How to concentrate on exercise to increase the morale of kids

How to concentrate on exercise to increase the morale of kids

Even if the outdoor activity is off, how can you concentrate on exercises to increase the morale of the kids in a fun way at home?

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It’s not just a matter of sitting on the couch at home. Even if you take away the park and playground from the lockdown children, there is enough space in the house for exercise. Combine the exercise routine with reading, drawing, dancing, and song routines.

But not by force, everything has to be done according to the game. Companion your child to your physical exercise routine. Can compete, win prizes. They will be encouraged.

On all fours

It is not possible to explain the meaning of fitness to a four-five-year-old child. In this way, in this way, they will not be able to understand this instruction. However, there is not much to worry about children of this age, they just keep jumping all day.

How to concentrate on exercise to increase the morale of kids
How to concentrate on exercise to increase the morale of kids

Just make sure the screen time is not too long. With sports in the afternoon rules. The guardian must also accompany it. It will work for both. If there is no roof or veranda, the game can continue with softballs in the house. Singing and dancing are not bad.

Encouragement must be created

Fitness expert Chinmoy Roy said, “Usually children do not develop the ability to produce instructions before the age of seven or eight. The American College of Sports Medicine says at least that. From the age of 11-12 years, they can do activities according to the instructions. So it is better not to tie all the squats and push-ups of children of this age.

How to concentrate on exercise to increase the morale of kids
How to concentrate on exercise to increase the morale of kids

The children have to do physical exercises through play. Everyone in the house can compete together. Winning prizes. ” Sweat for at least half an hour a day. Challenge them, if they can win the game or follow this routine, but they will get a chance to watch TV, play games on mobile.

Game plan

If the guardian thinks that the children should be given pranayama-asana, then he is thinking wrong. It takes a long time to build that perseverance, ”said Chinmoy Roy. He suggested playing indoors.

It is better to have a roof and a veranda in the house, otherwise, two people will stand on either side of the house. Take a ball and throw it at the other. This time run and change the edge and go to the other side.

This game will be played in this way. This game is suitable for children of seven to ten years. Play with two balls a little older. At the same time, throw the ball towards each other and change places. It is helpful in skill-building.

There is a game called Vertical Marathon in America. Here is the competition as to who can climb the stairs and how many floors can be climbed and in how much time. They can do it on the stairs of their own house or flat. With the child, the father or mother joins the stair-running. See another John Stopwatch.

You can also do the step-up exercise in the first step of the stairs. Test how long the breath lasts. Adults can carry a two-liter bottle of water with both hands. The six did not give a discount.

You can play by making the dining table as a TT bird. If you have a roof, you can play badminton, cricket, running. You can also take push-ups, planks, and squats with teenagers. See how many squats or how long a plank can be done in thirty seconds.

Keep in mind, only 15-16-year-olds are suitable for this type of exercise. Spot jumping, spot yoga exercise challenges can also be taken. This is the ideal time to dust off the skipping rap bar. These can be done by 10-11-year-olds. If there is a treadmill at home, it can also be used for exercise. There are many types of challenges in the fitness app, you can see them.

How to concentrate on exercise to increase the morale of kids
How to concentrate on exercise to increase the morale of kids

You can try to teach pranayama to 14-15-year-old children. The six have no more patience than that. It can teach chess for teenagers. This increases concentration. There are also options in Arabic. There are many tutorial videos available on YouTube. You also match the feet with the child.

Let’s go back to childhood

Many of them played Chukit-Kit, Ekka-Dokka, Pitu in their childhood. Start playing these games again by teaching the child. Pitu needs a playground or a roof to play.

However, the other two games are possible indoors. When jumping on one leg, alternate between right and left. Not everyone has the same strength on both legs. Swaps will keep both legs in balance.

If there are grandparents at home, everyone can play musical chairs together. In addition to all this, keep in mind that the child should not eat too much junk food. Then all the hard work is in vain.

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