Coronavirus in general fever is not panic, Consult a doctor

Coronavirus in general fever is not panic, Consult a doctor

Observe the patient first. Common fever, cold, cough, influenza can be. Do not panic for fear of unnecessary coronavirus consult a doctor.

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It is scorching hot, with occasional rain. Those who are already accustomed to feeling cold, is now having a sore throat. It feels a little cold, it has a cold. Again, some people are suffering from influenza. On top of that, there is the Coronavirus in it. But this is not the end. The rain will come to see. Annual dengue and malaria may return with it.

Symptoms of this type of disease but less fever. However, in this situation where there is no problem at home, even if there is a fever, there is harassment to find out the real cause. There is a panic with him. But let’s see what are the symptoms of some diseases, it is Dealing or how to do it.

Coronavirus in general fever is not panic, Consult a doctor

Fever is not a disease, only a symptom

When a disease settles in the body, it is not clear from the beginning. Maybe someone is having a fever, someone is having a fever every few hours. But the source of the disease is not clear from that. Because fever is just a symptom. If there is a problem with a virus, parasite, infection, or paralysis, it is transmitted from the body through a fever.

Five things to think about

There are five things that doctors can think about when it comes to fever this season: Common cold, influenza or flu, coronavirus, dengue, and malaria.

Doctors are also thinking about the last two diseases, as the mosquito infestation will increase with the monsoon. People have had to fight against two mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and malaria before. As a result, there is no reason to drop both of them on the cancellation list.

Not all fevers have the same source

The initial symptoms of the five problems are of course fever. This means that not all fevers are the same. Common cold, influenza, and corona, in all three cases, the source of the problem is the virus. Malaria, on the other hand, is mosquito-borne and caused by parasites.

Cold vs. Flu vs. Corona

A lot of times you get confused about what a fever is. Common cold is usually caused by the coronavirus. Symptoms appear within a day of covering the body. Symptoms appear within three days of entering the influenza virus. It takes five days for the infection to spread from one person to another.

On the other hand, the symptoms of corona appear slowly. It takes at least five to ten days. In some cases, the incubation period may increase. And it takes five to seven days for the infection to spread. Many people get seasonal fever in general. Influenza overwhelms children.

Coronavirus in general fever is not panic, Consult a doctor

Coronavirus, on the other hand, usually affects people over the age of fifteen. There are exceptions. In addition, common cold, influenza, and coronavirus fever can last all day. The severity of the fever is low in the common cold. Influenza corona fever is not very low.

What is the relationship with the symptoms?

DisesaseCommon coldInfluenzaCoronavirus
FeverMay be a littleOftenOften
Pain in the bodyHappensHappensSometimes
Sore throatHappensIrregularIrregular
Runny noseHappensSometimesIrregular
DiarrheaNoVery fewMaybe
Eyes wide openHappensHappensSometimes
CoughShortdry coughExcessive dry cough
Hold onNoVery fewDepending on the degree of infection
Shortness of breathNoIn additional infectionsIn most cases
Medical expert Dr. Arunanshu Talukder with the help of information

Dengue vs. Malaria

Both diseases are mosquito-borne. But the symptoms are different. Malaria begins with sudden shivering and fever. It is very cold. As a result, the situation is created by pressing the blanket. Fever comes once every day.

The exception is fever once in two days. However, after four or five hours, the fever went down completely. Malaria can attack the brain, liver, kidneys … various organs. As a result, jaundice or blood problems are not uncommon. On the other hand, dengue has a high fever from the beginning. The level of fever is also much higher. The fever lasts for two or three days. With unbearable pain.

So many times dengue is also called breakbeat fever. In other words, the pain of breaking a bone is painful at this time. In addition, dengue also attacks various organs. Decreases the number of platelets in the blood. According to Rash, the symptoms are not uncommon. However, dengue-malaria is not spread through droplets.

Observe without panic

Coronavirus in general fever is not panic, Consult a doctor

Physicians examine the surrounding conditions to determine why the patient has a fever. Neither dengue nor malaria has had such an impact at the moment. As a result, doctors are paying more attention to the common cold, influenza, and corona. Again, it is important to judge the patient’s age, travel history, and whether there is any other anger.

However, in the case of fever, it is important to take good care of the patient without panicking. It is possible that the patient was completely healed in two days. In addition, it is difficult for a doctor to diagnose anger for at least two or three days.

What to do in case of fever.

The first thing you need to do when you have a fever is complete rest, which is called bed rest. Drink plenty of water with it. Easy-to-digest foods and fruits cooked with fresh grains should be included in the food list. In addition, if you have a fever, it is not wrong to take paracetamol initially.

However, if the fever does not subside in two-three days and the symptoms are felt due to a decrease in cough, shortness of breath, chest pressure, pressure, then the advice of a doctor should be taken directly. In the case of a lockdown, panic spreads very little. However, as a conscious citizen, it is better to observe the patient first. So be careful not to be afraid.

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