What precautions should be taken to avoid corona outside the home?

How to Avoid Corona Virus? Do not panic Know the right information.

Do not panic about the Coronavirus. Learn the right information, avoid it yourself and inform others about the correct information.

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The Coronavirus antidote has not yet been discovered. Accelerated scientists and physicians around the world are conducting various tests for the antidote. However, there is no end to the confusion and confusion over coronavirus. Her outbreak has spread worldwide Through various.

There has also been an increase in the number of misinformation about spreading information, videos and wordless spreads. So it is important to dispel that false or misleading notion.

How to Avoid Corona Virus? Do not panic Know the right information.
How to Avoid Corona Virus? Do not panic Know the right information.

Correct Information :-

It is a misconception that the coronavirus dies while playing hot water. The temperature at which the coronavirus dies is not useful for drinking water. Eating water is important for the body not to be dehydrated. General Chat Chat Lounge.

It is not true that water can cause the virus to dissolve in acid in the stomach and even die. Because the acid levels in which the virus dies, the pH factor of the stomach acid in the human body is not.

Coronavirus will die if the temperature of the environment increases – this is false, in addition, the virus is spreading from person to person. Not from the environment. If the temperature of the human body is 132 degrees Fahrenheit, then the Coronavirus dies, which is never possible.

It is also known to be an airborne virus – not proven. When a nebulizer is given to a coronary patient in the hospital, the virus can sometimes be emitted by inhalation and exhalation. That’s where the concept originated.

Corona virus spreads from bats in China’s wet market?

In order to increase the immune system, various dietary orders are circulating in the media. According to doctors, eat more water. Eat breakfast. Junk food is good to exclude at the moment.

Vitamin C supplements are being given to coronary patients. In some cases, work is also being done. Those who are in hem quarantine can also eat vitamin C supplement.

Many people take supplements to reduce knee pain. Now, it is good to keep that supplement for a day. It will increase knee pain in the knee. But the body’s own abilities will remain intact.

There is no reason to think that you are wearing a mask without wearing a mask. Wear a mask before wearing a mask and wear a mask even after wearing a mask.

Children also may not be coronary. The problem is, the easier it is for adults to understand the symptoms, the more it takes time for the symptoms to become apparent in children.

There is more to the lie, so do not believe it unless you get information from a trusted one.

Older people are more careful

How to Avoid Corona Virus? Do not panic Know the right information.

Many older people need regular checkups. Especially if an illness is undergoing treatment. There is no way to stop it, such as dialysis or chemo. In that case, many are going to the door of the Patient hospital. They have to be a little more aware and careful.

Arrangements must be made to get out of the hospital and reach the hospital first. Since public transport is completely closed, you must rely on hospital service. Or you can book an ambulance. In this case, you can consult the doctor who supervised the procedure.

In the words of Subir Kumar Mandal, a doctor of general medicine, “The fences that are used for dialysis often have gaps. About six feet wide. Because the machine is positioned next to the bed. As a result, two patient does not have to be very close. Apart from this, the process of sanitizing all the hospitals is now underway.

The patient also needs to be aware of it. When coming to the hospital, it is best to wear a mask. And it is better not to keep the phone with you. For any reason, it is the primary duty to sanitize the phone when returning home.

The patient’s costume must also be replaced. And of course, it is in hot water Wash with soap and dry it in the raid. The hospital’s waiting zone is also very careful. Maintain a distance of at least three feet from the other patient there.

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