How to eliminate obesity

How to Eliminate Obesity

Can obesity be overcome by diet and physical activity?

What is obesity?

According to a report by the World Health Organization, gaeta suffers more than 300 million obesity in the world and more than 1.1 thousand million people are obese.

There are now two types of situations – half of the world’s population is overweight and half of the population is less than fat. Either. Serious obesity is associated with several adverse consequences. All of us fall in love with body fat.

When those fat levels are high … then we become obese. Obesity is a symptom of something that has gone out of control.

This is a serious medical rag … which is about one-fourth of adults in the USA, 14% of kids and teens do it themselves. Have taken In India, these figures are even higher. Obesity is the second leading cause of death after smoking.

Obesity is only when adipose body weight exceeds the body weight. In any 18 year old male body fat is 15% to 18% of body weight. In women, these levels range from 20% to 25%.

These percentages increase with age … but this is not necessary. Men with body fat more than 10% and body weight in women | Fat greater than 15% is called obesity.

How to eliminate obesity

Causes of obesity

When the dose of the enzyme consumed by the body exceeds that of the consumed enzyme, the calories in the body begin to accumulate.

As these calorie accumulation levels continue to increase, the ‘obesity’ is created. Imbalances in body weight imbalances and calorie income – these two factors can lead to ‘hunger’.

Control over food

The brain controls the movements of all body types and the brain controls the hunger. Hunger is felt only when positive signals are received from different areas of the brain.

The brain has a hive center to regulate and perform various functions of the body … all of which are called the “Saturation Center” in the process of hunger.

The “Sachet Center” may also stop functioning due to the damage to the hypothalamus in the head. We can activate it with the help of Snojma lucose or insulin.

Adipose receptors (body fat) can also affect the hypothalamus (internal part of the brain). Lastly, the cortex in the brain controls the eating habits.

How to eliminate obesity

The use of food and drink

Certain eating habits of people can push them to obesity –

  • 01. High fat foods consist of constant eating.
  •  02. Housewives often eat something between the main dishes … which becomes the main cause of obesity.
  • 03. Some lakes do not chew the food well, they become accustomed to eating it in haste, so that they eat more food.
  • 04. Most meta lakes are more affected by external factors rather than by consuming food. Instead of eating food when they are hungry, they become more restless to look for delicious food in their neighborhood.
  •  05. Fascinated housewives or those working in a hotel in a hotel in the heart of the kitchen can be a victim of obesity.
  • 06. Most executives who are accustomed to having a business lunch can also become obese.
  • 07. People who do not want to leave food in the dish and eat forcefully … The weight of the body is almost always increased.

Control over costs

How to eliminate obesity

Meat can be one of the three main components of consumption.

01. Basal metabolic rate (metabolism) rate

BMR is responsible for up to 60% to 75% of the cost per day. It is the body temperature and cellular maintenance enzyme. If you exclude fat from the weight of your body fat … then BMR Will come out This is why men spend more freely than women. |

02. The religious influence of devolution

After eating the food by the religious influence of the devotee, BMR Grew About 75% of this energy costs are digested, absorbed, metabolized and stored. |

03. Exercise

How to eliminate obesity

According to the work done in Lata, the cost of anaazi increased. Compared to reggae lackeys, exercise increases the cost of maize lackeys. On the contrary, Matea lakara, who lives a comfortable life, cannot afford to spend too much energy after exercising … because their physical activity is less than reggae lackey.

How to measure obesity?

Your bathroom weight machine can tell you about the changes in your weight … but this is not the right way to know if you are obese or overweight. As obesity grows, you can become a victim of a number of types of rage … that’s why it’s important to be careful.

You can also get better information about your body by measuring several more. Obesity is measured in most cases by the Body Mass Index (BMH). BMI is higher in men than 30 and BMI greater than 28.6 in women. Obesity is the index. Body Mass Index = Weight (kg) (Height Meter)

Body Mass Index (BMI)

It’s a company … with your height and weight. Keeps the relationship. By this you can find out about that kid … where you start to gain weight or you can even know about your body fat levels.

