How to do yoga to control high blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, thyroid

Most people have high blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, thyroid, etc. Here’s how to do yoga to control these diseases.

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Now sugar, pressure, cholesterol, thyroid problems in every home. Most of the people you meet on the bus, tram, train have diseases. If you go for at least half an hour, you can control these diseases. That is what today’s discussion is about.

How to do yoga to control high blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, thyroid
How to do yoga to control high blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, thyroid

High blood pressure:

After the meal you can do Bajrasana for two minutes, Seated Pawan Muktasana, Prolonged Seats, Shavasana, Sitkari, Shitali Pranayama, and Travel Pranayama.

Seated Pawan Muktasana:

Sit cross-legged. First, bend the right leg and press it with both hands on the chest, keep the left leg together, straighten the spine and sit for ten seconds. And hold for ten seconds. Hold the whole cycle once and do it five times.


With both feet together, raise both hands over the head, lock the thumbs, try to oil both the palms of the hands with the palms of the hands facing forward. The two carts should be raised as high as possible. The mass of the body will be on the two legs only. Breathing will remain normal. In this way, the curry has to be done five times per second.


Lie on your back with your hands on either side, palms facing up. The legs will be empty like 1′-0 “. Keep your eyes closed. Breathing will be slower. Other thoughts should not be allowed to come in mind. Every limb needs to be relaxed. In this way, you have to breathe for three-four minutes.


Sit in the lotus position with both hands on the knees, clenching the lips and clenching the teeth. Hold the tongue on the upper floor and loosen it a little and pull the air quite hard through the gaps of the teeth. You have to pull the air for five seconds. The word CC is called Sitkari for that. After five seconds of crouching, exhale for ten seconds with both nostrils. This has to be done ten times.

Shitli Pranayama:

You have to sit in the lotus position, stick out your tongue, fold your legs, and do it according to the beak. The air should be drawn through the narrow gap in the middle. As the drink is drawn into the mouth with the help of straw, so. The air should be pulled for five seconds and the tongue should be inserted inside the lips to close.

Then hold your breath and hold your chin to your chest. After staying like this for five seconds, you have to exhale slowly with both nostrils. Do this ten times. However, it is forbidden to do it in winter.

Travel Breathing:

In the morning and in the evening, while walking in the empty field or on the road (dust-free), travel pranayama can be done. Walk with your spine straight. The first 4 steps, while taking the step, you have to breathe in rhythm.

When you finish breathing, you have to exhale in rhythm immediately. Exhale as long as you breathe in first. Exhale time will be increased to four-six, then six-eight, last eight-twelve, you have to practice breathing and exhaling step by step.

Seats for low blood pressure are: Pawan Muktasana, Elevated Padmasana, Sabangasana, Matsyasana, Shashkasana, Padhastasana, Ardhakurmasana and Suryabhedi Pranayama.

To cure sugar

Good results for sugar are also found in Janushirasana, Paschimattanasana, Jaigmudra, Ardhakurmasana, Padhahastasana, Bhujangasana, Travel Pranayama and Surya Pranayama.

How to do yoga to control high blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, thyroid


Sit with your legs straight, bend your right leg and apply it to the groin, hold the big toe of the left foot with both hands, bend forward and rest your head on your knees, and try to keep your elbows on the ground. In this way, after staying for twenty seconds, you have to change your legs. In the same way, you have to practice five times while keeping your breathing normal.

Western Seat:

Sit with your legs crossed in front. Gently bend forward and hold the big toes of both legs with both hands. Try to support the head, knees, and elbows on the ground. Try to support the abdomen and chest with the thighs. It will be fine later. Try to do it thirty times every five times.


Sitting on the Vajrasana, the hands should be stretched over the head. Then slowly the hand will touch the ground. At the same time, the forehead and nose will also touch the ground. The hands will be in the salutation posture. The buttocks will rest on the hips. Do this three times a minute.


Sitting in the lotus position with one hand on the other and gently leaning forward, the head and forehead should be rested on the ground. From one minute to rise slowly. Breathing will be normal, this should be done five times.


Raise both hands on the head with a pair of hips. Gently lean forward and keep your hands close to the hips and try to touch the abdomen, chest, and thighs. The forehead will be below the knees. Practice like this 3 times a minute.


Lie on your back with both hands on the ground next to your chest. The head should be raised as high as possible without pressing the hand. There will be two pairs of legs and a pair. This has to be done five times in thirty seconds.

Seats for cholesterol

How to do yoga to control high blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, thyroid


Sit cross-legged first. Break the right leg and lift it on the thigh of the left leg. In the same way, break the left leg and place it on the thigh of the right leg. Let the two knees be on the ground. Breathing will be normal. One minute to change the legs from this position. Do this four-five times.


Sit on the bajrasana, with the weight on the knees in a downward motion. Then bend the body slightly back and hold the legs, with the right hand on the right leg, with the left hand. The left leg should be at an angle of ninety degrees between the legs and thighs. Keep pushing towards. Breathing will be normal. In this condition, you have to do it four or five times in thirty seconds.


Sit cross-legged. Fold the right leg and bring the ankle to the buttocks of the left foot. Now the left leg should be placed vertically next to the thigh next to the right knee. The left knee should be placed under the right armpit and the right knee should be held with the right hand.

It is better to move the left hand towards the back (back) and hold the left foot, otherwise, the hand should be placed near the groin of the right foot. The head and shoulders should be turned to the left as much as possible and the back should be looked at. You have to do it in seconds. Breathing will be normal.


Lie on your back and lift your legs gently. Now keep both hands on your back and bring them in a straight line from the shoulders to the big toes. The chin is on the chest. Practice 4 times in 30 seconds.


Sit on the lotus position with your elbows bent and lie on your back with both hands pressed against your head. Hold your toes. Try to keep your elbows on the ground. Keep your knees on the ground. Change your legs again in 30 seconds. There will be a fish seat. The long seat has been discussed. The seat that can be made lying down, in the same way, is the sixth seat.

Seats for thyroid

How to do yoga to control high blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, thyroid

Sarbangasana, Matsyasana, Ustrasana, Adhamatsyendrasana have been discussed.


Sit on the throne. The fingers of both hands should be brought together and the elbows should be placed on the ground. Then the head should be placed in front of the hands so that the palms are on the ground. Bring both the knees close to the chest, from the head to the waist.

Match the top of the legs, so that they are in a straight line from head to toe. The soles of the feet will be very tight.


Sit on the bajrasana and hold the soles of the feet with both hands. Lean forward and rest the palms of the head on the ground and bring the forehead to the knees. The feet should be perpendicular to the knees to the waist.


Lying on your back, with your hands on your hips, gently lift your legs together and keep them on the back of the head as much as possible. Keep the tension up to the toes without breaking the knees.


Sit on the bajrasana and bend your knees. Both hands will be on the knees. The big toes will be on the side of the toes. You have to do it again with breathing. In this way, you can practice 5-6 times.

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