How do I keep school students calm during coronavirus?

How do I keep school students calm during coronavirus?

Someone is crying about going to school, while someone is staring at the ground in front of the house. It is the responsibility of the guardian to understand them. This article details how do keep the kids calm at home.

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Who does not like to suddenly go to school or take a day off? But both of them become routine! What is the fun of the holiday then? Rather, they want to come together from the school grounds.

But that’s not the way it is now. Going to play, strolling all off … No children are stuck inside the four walls of the house all day. The leg is in the air, crying. From this monstrosity, the Beret also taught the child.

What to do

Make a routine by dividing the time of the whole day. After you wake up, eat something light and light. It is the turn of sitting after eating. When the hemorrhoids become, let him do something in his mind. No, it is very important to get your child involved in creative work.

As you learn new things, you will spend time. You can hand paint pencils. From the cupboard, you can teach them to sew and fold it. Make him a partner in cooking.

If you love watching popup greetings cards or watching children play dolls on YouTube, you can teach them to make puppets, chairs, and chairs. Play Sand or Play Day, so making models with it is quite interesting.

Make your family members self-reliant in the work of the house. In the morning, get up in bed and oil the bed. Ask him to help you with the work. He may need help filling the kitchen with water, or in the kitchen. Home furnishings can also be invaded. Ask the child’s cupboard or reading shelf to be customized.

Gardening also keeps the mind good. To make the child interested in the garden, plant it with his hand. After that, the direction of the water on the tree. Ask if a new leaf or bud has arrived in the tree.

 In the same way, teach the leaves or the deciduous leaves to turn yellow, so that they can do it alone later. It will cost him a lot of time and his mind will be good.

Give him time to play in the afternoon. At that time you can take the ball down with him on the roof of the house. At the end of the game, the hands and feet must be washed with soap and replaced. If flat, it may not be possible.

In that case, it would be good to remove the fancy item from the drawing-room of the house and make it a play area. When studying at night, set aside time to read the story.

How do I keep school students calm during coronavirus?

Again someday you can set up a ghost story with a low power green or blue ala. They will tell the story, they will give the child the chance to tell a story. It will increase his imagination. You will also find other tastes in the traditional life.

Everyone in the house can play Indian games like Luda, Carom, etc. If you do not have any hand games in your hand, the thief, the police, the robber, the father of the game can also be cut off paper. You can wear a beautiful sari and wear it to your daughter.

If the boy is a dhooti with the stroke through that saree. The mind is bound to be good when you look at it in another way. There is music therapy, ie music. If you do not want to do anything, Shannan will have some time. Whatever you like, your child may not like it at all. Then ask him what he wants to do. Spend some time that way.

Don’t do it at all

Don’t give her what she wants just because the child is having a baby. Then he will realize that all things are available without pretense. Rather, just let him out. He himself will bar the road to Katara, his mother.

How long will you watch TV or mobile in the day, the screen time is tied… Do not force your child to do anything. If you like drawing alone to spend loneliness, it doesn’t mean that your child will need it. Let him choose his choice. Don’t be such a fan of his best friend.

Be happy

In a large bowl, twist the twilight. Give the child the responsibility of mixing all the ingredients. Let the ghost story come into the room any day. Family members can play, recite or sing together. Hack the weekend with rehearsals throughout the week. The child will wake up and the mind will be good.

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