How to adjust work, home, family together in a lockdown situation

Work from home, the term is trendy but the work is not easy. The right balance is needed to handle office work and family from home.

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Just opened the laptop and logged in, the boss’s phone is ringing. As soon as he went to catch the mobile phone, the child of the house came from the side and left by pressing two or four keys of the laptop. On this side he sat on the phone, and on the other side he stopped with tears in his eyes. But before the work started, he got annoyed with the work of the day.

And this is not the end of the work, going to check the kitchen twice in the work, once to bring the necessary things to the house, to pick up the phone of a friend, to talk to the mother or father … one by one, thousands of distractions. The result is loss of work, anger over oneself, the reflection of that anger on the rest of the family.

How to adjust work, home, family together in a lockdown situation

And this stress is increasingly exhausting. But the roots of this depression can be cut off immediately. All you need to do is plan and prepare yourself accordingly.

The office is not closed

First of all, you have to get this word in your mind. Work from Ham means you will do office work sitting at home during office hours. At that time, if you put in heavy work like cooking, washing clothes, washing dishes, you will not be able to cope. Get up and start preparing according to the office day.

Share the work.

This time it is a routine. Since many of us do not have house help at home now, we have to do all the housework ourselves. The heavy work is cooking, washing clothes, washing dishes, house cleaning. Share this kind of work with other members of the household. Do not take responsibility for all the work.

Remember, you have an office. Suppose the responsibility of cooking and washing clothes is to cook before you get up in the morning. Take a bath with cloth. The real work remained. This time, you need help with household chores. Eat well before office hours start and sit down to work.

According to the office, the setup is urgent.

It is better not to work while lying in bed. The speed of work also decreases. Instead, make a temporary work-station at home. If there are many rooms in the house, make one house an office house. Prohibit others from entering there unnecessarily.

How to adjust work, home, family together in a lockdown situation

If not, separate one corner in six places and share your work space. Make a setup by putting a laptop there. See if you can work comfortably. If not, there may be pain in the neck and waist. Leave the laptop on a small table and sit down to work with the water bottle. So as not to get up again and again.

Tell the family.

You don’t have holidays, you do office work at home. Your office has made this decision with your safety in mind. So it is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. And for that, the support of the family is needed. If it is not very necessary, let no one bother you, make it clear.

Calculate the time

First of all, calculate how much extra time you are getting. The preparation you need to go to the office, that is, from making yourself to the tiffin tree … that time is at hand. It takes a lot of time for many people to travel on top of it. That time is also in hand.

All in all, Raj has a little extra time on his hands. As a result, try to do household chores within that time. Take toilet, tiffin break, tea break in between work, like you used to take in office. The body and mind will rest. Take a day off if you are too tired to manage your family and office.

Maintain easy relationships with colleagues

Everyone is in trouble in this turbulent situation. This can lead to arguments. But fix it. Do not keep any bitterness in mind. Because work from ham but co-ordination among colleagues is very important.

How to adjust work, home, family together in a lockdown situation

In the office group, in the middle of work, give a little unadulterated chat. The mind will be good. The work will be spontaneous. If you have a misunderstanding with someone, talk to them on the phone and resolve it immediately.

Keep work deadlines

Create a deadline for when to submit your work. Set yourself a deadline of three to four hours before submitting work to the office. In that case, even if the work time is delayed due to problems at home, there will be no problem. You can submit work within the office deadline.

Give time to family too

When everyone rests at noon, try to do most of the work at that time. Take a break from office work while having lunch or evening tea with everyone in the family.

How to adjust work, home, family together in a lockdown situation

When the child is six, he comes occasionally and spends some time with him. Assure him that you will play or spend time with him when you are done. And when the work is over, do not turn off the laptop and sit down with the phone. That time is for yourself and your family.

Love yourself this time

Look at yourself. Sitting at home manages the house between work and work but not verbally. This is the most difficult task to balance. The weight on one side of the scales, and the weight on the other side, just as it fluctuates evenly. So if the balance is not right one day, do not break. Don’t suffer from guilt.

Remember, that day. No balance, will be the next day. Positive thinking and self-confidence are important at all times. Everything is achieved in practice. So if you have no previous experience from Work from Ham, don’t go back thinking “I can’t”. Start working and you will gradually learn to balance office and home.

How to adjust work, home, family together in a lockdown situation

Keep a good mind.

Set a lipstick day or nail polish day in the work group. That day everyone in the group has everything at hand. You can choose one of them and go online later. A little touch of color will change your mind

Take home help with household chores. So that the attention is not lost during office work.

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