How to control obesity?

How to Control Obesity?

How to control obesity? Why are children getting fat at such a young age? In this article, I will look for answers to these issues.

Obesity is the increase in body fat and weight gain compared to normal. Obesity only occurs if the amount of calories we store throughout the day is not spent.

For example, especially in women who have menopause after forty years, if children are at work or have a habit of eating too much fast food or working out for long periods of time.

Apart from having a family history, taking an extra fat daily diet, obesity will come knocking on the door. | Obesity has now become a social problem. The number of people suffering from obesity is increasing day by day.

If you look at the image of India, the number of people affected by obesity in the city is high. If we analyze our body positively, then the weight of some people is normal which we call normal. Some people are a little overweight which we call overweight.

And the weight of some people we call obey is quite high. This is usually done Based on body mass index. In our country, we call overweight or obese with very few body mass index. Because if we compare people from one country to another, people from abroad can see the same bodyweight and fat in India.

Suppose the person on the corner is fifty feet eight inches tall. In this case, two heights are one, weight is one, but the Indian who is relatively high in his body. This, by the way, calculates the body mass indexes below the threshold are normal.

Twenty-five to twenty-one is overweight, and it is twenty-five. According to statistics, about twenty-five percent of people in urban areas are overweight, according to statistics. About ten to thirteen percent of the people have Obese, the body mass index on Trish.

In rural areas. This was much less in the past, but with the advancement of civilization, the changing patterns of eating have changed a lot of now. This is not just one-third of the problem, but one out of every four or five people are experiencing problems. |

What we fear is the tendency to stroke this fat in young children. This baby will grow up one day. If the weight of a child that is overweight now carries a lot of weight, it would be terrifying. So, we need to focus on weight control.

Make them aware of the consequences of weight gain. This time the question will come, why is it so much? This matter has to be considered in a numerical sense. On the one hand, how much energy we are collecting, on the other, how much we are spending.

That is, when there is no balance between income and expenditure, there is a tendency to increase fat in the body. Why is the fat rising? The reason is ours We have moved far away from the kind of food that people of previous generations used to eat. We are currently fat, fat |

I am eating more of national things. Since | Foods are more delicious, so, we are more and more attracted to those foods every day. And all of these foods have a lot of fats in our bodies for fat.

When you go to the shopping mall or the Arafat with your parents, they are watching the food and eating all the food. It is normal for the food to be awakened. The kids are very fond of it, so, it mimics what their friends are eating.

When he sees a friend eating chips in his corner, he also goes home and eats chips. Otherwise, a quick tiffing or something to eat at home makes it easy for the baby to eat. But regular fruits, pears, knee, radish, hand-made bread, and vegetables are found in low-oil cooked foods and where they are getting less work.

Before, when we were young, we used to go to King’s School or bike. The school had a lot of practice in Tiffing time or after school holidays. Now no one will ever. Now rickshaw, car or bike is going to school with dad. And the school car is there.

And all that means that all the kids have no time to study or to create careers. But now children are in the hands of mothers, computers, video games. They play games on the sofa or in bed. Along with potato chips, coke or cold drinks on the other side.

Ever or quick shop food. As a result, the mentality of the running game was lost. And there is a lack of ground in the city, so there is no possibility of an energy loss. And these are the reasons why obesity is increasing in children nowadays. Blade sugar is more likely to be overweight, has high blood pressure, | cholesterol, heart rage, and cancers

There is also a possibility of fatty liver, cirrhosis, gall bladder, colon cancer, breast cancer, and even ovarian cancer. Rash can lead to osteoarthritis in joints — Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, | Hypertension, D Resana, sleep disorders, snoring, inaphartilitira matte hajarae problem.

How to control Obesity

  • Control over food, focus on home labor.
  • Eating fast food, eliminating alcohol, tobacco and increasing physical labor
  • Start exercising at a young age.

According to Singapore, the country, where schools go, is in government money. The government gives money on the basis of the health of the students of the school. Because of this, He keeps a keen eye on the eating and drinking of students in the country’s schools.

Wherever KTC or McDonald’s shop is not allowed to open. There is also an awareness of what food will be sold in school canteens. There is only one chance to get one at Tiffin Time.

As a result, awareness of chess was developed. Not only are they healthy, but they also deliver the truth to their parents at home. In this regard, we have programs in various places around Delhi, including obesity, direction, and path.

Besides, government initiatives are constantly spreading about diabetes and Sulta throughout the country. Along with diabetes and heart problems, there are many programs on obesity. People are trying to convey a message or alert. So that everyone is aware of food.

To prevent obesity, eat fast food and meat, fry less. Fruits and vegetables are high. Eat Rage is a half-hour jogging walk and the best thing to do is swim. All you have to do is work hard to sweat. Doing this properly will reduce the fear of obesity in our country in the future.

When the patient comes to us, I make a diet chart with a dietitian as well as his treatment. Because medicine can’t do anything in one way unless you control your own diet and work hard to sweat.

And the idea that weight will only be reduced by consuming drugs, many people think there is a rag in the other corner, especially thyroid. , Is a misconception.

Nineteen percent of people who have been overweight have no cause in the other corner. That is, Simple. Obesity. Even with thyroid, the weight does not increase very much.

Increases by 2-8%. Giving treatment | That should be reduced. If the incarceration is fifty kilograms, that may be due to the thyroid being a heavy burden, but the weight of the imprisonment is sixty. If the kg is not for the thyroid.

How to control obesity?
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