Cholesterol and Fat? Eating foods that will keep the heart healthy and reduce fat.

Cholesterol and Fat? Eating foods that will keep the heart healthy and reduce fat.

Cholesterol and Fat? Eating foods that will keep the heart healthy and reduce fat. This is a whole pure health series. If you have any problem or difficulty understanding this article then please use Google Tranclate for easy understanding in your language.

Cholesterol Stories

Cholesterol and Fat? Eating foods that will keep the heart healthy and reduce fat.

In the modern medical world, cholesterol is considered the greatest ‘villain’. Remain It is one of the theories that disrupts the cells of the body and becomes a killer for life later.

From this particular biochemistry, blood levels rise to the risk of developing heart attacks. For this reason most of the lake knows its harmful nature in place of its profits.

Cholesterol is a series of long unsaturated fats (it differs from oils, fats, or trichlorohydrates … so there are three fatty fats) … so that 27 carbon molecules, 46 hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule are available. This is the most beautiful, well-crafted bark in biology Atoms’.

It is so important in the medical science world that from 1986 until now, many scientists have won the Nobel Prize … in the case of cholesterol. Remarkable search. This small atom plays a special role in the rage of the heart, and after a long time it becomes even more deadly than a strong beam.

If you are eating vegetarian, your intake of cholesterol is high. Can bring down. Because cholesterol in the body cannot be prevented without damaging the liver … So 100 mg. .

Recommends daily intake. Of course, some people who are genetically made of high levels of cholesterol … they have to consume some medicines. Prevention of medicinal services is only when they are. Cannot control blood levels by eating.

Exercise and physical activity help reduce cholesterol levels. Blood cholesterol also rises due to depression or depression. Cholesterol requires the help of an oxidant for the collection of arterial arteries.

If we apply anti-oxidant … then we can prevent this accumulation. These anti-oxidants are found in colored fruits, veggies (vitamin A), sprouted grains (vitamin-E), talk fruits (vitamin-C ‘).

A high-fiber diet does not allow cholesterol to dissipate, and Bile blends in slightly to lower blood cholesterol levels. The circulation of herbal cholesterol-lowering drugs has begun. All of these herbs reduce cholesterol production, as does the police. But they also have their own rarity.

Good and bad cholesterol

What is Lipoprotein?

Cholesterol and other fats cannot be swallowed in the blood. Lipoprotein is one of them Works to move cells from one cell to another. There are two types of lipaprotein. Ldl (Low density Lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol and HDL. (High Density Lipoprotein) or cholesterol in the well.

Excessive levels of LDL can cause obstruction in the arteries of the heart and increase the likelihood of a heart attack. HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) has been recognized as a good cholesterol.

Can any cholesterol be good for the heart?

Cholesterol and Fat? Eating foods that will keep the heart healthy and reduce fat.

Everyone knows some information about colette. HDL is considered by everyone to be good cholesterol. It transports cholesterol from the blood to the liver, where it is combined with the set LCA T (Lecithin Cholesterol Acy Transferese).

The APA-1 theory of HDL does not allow cholesterol to accumulate high in the oil and blood vessel wall by increasing the activation of LCAT. HDL, along with the cells in the peripheral nerve cells, protects the walls of blood vessels. Reduces the effects of HDL, LDL, and cholesterol.

And by increasing the secretion of pretaxin from the endothelial cells. It also causes stability in the flow of trypsin. It also affects the cholesterol metabolism.

The anti-oxidant principle is also available in HDL as a comparison. All of these actions bring HDL into the cholesterol category. 1 – 2 mg. | 100 ml. Increased levels of HDL reduce the risk of coronary heart disease from 2% to 4%. By doing The lower the level, the higher the risk.

Several studies have shown that low levels of HDL are taxonomic. The heart increases the risk of anger. A Western study from PROCAM found that at 35 mg, less than 100 ml of EHDL, the risk of coronary heart rage was 65% and 35 mg. Kalenai heart rage risk was 36% due to HDL-over / 100 ml.

MRFIT (Multiple Risk Factor InterventionTrial) and LRCPT (Lipid Research Clinic Coronary Prevention Trial). | It has been found that, 45 mg. . More than 100 ml of HDL It is much more efficient.

