. Now, with both hands, pull the legs together tightly and pull the thighs upward from the ground. The floor will be pushed to the ground.

The sight will be in front and neck at the back. Increasing the normal breathing by ten to one. Practice three times three times. After each time, lie down in bed. | Take a rest | In this case, with the finger above the abdomen to stop breathing. |

Try to tighten the abdominal spine by gently pressing. When the abdomen is slightly spinal-aligned, relax the hand pressure. After doing so. | Then six times is called six levels. Do this six times in six levels.

Topside (first step)


Sit on your knees. Push your head to the ground with a bow. Now fold one finger into the other hand and place it behind the head on the ground. The elbow will stick to the ground. Then align two legs with the buttocks. The head, back and buttocks will be erect from the ground. The toes and toes will stick to the ground. This is the first step.

Sunrise Pranayama

How to get rid of the dangers of obesity with the help of yoga

To settle in Padmasana. If you are in a state of happiness or happiness. Adjust the spine on the chair. Sit down This time the right nasalia and the inferior finger close the left nasal passages.

Slowly for seconds. The right nostril, that is, itchy. Air by pulse (sun pulse). Accept It’s called complementary. If inhaled. Right nostril by the ankle. Hold on for up to six seconds Hold the air. This kind of breathing is called kumbhak.

Then open the nasal and inferior finger to the left nostril, ie, the rotating pulse. (Chandranadi) Leave the air slowly for six seconds. It’s called laxative. This is the sun-dying pranayama. Do this practice 3 times. Gradually. Can raise

Many call it the Surya Veda Pranayama, because the sun or pulse pulse is pierced by the air or inhaled by that pulse during this pranayama.You can practice multiplication. Many support the practice of breathing for 8 second, holding off for 16 second, and breathing for 8 seconds.

Woodian in the ascension


First of all, cry and lie down. Then from the two-legged knee Fold the wrap. It is as if the two-leg ankles are attached to the buttocks.

And – with two hands folded from the elbow to the palm of one hand in the navel Place the palm of the other hand. Abdominal exhalation as much as possible Pull inside the body. Hold on to the stomach for up to six guineas. Then

Release the belly drawn gently. Do this six times. | When practiced, you can increase the number and time of dragging. If it is difficult to hold the first pull, then the abdomen can only be pulled apart.


How to get rid of the dangers of obesity with the help of yoga

Meditation or meditation is singularly called the Art of Preserving Youth. That is one of the ways to keep youth in the body. Meditation or meditation can increase stress-free life, prolonging tissue longevity.

With that, Hermann brings together all the systems of proper erosion and removal. Allows management. As a result, the youth is strong and prolonged.

Even personality development helps to bring about pleasing personality development. Mind brings stability. Control of the mind. Creates a sense of good and evil. Resulting in characteristic robustness. It helps to improve.

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