How to Get Rid of Lockdown’s Mental Depression of COVID-19

Everyone suffers from more or less mental depression during the lockdown period. How to get rid, the solution remained.

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Everyone is sad because of the lockdown. Who doesn’t want to breathe in the open air, to wander around at will? The family is undoubtedly dear to everyone. That said, if you have to be confined to the four walls of the house day after day, then despair will consume it.

Why don’t people stay close to him! The lockdown period has been extended. But this is not the end here! Lockdown could escalate further. It is unclear when the captivity will naturally be reached. For those who are regularly away from home, the severity of their suffering is undoubtedly greater.

However, for those who stay at home at other times, the issue is quite overwhelming. Voluntarily staying home or spending time does not mean captive living anymore, which is now being controlled by the lockdown.

In all of this, there is panic among everyone surrounding the Coronavirus. Goods are being sold at high prices. The only thing that is available on the market all the time, is not.

With this, the worries are doubling if there are elders at home again. Or if a family member becomes ill, how does his treatment get, thinking of all this is increasing emotional stress. The financial crisis is not going to be avoided at all.

In the next chapter of Corona, we will go to the right place economically, whether there is a job or not, what will happen to the business afterward. Despite all this, many people are getting poisoned. All in all, intense frustration is being created in everyone. How is it possible to get rid of this situation?

The embarrassment of age

Psychiatrist Abir Mukherjee divides the problem on the basis of who or what age it is most likely to occur. “But those who have reached the age of puberty, those who are employed or involved in various professions are more likely to suffer from mental depression.

His reasoning in this regard is, “The rats do not go too deeply. Because they weren’t that age or the range of their thoughts was short. On the other hand, most of the generation’s kids now know how to engage themselves in games on mobile, online chat or video.

Most of the children of this generation go out to play sports. He doesn’t get a chance to socialize. They spend more time at home than at home. As a result, even if the house is closed, their problem is not so severe. On the contrary, in this situation, parents or other family members are getting the privilege of getting close.

Naturally, this is their additional debt. But those who are accustomed to socializing outside or those who have developed a world outside are suffering from emotional exhaustion as they become homesick. ” However, it is also true that if the lockdown period lasts for several months in a row, then everyone can get emotional exhaustion.

Depression type

If not Corona, if there is no chance of survival, if you do not have to become single again, all this? There is a lot of pressure going on, it is also seen that the kind of bad experience that doctors and nurses involved in corona treatment have to go through when they hear that someone has come from abroad even though they are not infected with coronavirus, is not unknown to anyone now.

It is as if society has risen and fallen to drive them out of virtually everything. That’s why many people don’t even want to know that COVID-19. Fear is at work in everyone. All of this is but a symptom of emotional anger.

Doctors, nurses are again dealing with another kind of panic. Since they have been in contact with patients all the time, there is a fear that the virus will be infected among them.

Not just doctors, nurses, health workers or cops who have to work in front of Corona Macabella, everyone has to be concerned. In this case, even if you do not stay at home, there is a possibility of depression.

Again, there is a lot of exhaustion in thinking about what will happen in the future due to the financial crisis. Those who have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) may have increased levels of anger in this situation.

Again, those who are not infected with coronavirus, but have been in government quarantine or self-quarantine for various reasons, are also more likely to suffer from PEST-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The way of redemption.

Dr. Abir Mukherjee has said it is an easy way to get rid of it. According to him, “If everyone thinks that to help the country, to give security to the people, to stay under house arrest for the betterment of the society, then maybe it is possible to keep the mental exhaustion away. He says to keep a few more things in mind.”

  • While maintaining social distance, you can keep in touch with your friends, relatives, and neighbors by phone. Now everyone is accustomed to mobile. So if you are upset, if you call and chat with the people of your choice, the burden of the mind will be lessened.
  • Communicating with the news should not be separated at all. The news should be monitored regularly. Particularly with regard to government scams or notifications. However, you should not be immersed in the news all the time. If someone’s emotional reaction is more to the news of death or misery, then such news is better to be avoided now.
  • An application ceremony with everyone at home, in Purna. Daytime or funny movies can be seen.
  • Songs are a great way to make the mind better. You can also try to make the mind better by listening to your favorite songs. If you know the song yourself, you can lighten the burden of the mind even by singing two songs. Again, if someone likes to dance, he has to sing and dance to the beat. With the physical activity, the mind is also furious.
  • If you like reading storybooks, nothing can be better than a friend. In addition, you can immerse yourself in studying any subject that will be useful in the future.
  • When you have a baby at home, spending time with her can greatly alleviate emotional depression.
  • Regular exercise keeps the mind well.
  • Keep yourself busy with various household chores. New cooking, another way to house a house, is also a stressbuster.
How to Get Rid of Lockdown's Mental Depression of COVID-19
How to Get Rid of Lockdown’s Mental Depression of COVID-19

In life, everyone has to fight a lot. It is also a war. It is a struggle to save the country, the people of the country, ourselves, and our families. And to win this battle, frustration, mental exhaustion — these things must be put away for now.

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