No matter how bad the situation is, you have to find a way out without drowning in frustration or exhaustion. You have to raise your hand towards others as well

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I don’t remember the last time I was imprisoned in the house for so many days. This is the pressure of work from Home,on the other hand, the ultimate misunderstanding with colleagues. Lockdown on top of that.

There is no denying the way in which Gaeta has affected the world economy. Business is being hit hard, it is not clear whether there will be a job or not, but many people have been hit hard.

Rajeshwar, who is in his seventies, is terrified of the whole day. According to Ampan, he has never seen such a storm in his lifetime. The way the asbestos paper in the roof shed of the front house flew in the evening, the pressure on his chest when he remembered the scene.

His chest throbbed a little. The wind did not stop in the days after Ampan. Repeatedly he thinks, the storm came to understand this!

Ekartti Raedur shrinks when he sees darkness. Still, adapting to the heat, Chhetta hugged his mother with both hands and repeatedly asked, “Will he come to Alaa tonight?” Stable to see the boy growl. Can’t have mother Moumita. Despair gripped him.

Accept the situation

How to avoid frustration or exhaustion in lockdown situations 01
How to avoid frustration or exhaustion in lockdown situations 01

This is the situation. A lockdown due to corona virus, then ampan again. A little bit of poison on the body. Every moment is being disrupted as a result of this. Public life. The external damage is very obvious. But the loss of mind? There is no way to deny him. As a result, despair and exhaustion are consuming people’s lives one by one.

But life does not stop there. He carries on his own rules. If you can’t float in the current of life, you have to drop out of that eternal flow. So stop before you drop or sink. The turning point of life can be changed from this momentary pause. And after that turn, there may be the beginning of a bright ala!

“I have no hesitation in admitting that the timing is really bad. Because of lockdowns and cyclones.

The two came together and caused a lot of damage. There is no benefit in denying the mental damage in him. However, they have to find a way out of this. First of all, it is important to note that coronavirus may be present for several days now.

How to avoid frustration or exhaustion in lockdown situations 01
How to avoid frustration or exhaustion in lockdown situations 01

As a result, we have to adapt to it and survive. But the cyclone is temporary. It has caused a lot of damage. But if we all work hand in hand, then we will come back from the damage of the storm. Life will return to normal, ”says psychologist Dr. Anuttama Bandyopadhyay.

Psychiatrist Aviruchi Chatterjee says, “If you think about it in the first place, then there are two types of people. People who have never seen a psychiatrist before are also suffering from anxiety and panic.

There have also been cases of corona virus infection. He may not want to eat anything for fear of this happening. He is getting sick not only physically but also mentally. Sudden psychotic breakdown is happening.

In fact, that is the time. ” In addition, those who are already suffering from depression and anxiety. The risk of relapse is also high. Maybe someone has a family history or someone has OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but it hasn’t been revealed that way.

The chances and fears of that happening at the moment are much higher. Again, it may be that those who are in the general way. Signs of goodness are seen and the ability to adapt to the situation is divine, they can also become victims! If so, how to do, this problem makabila?

Do not indulge in loneliness

How to avoid frustration or exhaustion in lockdown situations 01
How to avoid frustration or exhaustion in lockdown situations 01

There is nothing better than spending more time with family during this time. If alone at work or for personal reasons. If so, it is important to communicate with people. “I believe in social distance.

Otherwise physical distance is essential to prevent corona infection. But on the phone, in a video call, or from a family, you can stay close to Sasali. And at the moment it is very important, ”says Dr. Preference Chatterjee.

Those who need regular counseling. Don’t think of yourself alone in any way. Although it is not possible to go to a psychiatrist in this situation, it is possible to talk to a doctor through tele calling or video calling. As a result, it is possible to get them if you raise your hand, said. Anuttama Banerjee.

Indulging in loneliness will make the problem worse. Instead, they all spend time together. Tell the story to the frightened child in the dark without making a fuss. Sit down to eat together. Hang out at noon.

If you feel frustrated, open your mind to the people close to you and tell them about fear and apprehension.

don’t care about fake news

How to avoid frustration or exhaustion in lockdown situations 01
How to avoid frustration or exhaustion in lockdown situations 01

Being active on social media, people often read the news excessively and share it regularly. Which news is true and which is false … All the news are shared moment by moment without considering it.

It is not only emotionally damaging, it is also terrifying. Because fake news brings danger step by step. So be sure to watch the news. But you have to pull the rush before you get obsessed with it.

If necessary, set a special time of day to watch the news. All the time. Will he, how to get rescued … or discuss all this Anxiety will increase the problem.

Dark is not the last word

The religion of the tunnel is that it is shrouded in darkness. But at some point, if that dark path is not paved, Ala will be seen at the end.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. The good side of this bad time is that it is followed by a wonderful day.

How to avoid frustration or exhaustion in lockdown situations 01
How to avoid frustration or exhaustion in lockdown situations 01

Because happiness-sorrow, good-evil little wheel, that wheel is spinning endlessly. As a result, the part of the wheel that is covered in the dust of the road today, that part will leave the ground at the last moment.

Jobs, business conditions are very bad but you can rely on your skills. At this time, stand up and hone your skills at home. If any door is closed, and if one door is opened, it is as per the rules of tomorrow.

Most importantly, most of the time we are reminiscing about the past, not the future. Learning to live in the present is the most important thing in this world situation where planning is stagnant.

There is no better way to survive than to survive this moment. Do what feels good. Live as you wish to live. Only then will life find its own meaning !

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