Easy way to keep the mood of the patient good । Drugs to keep the mind good ।

Easy way to keep the mood of the patient good । Drugs to keep the mind good ।

Drugs keeping the mind good can make the body worse for various reasons. The prisoner may have to stay in his house for a long time. An easy way to keep Reggie’s mood well at that time.

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Little cold, cough, fever. Some days it feels like getting upset. Reggie has to go through surgery for various reasons. After the surgery, the doctor also rested for a few days. Write it down Again, due to the breakage of the pox, the bones of the feet were kept in captivity at home day after day. Sitting at home on this side. The mood of the barrette. Any Overcoming this recovery period of illness is a challenge.

Music Therapy

Song hack or any elemental music … the effect of the tune is lasting. And the benefits are many. In the experiment. It has been shown that listening to good music improves heart rate, stimulates the brain and improves tension. As a result, fatigue subsides. A Reggae mentally. Many become alive. Music therapy may continue during treatment. In some cases, reggae is again live in Shanana. This kind of therapy is a lot more helpful.

Not a prisoner

If sick, he becomes a prisoner at home. | Some days have to spend on it. Long stay in the four walls. The body and mind become more tired. However, if the movement does not stop, once a day, take a short walk outside with someone. Can come At least not at home if there is no way for Berena on the street. Sit on the porch. Seeing people in front of the green trees or in the street, the mind is good. That is Stay in the room, open the window of the room in the morning. Outside. Let Red-Hawa come. The gimmicky feel of Reggie’s house will be cut off.

Painting, readings

Many times the office-college is closed due to ill health. Again sitting at home all day, he does not want to spend time. Then pull the paint, paper, pen and draw. Can sit Or better. | You can also read the book. Of the story. | Book hacks or work books … Read whatever you want. If you get tired of reading continuously, you can call someone and tell them.

Rumors of the story

The instinct of human nature Exchange As a result, people cannot speak or listen. So hack into the phone or talk face to face with Reggie. However, it is a fair story. Avoid the context of Ragbalai. Rather, any of your two favorites are common. You can continue to chat about it.


There are many foods that give Paul a good mood. Chocolate, coffee, different herbs are also in the mood. Keeps However, many foods are also banned according to illness. So you can eat your favorite food once a day to understand your body. But different foods are closed due to various illnesses Remain So before you eat anything, please consult a doctor


It is most likely to cure illness. Urgent. Many times, reading books or watching TV is not a physical condition. It is good to rest at that time. If you sleep, the body will rest, and soon it will be healthy. Rest in peace. So when you are awake, do not worry about your illness. When Serge? When will you respond? That’s all. Think, he is just too mentally busy. Will become As a result, resentment will increase. So, as far as possible, avoid other matters.

Puzzle, Indie Games.

On paper there are various types of crosswords, sudoku, hitari, etc. Braingame. If you play them, you will spend time on them, and you will also play head. Good. If you find a partner chess, Luda, etc. you can also sit down with BeardGame. Sewing, knitting, watching movies … Time in many ways. Can cut Body condition. How- ever, choose accordingly. Let me keep your mind good.

Special care for children.

Often seen, children. Has been suffering for a long time. At that time They also have a lot to do, so they are very upset. Which is also reflected in his behavior. But then parents have to take responsibility for keeping the child well in mind. You can tell him different stories. His favorite character, or funny, mysterious stage-rich story can become a drug of good mood.


The most important is companionship. That is Power is available when someone is with a disease. So in the opinion of a friend. Try to partner with him. | Whatever the heck of an illness, it is necessary to overcome the drug, such as transplant. The companionship of a loved one. Then the unhappy time is spent.

For patient .

  • It is important to eat and sleep at certain times. Follow the doctor’s advice for a few days. |
  • Don’t try to tell your relatives or relatives about your problems over and over again. That’s about you Aware he will take care of himself. .
  • The days of unhappiness do not fade Reading books, watching movies, | Sleep … spend as much time as you can in your mind. Try to spend the day in the holiday mood. It will be time to hurry

This post was written by an article in Anand Bazar Potrika. Only for the benefit of the people. All photos used here are from that magazine. If anyone here has any objectivion,Admin will not take any responsibility for that. And this article is just a trick. If you use it, please contact your doctor before using it.

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