How to deal with gynecological problems together in COVID-19 Panic

Women often suffer from various gynecological problems. How to deal with it in Corona panic. There was a solution in this article.

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Because of the coronavirus, not only pregnant women but also many women are suffering from various gynecological problems. However, at this moment, experts say to avoid going to the hospital as much as possible.

But there are some problems for which surgery is becoming mandatory. Or there is no other way but to go to the hospital for treatment. What will the angry people do in all these cases? Consultant Gynecologist, Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon, and Infertility Specialist Dr. Abhinav Chatterjee said,

“Now telemedicine has got clearance. We are trying to give advice by phone and email as much as we can. But there are some problems, where surgery is becoming mandatory. In that case, a problem is being created. ”

How to deal with gynecological problems together in COVID-19 Panic

What kind of problem do you have to go to the hospital?

As the speed of our life increases, various rages are building up in our bodies. Stress, work stress at home — all women have more or less gynecological problems. In most cases, the problem is exacerbated by the fact that the problem is not addressed at first

Many times it is so complicated that surgery has to be done in the end. Or stay in regular treatment. So, in any case, you may have to go to the hospital in lockdown.

Ovarian cysts and tumors

People with large tumors in the uterus may have a sudden torsion. In other words, according to the balloon, the tumor or cyst is eaten. Then the terrible pain began. In all these cases, hospitalization is mandatory. And such problems must be treated on an emergency basis.

Submucous fibroids

In the case of this rage, doctors are now trying as much as possible to stop the bleeding with drugs. But if the bleeding does not stop, there is no other option but to go to the hospital.


If uterine cancer is found, it often has to be surgically removed. And even if it is not excluded, you may have to go to the hospital regularly for its treatment.

If Become Pregnant

Doctors advise not to get pregnant in the corona atmosphere. But what about those who are already pregnant? Imposing some restrictions on regular checkups for the safety of those women. She has been asked to keep in touch with the doctor regularly by phone

And for checkups, first 12 weeks, then 20 weeks interval. At this time blood tests and infrasound are being done again. After that, a checkup is being done again in 32 weeks. Dr. Abhinav Chatterjee said, “We are getting calls from most pregnant women.

How to deal with gynecological problems together in COVID-19 Panic

They are suffering from anxiety. Even if you don’t come to the hospital, if there is a problem, there is a fear of getting coronavirus again. Now again the number of asymptomatic corona attacks has become a cause for fear. However, we are trying to ensure the safety of pregnant women. ”

What to do

No matter what the problem is, everyone needs to be extra careful. And doctors are advising to avoid the risk as much as possible.

  • People who are prone to excessive bleeding during menstruation and have to take medication for it should be very careful. At that particular time, something heavy will not work. running is better if you can stop it all.
  • People who have fibroids or are about to have surgery, such as those who will have a myomectomy, have certain medications. Bleeding is stopped by those drugs.
  • Doctors advise that the drug should not be stopped as long as the lockdown continues and the situation is not normal. In many cases, attempts are being made to temporarily manage the situation by changing the medication. However, in all these cases, all the advice of the doctors must be followed. It can’t be done otherwise.
  • Experts also suggest that those who experience severe abdominal pain and excessive bleeding during menstruation, which may require injections, may need to take medication to stop menstruation.
  • People with cervical cancer have the most serious problems. If the surgery is not done on time, there is a risk of the cancer spreading. Doctors are advising to avoid the surgery in this situation.
  • Attempts to deal with the issue through medication and chemotherapy may continue. Surgery is recommended only if the situation is normal. Dr. Abhinav Chatterjee said, “All the doctors in the world are giving the same advice now. There is no other way.
  • If the cancer patient is infected with the coronavirus in any way, the situation will become seriously complicated. There is even a risk of death. ”
  • For those who have a cyst in the uterus and it can be exacerbated, such as if there is a possibility of torsion, doctors are advising them to rest completely. No stress should be taken at this time. In order not to put pressure on the abdomen in any way, he should take care of it. Heavyweight should not be lifted.
  • Constipation is not, it should be taken care of. The diet given by the doctor should be followed. Eating outside things should not be done at all. If you are very careful, the issue of surgery can be avoided temporarily. If there is an outburst of anger during this lockdown period, then there is no other option but surgery.
  • If you want to go to the hospital alone, you have to wear a mask. If you have gloves on your hands, you will be more protected. People who have various gynecological problems need to adhere more to the general restrictions on coronavirus.
  • It is important to keep all these patients under house arrest without going outside.
  • Pregnant women need to keep themselves practically self-isolated. Don’t worry too much. Excessive stress can make body sicker. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis.
  • Do not go near the sick person at all.

Fear of surgery

How to deal with gynecological problems together in COVID-19 Panic
How to deal with gynecological problems together in COVID-19 Panic

If this lockdown lasts longer, what will happen to those whose surgery is urgently needed? Dr. has already started thinking about that issue. Attention Chatterjee.

If the lockdown period is extended further, separate arrangements will be made for such offenders. The patients will be admitted on the day before the surgery. Serology tests, ECG, X-rays are done before the surgery as per the rules.

Doctors are now seeking to perform a nasal septum test for COVID before surgery in this situation. Also get ECG, chest X-ray and CVC, and CRP test of blood.

The reason is Dr. Chattopadhyay said, “Kovid is being caught in 70 percent of the cases if only Nazal Saap is tested. The rest are not being caught. If all the tests are done together, Kovid will be caught in ninety percent of the cases. Repetitions will also be available six to seven hours after the test.

In that case, after seeing the repetition, we will be able to take the final decision. Whoever is negative, will have surgery. And whoever is positive, he will be sent to isolation and his corona will be treated first. After surgery, however, COVID tests are much needed in the infrastructure.

Don’t give up

Those who already had the idea of ​​family planning, all their plans have been ruined. Many people have various problems related to pregnancy. He has to be treated in advance. And they became pregnant at a certain time through treatment.

But corona has also had a major impact on family planning. Especially those who are undergoing IV or IVF treatment are undoubtedly in serious trouble. Also, those who are undergoing IVF treatment, their drugs, and injections are not available everywhere. But they are very frustrated. What is the solution to this problem?

How to deal with gynecological problems together in COVID-19 Panic

Doctors say such treatment is not possible now. Because there is a fear of infection on the one hand in the atmosphere of the corona, the necessary drugs for treatment, injections are not available.

Naturally, such patients, who are suffering from depression, are being emotionally motivated as well as being made aware of the importance of the situation. If you can stay healthy, then it is possible to start family planning anew.

The gait world seems to have come to a sudden halt due to the carnivorous. People are suffering from the swing of hope and fear. However, in this situation, the maneuver should not be lost. Because the dream will come true.

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