The lockdown is still ongoing. In this situation, what will be the diet of pregnant women, diabetics, and those who are overweight? Here are the details.

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The period of house arrest is increasing day by day. To have endless time on hand. Many people are making different types of sweets at home. He who has never crossed the threshold of the kitchen is also cooking new dishes on this occasion. And the more you cook, the more you eat.

However, it is very important to pay attention to the diet at this difficult time. Because all kinds of food items are not available in the market at the time, daily diet is being hampered. Especially pregnant women, diabetic patients, and overweight people need to have a good idea about diet. Because they have some special needs in their diet.

How to diet for pregnant women and diabetics Patients

Not stress

Anxiety increases diabetes. Again, overweight people tend to eat comfort food to reduce anxiety. It is also inappropriate for pregnant women to worry at this time. Therefore, according to experts, it is important to keep an eye on the diet to reduce stress.

Light exercise

Walking outside so those who have the above problems, they have to be vigilant to stay active at home. Experts suggest walking for an hour instead of sitting in one way for a long time. In addition, it is very important to do yoga, pranayama, or free-hand exercise.

Diet for pregnant women

There is no substitute for a balanced diet for pregnant women. So their diet will contain carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, calcium, vitamins. Protein in lamb, fish, chicken, eggs, pulses, fruit in musubi, vedana, banana, watermelon, coconut water is ideal for pregnant women.

Apple and tomato juice is extremely beneficial for pregnant women, said Korn Conker, nutrition genomics, and disease reversal expert. Eating pumpkin seeds rich in omega-three fatty acids, shea seeds are also very good for pregnant women at this time.

How to diet for pregnant women and diabetics Patients

At this time the problem of heartburn and indigestion also increases a lot. So getting up in the morning and eating a piece of raw turmeric helps to increase metabolism. It also has benefits in controlling sugar.

Ginger, mint, black pepper tea can be eaten to relieve nausea. However, it is better not to have tea with any food. There should be an interval of at least two hours between food and tea. To keep the body hydrated, it is very important to drink plenty of water. Fruits in the pan.

Diet of diabetic patients

It is very important for diabetic patients to have fiber in their diet. That’s why they have to eat fruit, seeds, between lunch and dinner. Doctors advise diabetic patients to eat protein snacks at all times. Because they have to eat a small amount of food repeatedly. Chhelasiddha can be eaten in the afternoon. If you are hungry at night, you can eat cold milk.

Those who are overweight

Dietitian Koel Pal Chowdhury said that many people take the help of various diets to lose weight. If the diet is irregular due to lockdown, the concerned dietitian should be consulted immediately. Weight gain is more likely to occur if the sleep routine is disrupted or sleep is reduced. But for him, being addicted to caffeine is not the only job.

Breakfast should be heavy so that the amount of other meals of the day is reduced. So, on the one hand, the obesity of obese people towards junk food has decreased, on the other hand, it has increased again. Because many people have a tendency to keep some food in their mouths all the time when they are at home.

As a result, they are either cooking themselves or eating packet food. Both are equally harmful. For those who want to lose weight, many experts recommend intermittent fasting. That means having breakfast at least 12-14 hours after eating at night. It is not difficult to make this habit in lockdown.

How to diet for pregnant women and diabetics Patients
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If you want to eat sweets?

Pregnant women often want to eat sweets. Diabetics and overweight people are also vulnerable to sweets. So molasses, dates can be eaten. Ice cream once a month and a half, chocolate is not harmful. But it should not be every week. Almonds, sour yogurt is also very good for pregnant women.

You have to eat a banana at home. A Diet chart should be made by understanding body-gender-age. However, it is very important to stay active to stay beautiful with the diet.

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