It is very important for you and your family to know about BMH. It can also give you an idea of ​​the rage of heart and diabetes as well … because they are also obesity. And more are related to weight. |

At that point BMH is not a complete option. Some things, like the BMI of gamers There may be more … but they have more muscle than fat in their body.

How to eliminate obesity

Obesity rules

01. Body Weight

If a man’s weight is more than 10% of normal weight (15% of females), then he will be called Matea.

02. Broca Index

Height (cm) -100! For example, if a person is 160 cm in height. If so, his ideal weight would be 60kg.

03. Body Mass Index

BMI = Weight (kg) / Height (m)

04. Size of body fat

Kinfold calipers for body fat cell sizes Are used.

05. The ratio of the waist to the buttocks

> 0.35 (female) and 1.0 (male) – with obesity

Relationships agree

Bmh And height. Differences in weight list

The height and weight list can tell you about your ideal weight … when | BMI tells you, exactly what your weight is … Are you overweight or a victim of bullying?

  • 01. Fat levels can also be detected by BMH.
  • 02. BMI It can also be used to estimate the risk of rage … but it is not known from the weight list. Bmh The higher it is … the greater the risk of rage created from obesity.
  • 03. When searching for what effects body weight has on health … BMH is the same as it used to be.
  • 04. All women (not pregnant) and men have the same BMH. Charts are used when … what height. Weight lists are different for both men and women.

Body Fat Analyzer

How to eliminate obesity

This device measures body fat levels. It measures body fat as well as weight.

How does it work?

When you enter your age, height and gender, … this device tied to your foot starts to work. Everything can be measured with the help of electric materials. It also measures the amount of water stored in your body, the muscle mass and the thin substances.

The difference between your weight and the level of thinner tissues is your body. Fat levels are. This allows you to find out what percentage of body fat you have. It is not right for individuals to apply a pacemaker.

How to eliminate obesity

Fat Distribution

This is different for women and men. In men, this obesity is shaped like apples on the waist above the body And in women, this obesity is the size of a pear in the buttocks and thighs in the lower abdomen.

Fat cells in the upper body work differently to the fat cells in the lower body. The risk of hypertension, cardiovascular rage, diabetes, gall bladder rage and heart attack is increased by obesity in the lower extremities.

It is easier to get the growing fat cells back to their normal size, than to bring the growing cells back to their normal size.

How to eliminate obesity

Treatment of obesity

Fully designed diet therapy, exercise and many other such methods are scientific methods of reducing obesity. The most striking thing here is that you can now choose a scalable …

From which more pulsar theory will be obtained and in order to have as few calories as possible. The weight should decrease steadily. Your goal should be to achieve the ideal body weight. You should also get rid of wrong eating habits.

Let’s get into these in more detail

  • 01. According to the weight loss requirement of each person, estimating the consumption of mats should be estimated. According to Seoul, a person living a comfortable life requires 1600 calories a day.
  • 02. Cholesterol in the body when you eat fish and dairy without vegetarian dishes. The tone of the triglyceride increases and the body begins to accumulate fat.
  • 03. The carbohydrates (grains, vegetables, fruits, sugar, sweets, etc.) in our diet are the same. The main source of eneji is. That’s why we should choose the right type of carbohydrate.

Normal carbohydrates (sugar, sweets, sweet fruits, jaggery and honey) are digested during feeding … resulting in lighter weight. Grew Complex carbohydrates (grains, oranges and tuck fruit) are slowly digested … so take them only if you are prone to them.

Always remember that the human body is like a very good instrument. It starts to take the enzyme out of the fat that is incorporated into the body … resulting in weight loss. This way you can lose weight yourself.

