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How to avoid COVID-19 And Build Awareness in Children.

The first lesson to be aware of is how to teach kids how to avoid COVID-19 the simplest way to find out. (Coronavirus)

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All the diseases that have to be prevented these days are all known. But the Coronavirus is an unknown virus. Therefore, the increased awareness of disease prevention must be needed. Extra caution for older children as well as children at home.

Because the immunization capabilities of the rats are low. Although the report says that the number of Corona sufferers in the Gaeta world is very low. But to say that it is unfair to exclude the rats from the lesson of awareness.

How to avoid COVID-19 And Build Awareness in Children#1#
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In the age difference

Housekeepers according to their age. The standard of protection will be determined. According to the service they should be taught, it is the parents who have to understand. For children from newborn to one year of age.

The guardian has to take responsibility for security. Keep yourself clean. Do not hold the baby without sanitizing the hand. If the baby came from outside, this is a day. Prevent them from coming. If that is not possible, he should change his clothes after covering the house.

And wash hands and feet well. Pay extra attention to children who are learning to walk or walk. Keep the house clean. Wash your baby’s hands with soap. Teach the children the basic lessons of hygiene, as all children have learned to understand the instructions.

From the age of three, children gradually become self-sufficient. Even if you do not understand the importance of the virus, try to underestimate the importance of cleaning them.

Washing hands before and after eating, washing hands after play, not giving anything to the mouth, not giving a hand to the mouth, in case of cough and cough. Teaching children to a three-year-old is also taught in the face according to clothes.

Develop the use of handkerchiefs at home as well. This basic cleaning is applicable to all ages. Being stuck in a teenager’s house since the age of five is a challenge. But as possible in their quest, that’s why.

The importance is to first understand. Make real visual shows on newspapers, television, need. The park is closed to the street sports, so the terrace or porch of the house is trusted. But do not let friends come home. Who can bring germs, no one knows.

How to avoid COVID-19 And Build Awareness in Children#1#
How to Build Awareness in Children to Avoid Coronavirus(COVID-19)

The child will cry out loudly but you have to handle the matter strictly. It is inappropriate to pay the mask on the outside of the mats when you are out. The basis of this statement is cleanliness. Money comes in contact with many germs. We were reminded again by the horror of coronavirus.

Other diseases / disorders

Do not let the children of the house eat cold water, soft drinks, cold foods. According to doctors, children can not be allowed to feel cold at this time. For that reason, it is advisable to wash hands but without excess water, it should not be used without purification.

Pox, seasonal cold cough, fever can also occur. Explain it to the child as well. Because of the risk of being taken to a doctor now if there is an illness, some risks are also being made.

Everyone is talking about shaking hands. But the germs are not hidden in the gap in the hand we wear? Mothers have the habit of wearing a saree, wiping their children’s nose and mouth. Don’t do it.

How to avoid COVID-19 And Build Awareness in Children#1#
How to Build Awareness in Children to Avoid Coronavirus(COVID-19)

Some ideas and realities

By keeping the children careful. Don’t overdo it. Maintain general cleanliness. And when they are home, they will be safe. Dr. Apurba Ghosh says that the number of children infected with coronary virus is lowest in the world.

Explaining the reason for this, he said, “This is considered one of the reasons for not fully developing children’s receptors.” That is, the way the corona virus enters the body. The way the adults are overcome, the path is not completely ready for the rats.

In the case of small diseases like season fever, many parents give the child a flu vaccine. Is it effective for the corona? “No, the flu vaccine will not work in this case,” the statement said. Weed. Many are stressing over food for the family. But according to doctors, these are wrong ideas. Basic hygiene applies to any problem, in any case.

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