How to avoid the disease of springtime disease?

How to protect yourself from the familiar disease of springtime? This article describes how to increase immunity and what foods to eat this season.

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The summer has not yet fully arrived. Spring is doing whatever. At this time, chickenpox, influenza sufferers should be careful beforehand to avoid spring disease. Many are now afraid of the cold.

Common cold-cough-fever is also taking the form of fear in the wake of the Coronavirus. It also increases the incidence of chickenpox. Therefore, it is only at this time that food is needed to help increase the capacity of the immune system.

How to avoid the disease of springtime disease?

Eat foods that are seasonal

Fill the market bags according to the time of year, such as seasonal fruits and herbs. The most widely known ingredients as anti-pox are Neem and Saajan.

Doctor. Arunandshu Talukdar said, “Most of the spring is unhappy. Since the virus is infected, it is rich in vitamin and antioxidant foods. At the time Which is the most available? Goes from the seasonal fruits and the green leafy cereals. |

Every day on the first leg of the meal At this time it is best to eat, immunity boiled, coral or any other fries. Flower Anti-pox in Saajan | As effective as Sajjan’s stalk. You can eat the thin Fish bag. Neem-eggplant is also delicious to eat. All this as antivirus. No pair of positions.

Turn the stalks into sticks, stalk pasta, stalk cucumbers according to the five-serving variety. Keep it on the diet. Beans, dung potatoes, berries, curds, etc.

To get enough vitamin C, one of the rages is to eat lemon, of any kind. Any fruit containing citric acid. Beneficial. Eating raw turmeric in the morning can make it good for you. Eat more water.

How to avoid the disease of springtime disease?
How to avoid the disease of springtime disease?

To increase immunity

Dietitian Subarna Roy Chowdhury said that, according to Chicken Pox or Fly, the viral disease is immune. Such a diet is based on oil. Pragyan, which is immune to rage. Increase power. “Petaint eats only one seasonal fruit. Will be Many people get less water intake.

Fruit juice in that case. Keep it on the diet. ” However preservatives. Not exactly the given foot juice. Fresh seasonal fruits and fresh. There is no pair of herbs.

There is no fondness for high-fat foods with chickenpox, reminded Subarna. So all the fish can go. | Any virus that becomes active during the season change. Therefore, strengthening your immune system is the only way to stay healthy.

For the kids

Fruit feeding is very important for children this season. Cucumber, watermelon, guava, etc. can keep kids on a daily diet. Bowel syndrome and constipation have become a major cause of irritability among teenagers and children in recent days, and this is quite normal. By reducing the amount of junk foods in the diet and increasing the amount of fruits, their fiber intake will increase. It will eliminate constipation easily.

In the case of adults, it is important to remember

  • Never eat more than 200 grams of fruit at a time. You can eat fruits at intervals of two to three hours.
  • Mango, jackfruit type fruit does not have to be bad at all. A healthy adult person can put mangoes one at a time.
  • If you have acidity problems, fruit cannot be eaten in the morning. You can eat solid food and then eat the fruit.
  • However, you need to be very careful when buying and eating fruits, because of the large amount of pesticides used. So wash well and eat the fruit.

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