How to decorate your own workstation for work from home.

When work from home is a constant companion, how to decorate your own workstation in any corner of the house. There was his way.

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Many have been forced to work from home for an indefinite period of time. Students and teachers are busy with online classes, some are giving office presentations in video conferences to bosses from home, some are creating content on YouTube and IT workers are interacting with clients directly through the four walls.

Most of the day, when you have to spend about seven or eight hours looking at a laptop or desktop in a corner of the room, arrange it according to your mind. This temporary workstation will be useful for you during and after the lockdown.

How to decorate your own workstation for work from home.

Sit comfortably

Many people like to pick up a laptop on the bed and write or work when they are at home. First of all, this habit is to be avoided because sitting on the bed, sofa, or couch for a long time is not good for your waist and spine.

In addition, if the posture of the soft mattress or tassel is not right, it will put pressure on the back and waist muscles. In addition, if you put the laptop in bed, it often blocks the exhaust of the machine, the machine gets hot. So set the laptop on any solid plane. Table-chairs are suitable for long-term work.

Keep in mind that the chair should have a back and neck leaning range. According to the office, it is best to have a wooden or cane chair with hand and backrest. The height of the table in front of him should be such that the screen of the machine is at eye level. The height of the laptop screen is not high. Because it is usually not at eye level.

Working with the neck down can increase the risk of spondylosis and migraines. So the table-chair is the first thing to do when setting up a temporary workstation at home
Keep options in mind. Use an adjustable standing desk or chair at home.

Those who do not have the space to keep the table and chairs separate, they can also set up on the ground. Make sure that whatever mattress or mattress you sit on is not too soft. You can also get a sheet on the floor rug, carpet or mat to sit on the ground.

Place a few pillows to recline. And place the machine on top of the wooden box or tool in front. If you have a harmonium box as a wooden box, you can also use it. If you want to finish the work or break the break, you can play a little.

How to decorate your own workstation for work from home.

If you have a musical instrument, keep it close at hand. It will also make the workstation look good, and sometimes the tingling of the tabla bell or guitar will also keep the mind well.


The main condition for working from home is a fast internet connection. Set up a router or wifi at work. Also keep charging accessories, power bank, extension cord … etc at hand. Workplace netpad, calendar, organizer. Decorated with etc., an office fill will also come.

According to Alexa, if you use a smart device, put it on the desk. If you are accustomed to working on the desktop in the office, you can attach a portable mouse with a laptop, an external device according to the keyboard. For those who have to make a video conference or meeting, keep in mind the background of where you are sitting.

How to decorate your own workstation for work from home.

Phil Good Factor

You will want to sit at work as soon as you see it, arrange your temporary worktation in such a way. At home (if you already have a desktop setup, decorate that desktop with indoor plants, table lamps, pen stands, coasters, soft toys. If not, decorate it to get a chair-table.)

Put books or magazines on the table next to it, so that you can look at it in your spare time. If you have a portable speaker, keep it too, to listen to light music. Keep a biscuit or cookie jar with it. If you are hungry so that you do not have to get up again and again. If you have six children at home, it is better not to keep necessary office items within your reach.

When the master and the accountant are busy with work from ham at the same time, they do not sit separately, but arrange at both ends of the same table. You can take two laptops, so that you can work in the same set-up. If the house has more than one house, allocate one house for this set-up. Otherwise rely on the living room.

Try not to set the workstation in the bedroom. Workstations sorted out in bad lockdown will help with your work from ham hours.

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