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How to diet with empty hands Yoga? This article has been suggested by the Chief Dietitian of a renowned diabetes hospital.

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Need to keep the body healthy Exercises. For those who cannot do heavy exercises, Yoga and empty-handed exercise can be very useful.

However, it may not seem like listening to yoga and exercises in the empty hands is quite a matter of sapper, in fact, but not in matte. Enough calories are burned in exercise and empty hands. Need strong physical ability.

Another great condition of Yoga is that the body must be fitted. If not, the proper way Can’t be done As a result, those whose body is fat. More and more, getting them together becomes complicated. However, if you are practicing regular Yoga, once the body is ready for Yoga.

The problem is most people think, Exercise will only be disrupted. Food that is happy to play. Such an idea is met. Not the right Foods that are happy to eat or have extra calories (grilled, sweet, high-fat foods such as rice, bread, potatoes) will cause fat to form in the body.

As a result, no matter how much exercise, excess of fat in the body will not match the exact result of yoga and exercise. So in Yoga and empty hands. When you start exercising, recognize the right diet Learn. Many people on the subject again There is a misconception. Some people think that eating For Yoga, should not be a vegetarian diet.

So many people stop eating fish, meat, eggs, onions, garlic. As a result. There is a lack of protein in the body. That is, only by being subjected to misconceptions, in the good of the body. Doing so rather increases the danger. Therefore balanced daily. Eating food is a habit. The question is what is a balanced diet?

How to diet with empty hands Yoga?

Balanced diet

A balanced diet is a diet rich in carbohydrates, protein, fat, and vitamins.

  • The main diet of carbohydrates: rice, bread, potatoes.
  • Protein main food: fish, meat, eggs, pulses, soybeans
  • Fat is the main food: oil, butter, egg yolk.

And vitamins match all kinds of colorful fruits and vegetables.

By far this may seem to many, I also eat a lot of rice, pulses, potatoes, fish in it. Yet it does not weigh me down! I can’t do Yoga or freehand exercises because of the fat. The root causes of this problem can be many

  • Consuming more food than quantity.
  • Foods have high levels of fried rice, bread, potatoes according to the leaves.
  • It is important to eat food Come first. There are many. For those who do not know what the weight should be according to the height of their body. There are easy ways to figure it out.

That is –

Measure the height in centimeters. Then give him a discount. The answer should be close to whatever matches it. Your ideal weight. But in most cases, the weight of the lake is much higher than the standard weight. Because they are. Eat extra food on the day. Fat accumulates in the body.

Therefore, if you are overweight, reduce excess intake as soon as possible. Another major reason for weight gain is to keep your feet sweet, carbohydrate and fry high. We did not consciously eat two sweet, slightly fried whenever. Although sweet or fruity, it has a lot of calories in small amounts.

So stop this quagmire. Now let’s talk about carbohydrates. The nature of the Bengalis is to eat more rice. We have less fat on our feet, rice is more. The more carbohydrates, the more calories. This is how many people continue to gain weight.

However, the norm is that the amount of rice in the legs should be small. The third reason is to eat unevenly. Many people have breakfast in the morning. Don’t do the slightest. However, you may be surprised to know that in the morning, our metabolism or process of food intake, crushing and integration is accelerated.

Therefore, the risk of obesity is low when eating a balanced diet. Meanwhile, many people eat in the morning and eat more in the afternoon. As the time builds up, our metabolism begins to slow down and the body feels that food is lacking due to poor eating.

So the body needs to be stored energy (the body stores energy as fat). Therefore, as soon as it is consumed, the fat accumulates in the body. That is, a Yoga or any exercise must be stopped before entering the body with excessive calories. So before eating restraint.

Now let’s go about the diet with exercise. Exercise causes the formation of muscles in the body, fat loss. So exercise is always good. However, if you want to exercise early in the morning, you need to give some food to your stomach.

In fact, in the morning, when exercising, our body needs some energy. When the stomach is empty, the body gains strength by breaking down the fat accumulated in the stomach. From the fat deposited in the stomach, The harmful chemicals are released. So this time it is a little something to eat and then Yoga should be done.

What can you eat

How to diet with empty hands Yoga?

Two biscuits without a little sugar Liquor tea. If you do not want to eat the biscuits, you can also exercise in a small serving of Yoga, or exercise.

After exercise

Have breakfast in the stomach. Have two or three loaves at breakfast. The bowl fills up. If you do not want to eat an egg-laying egg, you can also eat the goat.

A fruit can also be eaten and milk can be eaten. However, remember to eat immediately after any hard work.  Should not You should eat at least half an hour later.

Food for the day.

Lunch and dinner are still left after breakfast. Therefore, it is important to maintain proper dietary habits even at lunch. If you are accustomed to eating rice at noon. Do not eat too much rice. Take the rice instead Little. Keep with it a lot. Fish or. Chicken. If you do not want to eat fish-meat, you have to fill the bowl.

Soybeans can also be eaten. Do not eat raw salt. Salt raises blood pressure, contributes to weight gain and even helps. Keep the curd with it. Also, make lots of salads on a plate. The same diet must be maintained at dinner. And dinner will be in the 9 p.m of the night.

How to diet with empty hands Yoga?

Remember That

  • Many have the habit of tiffin in the afternoon. In that case, the amount of food should be trimmed from dinner and lunch. And. Don’t put the grill on the tiffin. Instead, crush cucumbers, tomatoes, capsicum, carrots and mix them with a single twist. If desired, you can eat it with roasted, roasted or sprouted bark.
  • Avoid chips, sweet national food. If you wish, you can eat half a dessert in two pieces of chips a day.
  • Stay hundreds of feet away from the grill, according to the horn. To spend calories on a horn, you have to walk for at least an hour to kill.
  • Never make the mistake of eating breakfast.
  • If you are hungry, do not eat the biscuits. Slightly edible, biscuits contain a lot of calories.
  • Avoid consuming sugar. Also do not drink cold drinks.
  • If you have a smoking habit, quit today.
If you want to exercise early in the morning, you must give some food to your stomach.

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