How to get rid of eye strain by working continuously at home?

Working continuously at home is increasing eye pressure. Growing eye strain. How to get rid of it? Here are the details.

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I don’t know how many poets and writers have taken place in their writings in a brilliant way for ages. Eyes. The dark world without eyes is that dark. But how many of us take care of that eye?

During the lockdown period, I have to sit at home and work on my laptop or computer. Do you know how much damage is being done to the eyes?

How to get rid of eye strain by working continuously at home?
How to get rid of eye strain by working continuously at home?

What kind of problems can be

computer or laptop or mobile or TV — no matter what electronic device is hacked, if you keep looking at it continuously, there can be various problems in the eyes.

Such as- watery eyes, red eyes, eye and head pain, dry eyes etc.

These are things we don’t usually care about. However, if these are not taken seriously from the beginning and if not treated, it can cause serious damage to the eyes. Even There is also a possibility of complete loss of eyes.

So the eyes also need care and rest. Ophthalmologist Sumit Chowdhury said, “It is not right to look at a mobile phone, computer or TV. It is better for the eyes to take a few minutes rest after removing the eyes from the screen after half an hour.

The rays emitted from a normal computer or laptop are harmful to the eyes, so eye rest is also needed in the middle of work.

Eye care

How to get rid of eye strain by working continuously at home?
How to get rid of eye strain by working continuously at home?

If you want to keep your eyes well, you have to follow some rules. You have to take occasional breaks without working on the computer, laptop or tab. Do the same when watching TV or doing something on mobile.

If you have to work in a row, it is better to blink your eyes repeatedly. If there is no such problem in the eyes, then the eyelids are frequent due to normal physiological reasons.

If you can consciously blink yourself, it will be a kind of exercise. And as a result of continuous work, your eyes will not be dry. Computer or laptop screen should be at eye level.

If the computer or laptop has an antigner screen, then it is very good. You can also use anti-reflective glasses. Absolutely do not work in low light or dark. Besides, it would not be right to increase the brightness of computer, laptop or mobile unnecessarily.

It is important to drink plenty of water to keep your eyes well. As a result, on the one hand, the eyes will be clean and healthy, so there will be no dehydration. If eye problems increase, you can use any drop according to the doctor’s advice.

Fruits and grains must be included in the diet to keep the eyes well. It is important to eat foods that contain antioxidants. For example, berry fruits, six fish are good for the eyes to eat.

Occasionally a splash of cold water should be given to the eyes during work. This increases the blood circulation in the eyes. The eyes stay moist. However, do not give very hot water or cold water to the eyes.

How to get rid of eye strain by working continuously at home?
How to get rid of eye strain by working continuously at home?

To keep the eyes moist, cut a slice of cucumber or potato into pieces and lay it over the eyes. This will eliminate eye fatigue. The eyes will relax. It will look bright with that.

If you want to keep your eyes well, you should look at the green from time to time.

Exercise can be done to keep the eyes well. You can massage the top of the eyeball with the clockwise and anticlockwise fingers.

One hand again. Holding a pen away, he must have looked at her. Then slowly bring the nose closer to the nose, until the pen is blurred. Again the pen has to be slowly moved away from it. The sight of the eyes should not be removed from the pen.

Adequate sleep is also important for eye rest. Seven or eight hours. It is better to be able to sleep.

If you have a power problem, you must consult a doctor. Dr. Sumit Chowdhury said, “If you have eye power problem, then there is no other way but to check. But now most of the clinics are closed.

So if you have a power problem, it may not be possible to go to the doctor or get a power test. So more than above the eyes. It is better not to insist. Resting your eyes may reduce your problems a bit.

And do not neglect the eyes. Rather, let it be in the eyelids Dream of a healthy, beautiful future.

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