How to get rid of pain in hands, legs, neck, waist-01

There is no habit but all the household chores have to be done regularly. There is pressure on the body, there is a pain in the arms, legs, neck, and waist. But how to get rid of this pain? Let me know in this article.

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I used to be anxious for holidays, but now it is suffocating. In the name of unbroken leisure. Sore throat while doing housework.

The real problem is unaccustomed. Cooking, cleaning the house, washing clothes … most of them do not have the habit of doing this regularly now. Due to lockdown at home. There is no house help. As a result, the condition of arms, legs, neck, and waist is critical.

How to get rid of pain in hands, legs, neck, waist-01

Problems with age

Middle-aged and elderly people are suffering more from this problem. Young people are not comfortable, but they are able to cope with being physically able. Many of them have to do housework with Work from Ham. If you have children, the responsibility is more.

Standing and cooking cause pain in the legs. Swelling of the leg muscles, symptoms of muscle cramps. The waist is also holding with him. There is no pause in the hand. Maybe I have to sit on the keyboard after cooking. It is not surprising to be in the tennis elbow if you hold the peg firmly for a long time.

Men also have to do housework. They are also having physical problems due to a lack of habits. Many homes have only elderly couples. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. They will not be able to get rid of the problem until the lockdown is over, but following some rules will bring some relief.

Relief mechanism

How to get rid of pain in hands, legs, neck, waist-01
How to get rid of pain in hands, legs, neck, waist-01

First of all, you have to divide the work among the people in the house. Do not work standing for long. Place a slightly elevated tool or chair in the kitchen. Occasionally sit there and take a nap. Cut the curry while sitting at the dining table. Even if you don’t clean every house every day, it works. If you turn one or two houses around, the pressure will be less.

If you do not have the habit of kneeling and wiping the house will hurt. People with arthritis should not forget to do this. Use a mop that can be cleaned standing up. If there is nothing like that, wipe it with your feet on the cloth. It will be less painful than sitting on your knees. Take care of all the raw materials in the washing machine.

Otherwise, you can sit on the tool and put the bucket on the top of the tool on the floor of the faucet. Do not pull heavy buckets suddenly. There are some rules for oiling heavy things. Bring the thing as close to the body as possible. Lift the thing by lowering it by tightening the back. It will not cause jerks or jerks.

Physical exercise

This time let’s talk about exercise. Physical exercise in so much work? Yes, that too is needed. In the words of fitness expert Chinmoy Roy, “Exercise is not only for losing fat but also for relieving body aches.” He suggested some exercises that can be done at home.

For knee pain:

How to get rid of pain in hands, legs, neck, waist-01
How to get rid of pain in hands, legs, neck, waist-01

Sit in a chair and lift your legs parallel to the floor. Hold for five seconds and lower. It’s three sets of ten times. Wall squats are also a very good exercise for the next set of knees with a 30-second break after one set.

Lean forward with your back against the wall. This time try to bend while leaning. The position of the feet will be in reverse according to ‘L’. Don’t be completely humble. It is enough to be as low as you can sit in a chair. However, those who have arthritis do not do it.

Neck pain:

You should lie on the bed or on the ground. This time fold the towel under the neck. Press the towel with the neck. Hold for ten seconds. Do it several times, it will be comfortable.

How to get rid of pain in hands, legs, neck, waist-01

For waist:

It takes nothing but a mat to hold a bird dog. It can also be done on empty floors. Take a position to crawl. Keep your back, arms, and legs tight. Spread the right hand in front of the body with the left hand holding the mass. And lift the left leg back parallel to the floor. Hold for ten seconds, do the opposite. Keep the spine taut. Set three in this way.

For feet:

Working while standing causes pain in the cuff muscles. Wall cuff stretch is a good exercise for this. Place both hands on the wall and place the legs behind the back, the position of the body according to the slide. This time bring one foot forward, press your hand against the wall. This will put pressure on the muscles of the back leg. Hold for ten seconds and do the opposite. Set it at least three.

How to get rid of pain in hands, legs, neck, waist-01

Home remedies

Even if it is hot, if you take a bath in warm water after working out, the pain will be less. Soak your feet in warm water before going to bed at night. You can add bath salt, otherwise, just add salt. Raise your feet with a pillow at bedtime.

Knee pain can be replaced by cold/hot soaks. When watching TV – or relaxing, lightly press with a softball in the palm of your hand. These will give comfort. Another important thing is that even if you sleep a lot, there is a pain in the body. If the pain increases rely on paracetamol type medicine.

The fact is that if you stay in the same position for a long time, there will be a pain. In that case, you have to change your posture and take a break in between work.

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