Nebulizers are used for lung infections or shortness of breath. How does it work? What is this nebulizer? Get to know the concept details before using them.

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Viral fever, from which the cold-cough. Gradually it started to increase and shortness of breath. The doctor advised giving the nebulizer to the child as soon as he went to the hospital. He grabbed it close to Ekarti’s face and fell asleep.

Fear dries up parents, is the child well? Many people have no idea about various treatments. As a result. They get scared that way. But knowing how it works will alleviate the panic.

What is a nebulizer?

The correct idea about the use of nebulizers in lung infections
The correct idea about the use of nebulizers in lung infections

There is no reason to panic about the nebulizer. The nebulizer machine is used to deliver oxygen and medicine to the airways and lungs.

Pediatrician Dr. In the words of Apurba Ghosh, “If there is an infection in the lungs or if there is a need to give medicine, it is given through a nebulizer. It works quickly. ” Through this, the medicated vapor enters the lungs through the nose.

As a result, this device called nebulizer works to deliver medicine quickly in case of infection in the lungs of a child or an adult.

How does it work?

The nebulizer machine has a compressor. There is an air pipe attached to it. And in his mouth is a place to give medicine and a mouthpiece according to the mask for breathing.

When you fill the medicine container with medicine and turn on the compressor, air comes through the air pipe and reaches the nose as a vapor. And through the nose it reaches the lungs through the trachea.

General Medicine Physician Dr. Subir Kumar Mandal said, “Treatment is started with nebulizers, bronchodilators, steroids and preventive … these three types of drugs.” It is used to keep the airways clear.

Medicines, sterilized water, and oxygen together make vapor. It reaches the lungs through the nebulizer As a result, the nebulizer starts working in much less time than it takes to start working with medication. Accelerates treatment. Saline water is also given as vapor through it.

Many times the patient falls asleep after taking the nebulizer. There is no reason to be afraid. If breathing is normal, the patient is healthy. After long fatigue due to shortness of breath, he falls asleep as he gets relief.

However, keep an eye on whether your child or patient is allergic to the type of medicine that is given in the nebulizer. If the heartbeat increases while taking the nebulizer, the nurse or doctor should be informed immediately.

If the child is weaned, he should be taken care of whether he is getting very irritated or crying. If you have a chance to measure your heartbeat, keep an eye on it.

How to clean?

Nebulizers are usually provided at the hospital. You can also buy it at home and use it. In that case, regular cleaning is important. After each use, place the mouthpiece in a container containing the nebulizer’s medicine, dipped in soapy water.

Then hold it under the tap water and wash it well. It should be cleaned and air-dried on a dry cloth. Wipe air pipes and compressors with a damp cloth or sanitizer. Do not clean these two things directly with water.

Is it possible to take inhaler in the future if you take nebulizer?

This question may come to the mind of many. But inhalers are not necessary in all cases. Nebulizers may be used to prescribe medication once a lung infection has occurred. Doctors do not prescribe inhalers if he does not show any respiratory problems after recovery.

However, if you have a tendency to have asthma or shortness of breath, the doctor will see the patient and decide whether he needs a nebulizer or not. You have to comply like a doctor in this regard.

You can buy a nebulizer and keep it at home. It can also be used in case of an emergency. But if you do not consult a doctor, there may be a risk to your life. There are various courses for taking nebulizer. It may take more than once a day to understand the need. As a result, the advice of a doctor is very important.

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