How an alkaline diet keeps the body healthy and virus-free-1

The body can adhere to an alkaline diet to maintain pH balance. There is no second way to keep the body healthy by disinfecting.

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We wash our hands with Raj soap to stay away from germs and viruses. The outside of the body is being cleaned. But alkali is also important to keep the inner part of the body clean. There are many foods that balance the alkaline body. In good language, it can be called the alkaline diet.

How an alkaline diet keeps the body healthy and virus-free-1

What is an alkaline diet?

According to the acid, the body also needs alkali. However, it is not good for the body to increase the level of essential acid to maintain its balance. On the other hand, to maintain the pH balance of the body, it is recommended to include foods in the diet that make up the alkaline base. This will maintain the acid-base balance in the body.

 Since the alkaline diet balances the acid, it also inhibits bacterial growth. Rather bacteria grow in acidic environments. So this diet also increases the body’s resistance to anger. However, before starting the diet must consult a dietitian and physician.

What kind of food will be in this diet?

Basically grains, fruits, vegetables, some types of pulses, and seeds are in this type of diet. The vegan diet is a lot like the alkaline diet. Such coffee will not run the national drink. Alcohol and smoking should also be given up.

Many people think that a sedentary lifestyle, extra work stress, eating at the wrong time, etc. also increase the amount of acid in the body. So change your daily life but one of the conditions of this diet.

How an alkaline diet keeps the body healthy and virus-free-1

When to eat?

Wake up in the morning and stay in the sun for 20-30 minutes. Then do light exercise and eat raw turmeric juice. Exactly one hour later, at half-past seven, hot soup water or cumin water should be consumed. For this, soak cumin seeds in lukewarm water.

At half-past eight, crush four inches of thor, two cucumbers and a cup of rice, squeeze the juice and eat it. Remember, none of this can be accomplished. The juice should be eaten without salt by crushing the raw grains.

Seeds should be eaten in veggies around 9:30. It can eat pumpkin, watermelon, or shea seeds. Along with this, you should also eat the soaked skin. If the skin germinates, it is better.

At eleven o’clock one should drink coconut water. If not, eat cucumber juice.

How an alkaline diet keeps the body healthy and virus-free-1

Lunch should be done at half-past one. There will be two loaves or 1 cup of rice, 1 cup of boiled grains, 1 cup of pulses, 100 grams of chicken, or a piece of fish and salad.

Eat nuts soaked in a handful of water at four o’clock. Almonds should be eaten in water and not in roasted spiced nuts.

Make a salad at 5 pm and eat it. It will include lettuce type leafy vegetables, pumpkin, cucumber, papaya. On top of this, you can give a little coconut curry or any fruit juice for dressing. And some amount of coriander leaves.

But this whole salad will not have salt. Finish this salad in small portions for half an hour. After that nothing can be eaten for half an hour.

Dinner is to be had between eight and eight-thirty at night. Dinner will include a little red potato, rajma curry, or an egg white and a cup of vegetables or two mug dal chilla or a piece of fish weighing 150 grams and a cup of any vegetable.

You can also make a salad with it and eat it. However, keep in mind that the amount of food at dinner should be a little less than your own hunger. If the dinner is heavy, it becomes difficult to digest. Then there is the problem of acid, heartburn. So eat light food a little early and go to bed.

Remember, if the amount of acid in the body increases, the body will lose more energy just to balance it. As a result, you will not get the energy stored in the body for your needs. To provide the body with the food it needs.


How an alkaline diet keeps the body healthy and virus-free-1
  • Chips, cold drinks, grilled foods should be excluded. It increases the amount of acid.
  • If you are less than twenty-five years old, you can drink milk. If you are older than that, it is better not to drink milk
  • Children also need to develop the habit of eating grains and fruits. If everyone in the house eats healthy food, the child also learns by watching it
  • Do not eat raw salt in food. Eat less salt in cooking. But you have to stop eating raw salt.
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