Some rules related to eating:
How to eliminate obesity
  • Take vegetarian food.
  • Skimmers. Take double toe milk (200 – 250 ml. Per day).
  • Do not use oil for crying.
  • Adopt oil rules on cumin.
  • Use non-stick and pressure cooking
  • Prepare the dishes by heating, boiling, frying and baking.
  • Eat salad before eating a meal.
  • Instead of white bread, eat brown bread.
  • Use raw sugar.
  • Eat different types of pulses.
  • Mix wheat husk, soybean flour and besan in wheat flour.
  • Make a loaf of bread with fruity and green leaves.
  • Eat more legumes.
  • Do not put butter in the bread, jam, jelly, sass or dhanapata-mint chutney.
  • Take the soaking light at night.
  • Take 25% water for dinner, 50% soak and leave the remaining 25% empty.
  • Do not drink ‘
  • Drink saul or habal tea in place of tea and coffee.
  • Take soup, lemon-water and fruit juice.
  • Eat better and less grain. Breakfast at breakfast, pop con, Sasha and Mary biscuits.
  • Eat special fruits.
  • Drink whole milk.
  • Eat raw fruit instead of fruit juice.
  • Use wheat flour instead of flour.
  • Eat sprouted grains.
  • If possible make a kitchen garden.
  • Do not eat coconut chutney.
  • Don’t smoke tobacco and smoke.
  • Use the seasoning to a limited extent.
  • 2 to 4 kg a month Set a weight loss goal.
  • Calorie break-up: 30% in the morning. Lunch 35% Nance 10% Dinner 25%.
  • Create a Calorie Plan
  • Mix the rice, noodles and sausage in the soup.
  • Meditate on controlling thoughts related to hunger.
  • Get rid of the same kind of dishes to get rid of the nuances.
  • Drink healthy drinks like lemon drinks and coconut water.
  • Instead of oil or cream in salads, combine lemon juice and vinegar with salad dressing.
  • Do not eat yusu-cheek food.
  • Fast food and gourmet foods – both are detrimental to your health and pockets … Avoid them.
  • Eat two hours before bedtime.
  • As you age, reduce the volume and increase your exercise levels.
  • Do not live to eat food … eat food to survive.
  • As much as possible … drink soup.
  • Instead of high calorie fruits such as mango, banana, lemon and grapefruit, eat the fruit of le calari.
  • Reduce the lift as much as possible. As much as possible, walk on foot.
  • Get in the morning every morning.
  • When traveling, do something that will suit your goals.
  • Make it a habit to go to the gym.
  •  Keep healthy food in front of your eyes.


Fletcherism is an ideal method of weight loss. The rules of Fletcherism were made in 1898, after a thorough study of the Harek Fletcher sultanate in the USA. Do … which is as follows:

  • 01. Chew until the filling … until it leaks into the stomach.
  • 02. Do not eat anything unless you are hungry.
  • 03. Chew until each swallow is fully flavored.
  • 04 Do not distribute anger, thoughts, etc. in a mental state. Speak cheerfully while sharing.

Some jigsaws can also be beneficial for reducing obesity. All of these jagasas not only promote the fatty feel of the fat and thin the body but also strengthen the weak parts of the body. The following people are advised to practice the following yoga practice

  • Totalitarianism
  • Bhujangasan
  • Sagittarius
  • Boating
  • Westward
  • Addition
  • Halasan
  • Salutation
  • Circulation
  • Half-stroke center
  • Bajrasan
  • Trikonasan
  • Lau’s juice
How to eliminate obesity

Louie’s juice is a simple and effective way to reduce obesity. To make this drink, take 5 grams of garlic juice, 5 basil leaves, 5 mint leaves and 5 gall peppers. Make a Puri by mixing it. Mix salt and drink. This drink is in the fat neck of the body. Cholesterol levels are also reduced.

How to eliminate obesity

Obesity in childhood

There are many factors – which can lead to obesity in childhood or adolescence. Some of these factors can be easily eliminated. Childhood or adolescence is a serious issue, which causes many social and health problems in oil.

