Fear of Pollution? Easy Way to Avoid External Pollution

Fear of Pollution? Easy Way to Avoid External Pollution

Air pollution, dust, ultraviolet rays,the enemy of the skin is not. However, it is also possible to make your skin protective with ashes in the face of enemies.

If you are sitting at home with your windows closed for fear of pollution, you will not go. Every female at work is on the road (in Beretta.) And the harmful particulate matter, starting from the ultraviolet rays, causes harm to the skin.

However, there is a way for them to grow. Before that, know how pollution is constantly damaging our skin. Along the way, pollution must be avoided.

When is the loss?

There is a lot of pollution or dust in the air, whose volume is higher than the ramcup of our skin. Less As a result, it is very easy to skin. Ramekop sat down, closing his mouth. The skin’s natural oils are discontinued. As a result, skin rash, acne, pigmentation causes problems.

Diesel, petrol smoke and even cigarette smoke are very harmful to the skin. The amount of anti-oxidants needed to keep the skin well, the body cannot produce enough. As a result of this oxidative stress, skin irritation, irritation and other problems started. This time you have to find a remedy.

Be aware of skin treatments


At the end of the day, you need deep leg cleansing. If traveling an hour or more to the workplace with a rage man raid, it would not work just on Facebook. First, rinse the skin with a makeup remover.

It will lift the makeup of the skin. But to remove makeup residue and contamination properly, then cleaner should be applied. When traveling by train or metro, face wash will also be washed.

A cleanser that works with activated charcoal or dilution extract works well. Use the cleansing brush on the pen. The ramcoat cleans well. It is important to clean your face as many times as you like in the dust.


After cleansing the Deep Foot, apply the toner. It returns the moisture lost to the skin. You can also mix gallop water and glycerin again.


It is important to use regular skin serum. Skin serum containing vitamin C or E. The rough feeling is overcome by it. At the same time, the skin nourishes all the wounds.


Coffee works very well. However, scrub at least three days a week. Must be done Scrub at intervals of one day. Please. You can also mix some coconut oil with it. The skin will not be too rough. A very good scrubber with jayitri and cinnamon powder.

However, you can use it once a week. Cinnamon and Jaiitri are very effective as Skin Detox. But if someone has acne on the face. | Large size or acne pain. If not, do not rub it with a scrubber in place. The reverse of the beat. Maybe.

Face Pack:

Such is the use of Facebook. Do, which will heal the skin and heal the oil. It is important to use Facepack at least twice a week if you are on the road every day. Green tea, rice. Mask is made by mixing powdered, honey and potella juice. Can do

Green Tea Anti-oxidant is very useful for skin repair. Honey, on the other hand, retains moisture in the skin. Clay masks are also very effective. You can also make a mask with strawberry or aloe vera extract. This type of mask gives the skin a drying effect.


After cleansing the skin to maintain its pH balance and moisture. | Moisturization is also important. You can make a day cream for her. Pour gel fence day cream in the heat or red barrel. Can use night cream. However, to sleep at night At least half an hour before departure. Night cream should be rubbed.

Material to keep the skin well.

Anti-oxidants are essential Use the product, so that the antioxidant is full. On the other hand According to Amarnath, Amarnath, from superfood to artichoke,Keep raspberries, red cabbage, beans, beets, beds, carrots, oranges, strawberries, guava, grapes, tomatoes, watermelons, etc. On the Razakar diet. General Chat Chat Lounge

Niacinamide or vitamin B-3 and are good for the skin. B3 protects skin cells and reduces the rate of damage. So when buying a skin product, see if there is Vitamin B Three. The body is affectionate. Meat, eggs, milk, halle white, tuna, salmon, potatoes should be kept in the vegan diet to provide Vitamin B Three. General Chat Chat Lounge

Hydration is urgent. Try to drink at least three to four liters of water a day. Take with him a citrus fruit juice and detox water. Absolutely. Detox water can be made by soaking it in a pot of water overnight in a pot of water. General Chat Chat Lounge

Steam baths are also very useful for skin protection. The steam is opened when the steam is opened. As a result, carbon, dust, dead cells trapped in the ramcoop come out easily. The skin is clean.

Many people also use heavy moisturizers all day long at home. But that’s not always the case. The torture that goes on all over the skin throughout the week, should be kept in mind while resting on the skin.

So it is best to not do anything heavy on the skin while at home. The skin will get oxygen. Oxygen is very important in pollution which damages the skin. Vaginal rays, air pollution, dust … There is no less market for the skin.

So he has to be very careful. It also reduces environmental pollution around the emergency. That is We are breathing in the air, whatever needs to be done to keep it clean. However, this is the same It is possible to prevent contamination.

Get out on the road

  • Definitely wear sunscreen and get an umbrella. Sunilion in the face If worn, it penetrates Pollutants do not penetrate the ram.
  • Keep buying facepack, in the bag. Get to the destination and wash your face well. Weight Wipe To Keep Can It will do the same.
  • Rage Auto or Dye Cover with hair and face well when riding
  •  Activated once in two months. You can use a charcoal pack or mask
Fear of Pollution? Easy Way to Avoid External Pollution
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