Easy tips for children to learn craft while under house arrest.

You are getting close to the child for a long time while under house arrest. During this time you can teach him some craft. It will learn something new, time will pass happily.

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Earlier in the day, I used to sit on the veranda of my house on a hot or puja holiday and scrapbook with my mother. Sometimes I would pick up the herringbone, the French knot from Grandma on the Kantha.

How much to learn in this way. If there is no opportunity to go to the roof in the afternoon or after watching TV or mobile phone in extra time after reading, the child can be trained by doing handicrafts.

Easy tips for children to learn craft while under house arrest.

Funny Masks

Many people are making masks at home to combat the coronavirus. So you can teach your child how to make funny faces. All you need is a piece of paper, scissors, wool or yarn, and a colored pencil. First, draw a kitty or a lion’s face on the paper with her favorite halo. Then ask the child to paint.

This time you have to cut along the edge with scissors. With a pencil in the eye area of ​​the face. Make a hole in it and cut it with scissors. Make a hole in both sides of the face with a pencil near the ear. Melt it through wool or yarn and tie it. Prepared face. He will have fun after this.

Take the doll

Clothes, vials, paper … dolls can be made with everything. If you want to make cloth dolls, you have to take some old clothes. Cut the doll’s body into two pieces from white cloth. These two fabrics need to be sewn together. Keep your face to one side. Through this, ask the child to fill the doll’s belly with old cloth or cotton. The doll will swell quite a bit.

This time make the hair by sewing with wool. You have to put wool on the scalp. After that make a dress and put it on. Shishir dolls are also very easy to make. If you have a bottle of small medicine, you can do it. Open the mouth of the bottle and wrap it well with a cloth and make it according to the package.

Easy tips for children to learn craft while under house arrest.

This time, tie a knot under the bundle, press it into the dew, and put it there. The part of the bundle will come out of the vial according to the head. You can also make a face by making a paper roll. Make a dress according to the skirt with colored or lace fabric and wear it around the dew neck. Tie the rope behind. Made dew dolls.


The grip is not well made in the hands of three-four-year-old children. So you can do such a craft with them. Suppose you draw another ice cream from ice cream. This time no brown and ice cream should be painted pink. So paint brown on a piece of paper and pink on a piece of paper.

Let your child tear up the papers. They will be quite happy. This time ask him to glue the pieces of brown paper to the corner and the piece of ice cream to the part of the ice cream. In this way many things like fish, trees, etc. can be made.


Most kids love to paint. So hold a colored pencil in their hand. Why just color pencils? You can also give watercolor. Even a very naughty child calms down by sitting down to do watercolor. The reason is that the brush cannot be rubbed quickly according to the color.

It takes a long time to master each of these steps of brushing, painting, writing that color. And once you learn watercolor, the tree tub, in Purna. You can paint with the child.

Scribble seeds

How many kinds of fruits like watermelon, orange, lemongrass, apple, tamarind, etc. come to the Raj house. Store the seeds of this fruit. The village scene can be created by sticking the seeds with glue on some paper.

With this seed, you can also play in leisure. Suppose two people play. Divide the seeds between the two. This time you have to say the name of one thing to each other, such as flowers, boats, etc. It must be made with seeds. Whoever makes it first, will win.

Easy tips for children to learn craft while under house arrest.

T-shirt art

If the child is between the ages of seven and ten, ask them to design their own T-shirt at will. They can download pictures from the internet and paint them on T-shirts.

It can also be designed with handprints. Suppose you put yellow, pink, and blue together in a palette. Pick up the paint with both hands on top of it. This handprint can be designed by putting it on the chest of the T-shirt.

Cannot be omitted

If you have a white shirt, scarf, or part of the cloth, you can tie it on top. But he needs dyeing soap. You will find it in grocery or ten-store shops. If not, there is no harm. You can use the color of the blue or color box to give clothes. And need yarn.

First, tie a cloth or T-shirt with yarn. Cut a piece of cloth. Wrap it tightly around the yarn. When tying the yarn, take care to tie it in such a way that it does not cover the side.

In this way, with a lot of knots on the whole cloth, with the yarn. This time the color is dissolved in water and the clothes are dipped in this git. After an hour, take off the cloth, dry it, and open the git. You will see, a little color has entered the part of the git and beautiful design has emerged on the cloth.

Easy tips for children to learn craft while under house arrest.

Paper animals

Fish, birds, elephants … various kinds of animals can be made by cutting paper. If you have a fish or elephant model at home, you have to put it on paper and draw an outline. Suppose you do fish. Outline the fish.

This time you can make fish scales by cutting it into pieces by slicing it from another paper. In the same way, the body of a bird is made into yellow and orange on another piece of paper. It can be given to birds. In this way. It can make paper animals.

Stories woven of thread

If you are interested in sewing, you can teach different types of stitches to your child by looking at the internet. It would be nice to see. Work things will also be taught. In the same way, if you have an old sari at home, you can cut it into thin slices and tie a macrame with it.

But you can only learn these when you are ten years old. And there are paper boats and planes. Once you start, you will see how many ideas will come to the child’s head. In this way, as their creative power grows, so will their imagination.

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