How and why is gallbladder stone, what is the treatment?

This article discusses how gallbladder occurs, why they occur, how to understand them, what types they are, what their treatment is, and whether preventive measures can be taken.

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Many people are aware of the issue of gallbladder stones. Someone has had an operation or is thinking of operation. I think that if we discuss something about this with the help of information, the common people will know a lot and need to know.

Gallbladder function

The function of the gallbladder is to hold bile. The bile that comes out of the liver helps digest fatty foods. When we eat fatty or protein foods, the gallbladder contracts and the bile comes from the gallbladder into the bile duct and from there into the small intestine.

There this juice is mixed with food to help digest food. Fat breaks down the globules into six parts and then furthers the digestion. After that, it is gradually assimilated into the body. Gallbladder plays an important role in this whole process.

How and why is gallbladder stone, what is the treatment?
How and why is gallbladder stone, what is the treatment?

How stones occur in the gallbladder

The matter can be explained by a simple incident. If a little water is left in a glass, after a while it is seen that the sediment has fallen under the glass. That means something that is not soluble in water is lying at the bottom. The same is true of the gallbladder. When the gallbladder in the gallbladder becomes too saturated, sediment begins to fall into it.

 In this case, let me tell you a little bit, Peters has many compounds such as cholesterol, bile acids, bile pigments, etc…

The thing that is formed in the form of sediment as sediment accumulates is called sludge, which is later crystallized from this sludge.

Why not every human being has gallstones

This is an important issue. Generally, we see that not all people have gallstones in their gallbladder, they are in jail. It depends on the composition of the bile. This composition is based on DNA. It is called genetic background. Cholesterol is being made in the bile under the direction of this DNA, bile acid or bile pigment is being made in a specific way.

This DNA factor also depends on an environmental factor. As many people eat more fatty foods, their tendency to accumulate cholesterol is increasing. It can also be caused by diabetes. Again those who are thalassemia patients are more likely to have their bile pigment. This is because their blood cells break down, which is considered to be the cause of the increase in bile pigment.

This is how stones are made in the gallbladder. These two main causes are DNA-causing factors and environmental factors. When both work together and the bile stays in the gallbladder for a long time, stones form. There is also a high risk of gallstones in the gallbladder if it occurs regularly for a long time or for several days.

Bacterial infections are one of the most common causes of gallstones in our country. Bacteria that are present in the intestine pass through the bile ducts and rise through the joints of the esophagus. This results in a degree of inflammation. This inflammation also helps to create stones.

Types of gallstones

There are three types of gallstones

Cholesterol Stone: —- People who have high cholesterol are more likely to have this type of stone.

Pigment Stone: —- Those whose blood cells break down.

Mixed Stone: —- It contains the above two reasons. This is a big reason for Bacterial infections. In order for our country to be tropical, bacteria almost always enter the body through food, which often helps in making stones.

How and why is gallbladder stone, what is the treatment?
How and why is gallbladder stone, what is the treatment?

First signs of gallstones

  • In most cases, the symptoms of gallstones are not properly diagnosed. However, there are certain symptoms. Such as pain.
  • These sufferings have certain characteristics, certain places. Therefore, if there is such pain in that place, it is suspected that it may be gallstones.
  • There are also unspecified causes from which physicians can predict that gallstones may be fat-fattyphal. It has a strange formula. Fatty female at the age of forty with a fair complexion, if the person has a dyspeptic symptom i.e. occasional mild pain, the stomach becomes heavy after eating, then there is a possibility of gallstones, it is suspected. It is not always a great pain, it is.

Gallstone identification

The way to identify it is ultrasonography. It is allowed to be done because of pain or after doing it because of anger in another corner, it is seen that there are stones in the gallbladder.

Some gallstones hurt but most do not. So it is often seen that even if it has been there for a long time, people do not understand it because it is not in pain.

Complications of gallstones

A complication of gallstones is gallbladder cancer. Especially if a single large stone stays in the gallbladder for a long time, it can cause cancer. A strange thing in our country is that those who live on both sides of the Ganges are more likely to have stones in this gallbladder. Usually, their stones are quite large in size which is much more likely to cause cancer.

Acute pancreatitis can also be caused by gallstones, which can often reach life-threatening levels. It is seen that the gallbladder stone slips and enters the bile duct. Then when it comes to the placenta of the small intestine and it gets stuck, the acute pancreas gets teased from it.

Often the stone gets stuck in the mouth of the bile duct, in which case it becomes obstructive jaundice. There is a difference between medical jaundice. Medical jaundice can have many causes. But surgical jaundice is only caused by gallstones slipping out.

Treatment of gallstones

The treatment of gallstones depends on the patient’s symptoms. But it is not necessary to operate on the stone. Again, it is not wise to leave it for a while. Because it costs a lot of money. In this case, the doctor will make a decision after considering the patient’s physical condition.

He will understand when the operation is needed or when it is not or how long to wait. Gallstone’s main treatment, however, is surgery. There is no medicine in the corner to meet the gallstones.

How and why is gallbladder stone, what is the treatment?

But in some cases, drugs are used. If the stone is very loose or has a cholesterol stone (it is very low) or when the mud is at a level (before the stone is formed) then there are some medicines that have to be taken for a long time. This is sometimes done by ultrasonography.

However, this is not the first treatment. If abdominal pain starts and stones are detected on the sonography, then surgery is the only way. And if there are no symptoms, you can wait a while.

Again the patient’s physical condition is at a stage where the operation is very risky such as those who have obesity or are suffering from high sugar or complex illness. Or if you are old or have had a few operations on your lower abdomen, etc., you can try to deal with it for a while.

Whether preventive measures can be taken

When it comes to prevention, the genetic cause of gallstones cannot be treated normally. However, some actions can be taken for the remaining reasons. For example, someone who likes to eat fatty oily foods or someone who has been fasting for a long time (12 to 14 hours) is more likely to have gallstones.

In other words, adjusting your eating habits, controlling your weight, and keeping your cholesterol levels in check can help prevent some of them. However, I would say that there is no medicine in the corner that can be said to play that will not be gallstones.

There are many people who have had gallstones for a long time and they don’t even know that there are no symptoms. However, spicy oily foods and especially in people suffering from obesity, the symptoms of gallstones are manifested. That is, it starts to be painful.

How and why is gallbladder stone, what is the treatment?
How and why is gallbladder stone, what is the treatment?

If there is a stone in the gallbladder but there is no pain, the pain starts when the stone tries to get out of the gallbladder. However, gallstones can be operated on or treated with drugs depending on the patient’s physical condition.

The doctor has to think that it does not cause complications. In the case of pancreatitis due to stone, stone treatment has to be done. If pain starts, surgery is urgent. In the case of obstructive jaundice, the bile duct has to be cleaned by ERCP and the stone has to be removed.

Moreover, if the sonography is done for any other reason, if the existence of the stone is detected but there are no symptoms, then one can wait for some time. In this case, there is a thing called elective surgery. Where the patient’s physical condition is judged, the time-opportunity is understood and a slow-healthy operation is considered.

Therefore, if you catch some symptoms without suffering from fear, follow the advice of the doctor, there will be no danger.

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