To achieve control over this pandemic epidemic, full vision should be given to exclusion and the entire treatment system should be thoroughly understood. Many parents worry about their children’s increasing weight. They want to know about protection and ways of elimination.

But unfortunately there is still not much progress made in this regard. But do children also think about their own increasing weight? Which way of exclusion can be the best? Or any treatment that lasts a long time? Researchers are looking for answers to all these questions. As such, it is important for every parent to take care of a doctor for any kind of mental, social and health problems.

Normal calories in every  100  grams

How to eliminate obesity
  • Jilipi -450
  • Galepazam-600
  • Cashew 596
  • nuts-655
  • Mutilation (drying)-306
  • Pasta-622
  • Coconut (dried)-662
  • Peanuts-567
  • Chilgaiza-615
  • Date-317
  • Muncca-308
  • Cheese-348
  • Lost-421
  • Parieta-490
  • Luchi-500
  • Ice cream-540
  • Chocolate-350
  • Srikhand-350
  • Fruit cream-230
  • Cream biscuit-220
  • Eat ice-473
  • Laddu-510
  • The filter-265
  • Pudding-300
  • Suzy’s halwa-407
  • Horny-450
  • The walnut-687
  • Coconut milk-430
  • Sugar-398
  • Pais-319
  • Cucumber-383
  • Pattis-628
  • Raisins-445
  • Milk cake-290
  • Shea morbi-435
  • Chocolate cake-380
  • Fruit pie-250
  • Sweet Rail-275
  • Potato chips-400
  • Burgers-420
  • Pizza-350
  • Root-341
  • Nun-408
  • Macareney-410
  • -Brown bread-244
  • Veggie sandwich-264
  • Mum-74
  • Art-116
  • Sapta-98
  • Grapes-71
  • Potatoes-97
  • Crunchy-97
  • Owl-111
  • In the pumpkin-104
  • Rice (100 g cooked)-100
  • Pulses (100 g cooked)-100
  • Dress up-97
  • Analogy (cooking)-107
  • Veggie Noodles.-102
  • Idli-102
  • Slope-110
  • Green curry-93
  • Curry leaves-108
  • Apricot (fresh)-144
  • Dalia-107
  • Veggie sandwich-264
  • Grained grain-334
  • Cow’s milk-67
  • Aries milk-117
  • Get the wig-97
  • Cold drink-150
  • White bread-245
  • Pan cake-165
  • Zegat-127
  • Tomato sauce-80
  • Tofu-94
  • Semui-352
  • Sasha-13
  • Carrots-48
  • Tomato-20
  • In principle-17
  • Cabbage-27
  • Capsicum-24
  • Couch-26
  • Cauliflower-30
  • Coriander leaves-44
  • Fenugreek seeds-49
  • Leaves in radish-28
  • Sheep-35
  • French beans-26
  • Beans-48
  • Raw lanka-29
  • Mint leaves-48
  • Brewing vegetables-45
  • Turnip-29
  • Beat-43
  • Eggplant-24
  • Mango (raw)-44
  • In the pumpkin-25
  • Lau-12
  • Apple-59
  • Guinea-51
  • Bureaucracy-58
  • Cherry-64
  • Strawberry-44 |
  • Musk lemon-43
  • Orange lemon-48
  • Litchu-61
  • Watermelon-16
  • Footy-17
  • Aru-50
  • Pear-52
  • False-72
  • In papaya-32
  • Pineapple-46
  • Cool.-52
  • Bedroom-65
  • Juicy-56
  • Fruit juice-09
  • Dal soup sauce-35
  • Angie’s soup-20
  • Onion-59
  • Mushroom-43
  • Anji-37
  • Jam in the jar-63
  • Shahut-49
  • Skimmer Milk-29
  • Karla.-25
How to eliminate obesity

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