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How to avoid coronavirus(COVID-19) attacks without symptoms

Coronavirus (COVID-19) attacks when symptoms are not tested in the order of the people, what to do to them, how to avoid them, this article is resolved.

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Although common sneezing and fever, many fear that he has coronavirus. Depending on the hospital, however, in the case of an emergency, it is worth considering how much service a patient will receive.

Therefore, those who have returned from abroad, those who have come from other states or those who are seriously ill are first on the Corona Test list.

So in many cases, even if a person has symptoms of coronavirus, he cannot be tested. What would that person do in that case? What are some precautions to take even when you are in a home quarantine?

There are several symptoms of corona – fever, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath and, in some cases, diarrhea; Prescription. ‘Asymptomatic’ and advised to stay in Quarantine for at least fourteen days.

How to avoid coronavirus(COVID-19) attacks without symptoms.

Subir Kumar Mandal, Doctor of General Medicine. “Coronavirus is no exception to whatever symptoms are common in the flu,” he said. So in the case of caution in the common flu, so is the case.

  • Cough medicines, common fever medicines should be taken.
  • Fever should not be increased or recurrent, it should be monitored. You have to eat the medicine accordingly.
  • Drink enough water. The body does not become dehydrated.
  • The patient must be wearing a mask. Anyone going to his house must also wear a mask.
  • The patient used utensils and utensils should be kept separate.
  • Multi-vitamins can be consumed on the day of the visit.

The main problem with coronavirus is that the symptoms of this disease become apparent much later. Before that, the patient infects another person. So your well-being depends on the well-being of others. So do not neglect to sneeze. Don’t be intimidated again.

What is asymptomatic?

Medicine expert Dr. Arunandshu Talukdar says, “The whole thing is standing on the screen. The incubation period is usually five to seven days.

However, we catch fourteen days. Others can be infected within two to fourteen days if they come in contact with a gallbladder. Asymptomatic words mean those who have no symptoms of anger, but there are possibilities. ”

What to do

In the case of asymptomatic hemorrhoids, the fourteenth-day hem quarantine is to be monitored, not in terms of position. Dr. Talukdar says, “These fourteen days your house has to be separate. Bathrooms are also good if separate.

Even in the common space or in the general area where you have to move, you need to spray disinfectant for two hours. With the sanitizer, the doorknob must be removed. At this time, having sex with someone else is not going to happen at all.

How to avoid coronavirus(COVID-19) attacks without symptoms.
What to do for people who can’t get the Coronavirus tested.

If any symptoms increase during the quarantine period, you will need to go back to the hospital and tell the doctor all about it. Will be tested if needed ”

However, after crossing the quarantine period of fourteen days, it is not possible to swear by anyone who is free.

This is why the lockdown should be kept as far as possible from house arrest, maintaining a special distance. It is less likely to be infected by a person, as it is by accidentally infected with others. There is also less fear of being infected.

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