Let the child grow up with affection. Domestic violence can ruin your child’s future. So the guardian has to take the responsibility of maintaining a happy environment.

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Today’s children are more sensitive and Machiavelli. So any event has an additional effect on their minds. Naturally, it is up to the parents but the structure of the child’s mind depends entirely.

Coronavirus has led to a sharp rise in domestic violence during this lockdown period, according to statistics. Even now the school is closed. Even though the office is open, many people are working from home. So everyone spends most of their time at home.

In this situation, disagreement or frustration of husband and wife is also a cause of unrest. Which has a profound effect on the child’s mind? Pailing Consultant Payal Ghosh said, “A child’s emotional development is based on the equation of the relationship with the parents and the rest of the family.

None of the kids like turmoil. They want to be in a happy environment at all times. If you get that, it will have an effect on the mind. That’s why juvenile crime is on the rise. “

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How domestic violence can ruin your child's future. Learn to avoid danger.
How domestic violence can ruin your child’s future. Learn to avoid danger.

The children can be divided into two stages based on their age. One of the effects a child feels at one stage is one of a kind.

Absolutely six children, who have been created with little power. They may not even understand everything. However, in a tense environment or by changing the equation in the family — these can be felt.

Psychiatrists say that at this age when things like unrest, trouble, violence happen, children usually become completely silent. Fear grows in everything. It begins to lose confidence.

Besides, he created a different world of his own. He grabs the world by stopping to communicate with the house or the outside world. Alone speaks to his own mind.

By making the characters of the puppets, he makes them a part of his own world. This is called ‘daydreaming’. Getting children out of this situation can be difficult in some cases.

Adolescents become more aggressive because of family problems. Doesn’t care about anyone. They can’t even build beautiful relationships with friends. The resentment that builds up inside them causes little trouble with others.

It can also lead to a fight with someone else to provoke anger. The effects, however, can be large. Even then they can’t be normal about being healthy, beautiful. Getting into the middle of that relationship can try to create complications. The possibility of juvenile crime also remains. Apart from this, some other problems are also seen.

Obstacles to physical development:

How domestic violence can ruin your child's future. Learn to avoid danger.
How domestic violence can ruin your child’s future. Learn to avoid danger.

Unrest can impede the mental and physical development of children. Studies have shown that they are more likely to suffer from various diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and asthma.

Not only that, but the child may also be inclined towards anti-social and various criminal activities.


Blaming each other during quarrels continues. This behavior has a negative effect on the child’s mind. They are annoyed. Feeling neglected. This creates insecurity in the mind of the child.


Mom or Dad? Who do I go to? When such a situation arises in the quarrel, the children get into the most trouble. Both parents. Child shelter, place of love. Creating a distance between them causes intense stress to the child. They can not understand, who is to blame! What to do in this situation, who to go to! With all this, they started suffering from indecision.


When there is a lot of unrest in the family, children can be overwhelmed by frustration. They stand in the midst of uncertainty. They can’t pay attention to studies. Even if it has its own qualities, it does not develop. Rather bad habits can be created. In a word, severe pulling can ruin a child’s life.

Childhood needs to be colorful

How domestic violence can ruin your child's future. Learn to avoid danger.
How domestic violence can ruin your child’s future. Learn to avoid danger.

The minds of the children are immaculate according to the white leaves. What they learn from family becomes the alphabet in their minds. So everyone in the family has to take responsibility to keep the children’s childhood colorful.

Psychologist Jayaranjan Ram said, “There can be many storms in life. Many problems can be created. But all parents need to remember their child’s future.

Because their relationship depends on the child’s well-being. Maybe there was no marriage between the two spouses. That relationship broke down at one point.

But if the child sees, even if the relationship is broken, the parents have mutual respect and beautiful friendship, then the trust in the relationship is not broken. Instead, he learns to understand relationships in a positive way. ”

Some more issues in this case. Parents need to keep that in mind.

How domestic violence can ruin your child's future. Learn to avoid danger.
How domestic violence can ruin your child’s future. Learn to avoid danger.

Staying together can be a hassle. But It is desirable not to be in front of the child.

The child learns to behave by watching the behavior of the parents. So elegant behavior is needed in front of them.

If parents can become friends with the child, then the relationship becomes easier. The child can also discuss any issue with the parents. He can also share his problems.

If a bad situation arises in front of the child, they should be called separately later. Adults can have the same problems as friends. Because adults are also friends of each other.

Children should not be used as tools in the midst of quarrels. Many times children see their mother crying and ask questions. In that case, they should be told not to hide the matter but to explain it lightly.

If children see the rest of the family respecting each other, they will learn to respect any relationship from an early age. No one should be slandered or made bad remarks in front of the child.

Unlocking is starting, many people still do not have a servant in the house. As a result, they have to do all the work themselves. So it is better to work together without any fuss about working. Give even the smallest member of the household the task. So that he himself learns to take responsibility from childhood.

In the case of baby boys, if she regularly sees her mother being harassed or physically abused, she will accept that this is normal. And he can grow up and engage in the same work. That is why awareness is needed from scratch.

In many cases, girls are deadly male haters. This mentality is created due to the family unrest of childhood.

The biggest mentor of the children is his parents. Whenever they have a problem, they look for their parents first. So we have to try to solve the problem of the child. We need to change ourselves. If the problem is serious, it is important to seek the help of psychiatrists.

Parents can make a child’s life healthy and beautiful. Therefore, it is advisable to make the child’s life brighter by adjusting to one’s own problems.

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