When life is New Normal, Coronavirus is a new addition to life later, but if you are unfamiliar with it, you have to adapt to it.#adapt#

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Life is not going on anymore. The path to Gharana is now ‘New Normal’. There is no denying this ‘new normal’ when masks, gloves, sanitizers … or the bedroom of the house have become the workstation of the office in the last three months when it is intimately involved with everyday life.

In the ‘Unlock One’ episode, life is a bit different, but when it is about to become normal, the new rules have to be faced in the market or at work.

Almost empty bus or shopping mall reminds me, the previous opinion is no more around. How difficult is it to cope with this new situation? What is the way to adapt?

Inside the four walls

How to adapt to the new normal life after Coronavirus?
How to adapt to the new normal life after Coronavirus?

Those who have no way out, they are going to be. And those who sit within four walls and handle office work or the child’s online class, their pressure is a little more.

Because no one in the house is accustomed to this new kind of normalcy. As a result, sharing work, adapting to the new environment, and concentrating on work or class is gaining momentum.

“Not only the students who are learning but also the teachers on the screen and beyond have to learn this new method of teaching. Since the lockdown and its aftermath are long, it is difficult to break the habit of studying for so long.

Earlier, teachers or parents used to tell children not to spend too much time on computers, phones, and laptops. Now we have to do that through online classes. Therefore, the supervision of parents is especially needed in this case.

It is important that we learn and teach without focusing too much on technology. However, in addition to teaching in the classroom, it is also important to exchange views with the students through storytelling.

Many physicians and psychiatrists are opposed to online classes for younger students.

“Children need to be taught songs and rhymes for a long time It is difficult to keep them patient. We have to understand that it is more difficult to be trapped within their four walls. ”

Many of the parents of the children who are struggling daily in their work from Ham and the child’s class, the routine of the project, have also set up at home. Those who have to go outside have shields, protective shields, masks, gloves, etc.

Fashion designer Abhishek Dutt said, “Masks and gloves are slowly becoming normal. It will be included in fashion. The use of sunglasses during the day and powerless night glass at night will also increase. It is important to use washable cloth shoes instead of leather shoes. ”

Touch and Feel’ for Profession

How to adapt to the new normal life after Coronavirus?
How to adapt to the new normal life after Coronavirus?

Hospitals, restaurants, saloons are more of a challenge for those whose profession is in place. Because in all these cases you have to come in direct contact with others at work.

The services of doctors and health workers have remained uninterrupted since the lockdown. Private practitioners have also started online consultations in the ‘Unlock One’ episode.

Critical Care Medicine Expert Dr. Arindam, such as Admission of Patients in Tele Consultation, has started giving guidance by looking at online reports.

However, in the case of the eye, ENT, dentistry – or where it is important to monitor patients through touch & feel, online consultation can be effective. “In 2014, I introduced the idea of ​​the first EICU in Eastern India.

But it needs better quality infrastructure. I am trying to give as much support as I can in teleconsultation during this pandemic, ”said Dr. Arindam.

In the case of large restaurant chains, where online delivery was not a major concern in the past, they are now focused on takeaways and online ordering.

Chef Sushant Sengupta, one of the directors of Six Baliganj Place, said, “Since the restaurant has opened, everything has to be done for its sanitation and maintenance.

Compared to that, the footfall is much less than before and the takeaway rate has increased. We have also introduced some economic packages and discounts on delivery. ”

According to swiggy, Jomato, the restaurant has to provide regular updates on the temperature and physical condition of every employee of the kitchen in the delivery app.

Beauticians are providing services there with some risk and hesitation. Priscilla Corner, one of the leaders of June Tomkins Saler and June’s daughter, said their staff was not providing any services at the moment were wearing a mask was necessary.

They have started working in compliance with all the guidelines of the Beauty and Wellness Sector Skills Council. “It simply came to our notice then.

Not allowing more than three or four customers to enter at a time, just paying on the card instead of cash, providing services to open the mask (such as upper lip threading) … I am abiding by all these, ”he said.

Unaccustomed life is moving forward by adapting to the New Normal. It is better to start preparing to compete with him.

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