The Helsinki Heart Study shows that an 11% increase in HDL reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by 34%. In Indian studies, Rajiv Gupta of Rajasthan has shown that in 23.9% of men, the level was less than 35 mg.100 ml.

A study by Dr. Reddy of AIIMS in New Delhi found that 59.9% of men. This level is less than 40 mg 100 ml. HDL levels are significantly lower in India than in the West. HDL Cholesterol levels are important to increase.

Physical exercise, fibrous vegetarian diet, fruits, green sausage, control over hulla, abstaining from alcohol, smoking and smoking. If you do, it can be possible.

How does the family’s Cholesterol level rise?

Cholesterol and Fat? Eating foods that will keep the heart healthy and reduce fat.

Shri Basu, 55 -year-old retired, cannot read the newspaper at the breakfast table. He wrote in one article that high cholesterol levels also increased in families. He asked a friend of his doctor about this.

When he found out that his cholesterol level was high … he also asked his two sons to test for cholesterol. He was surprised to learn that despite consuming a low-fat diet, his sons had high cholesterol levels.

The average diet provides 500 grams of cholesterol per day. The remaining 1000 mg is synthesized in the body. Liver and intestine are a major source of blood cholesterol. It is also produced in the thighs, adrenal glands and testicles.

It is used in the manufacture of vitamin D, skin and hormone. We can divide cholesterol-like levels into primary and secondary levels. The second is certain rags, such as diabetes, mycelodioma, nephrotic syndrome.

Cholesterol caused by excessive drinking. In addition, certain herbs, such as steroids or contraceptive tablets. Cholesterol. Primary cholesterol is hereditary, dietary or.

May be due to factors like exercise. In familial hypercholesterolemia, the levels of HDL and LDL in the blood rise. Became Due to which there is continuous damage to the walls of blood vessels. Normally, cholesterol levels in the cells give feedback to the enzymes … which helps in the cholesterol synthesis.

But when this system fails … then enough cholesterol starts to build up in the liver. It is also possible that the cells contain LDL. The receptor is reduced or terminates altogether.

The source of various types of fat or triglyceride

Cholesterol and Fat? Eating foods that will keep the heart healthy and reduce fat.

If fat is unsaturated (glycerol deposited fatty porn) and if it is liquid .. then it will be called oil. The main sources of triglyceride are listed below:

Hydrogenation of Fat:

We can imagine what kind of (manna or paly-ulcerated) fatty acids can be synthesized with hydrogen in a saturated form. It will convert liquid oils into nitrates or nitrates.

This was first done to make ghee (saturated fat). One of the benefits of saturated fat is that its income is long and the food cooked with it does not deteriorate for long. Most of the cakes or biscuits are made from saturated fat.

Paleo and Meno – There is a problem with unsaturated fats. It becomes embodied, that is, where there is no hydrogen … it can replace oxygen. That is why if you keep this oil for a long time or heat it repeatedly it becomes worse.

Triglyceride inside the body

When we take in fat, the thalyceride is released from the intestines into the blood. Arrives Some of these gatekeepers get calories … but are stored in excess fat cells.

When deposited on the larynx or on fasting during fasting, the deposited trilysride is broken down into fatty fractions and hexairel. 9 calories from fatty acids. Enzyme is obtained per gram and the glyceryl propagation is carried out elsewhere.

Most of our excess weight is due to fat or triglyceride deposits. Our body is 1kg, 1000g of extra fat or 10,00000 (1000 x 1000) mg, trilyside. Some triglycerides are always present in the blood. Usually its level in the blood is 60 – 160 mg. . Per 100 ml. Either.

If we are 120 mg. Take 100 ml … then spread it. The dose of tetriside is 6000 mg. Or will be 6 grams. It is equal to 1 teaspoon of any oil
Will be The liver also produces the trilyserhead in the body. If you take bibbons … then the body takes on a triglyceride made in the liver.

Triglyceride – food oil

We all know that the three types of fats produce the enzyme or calories in our body. They are high in fat, carbohydrates, protein and fat. Carbohydrates in cereals, fruits, oats, sugar, and pulses, and from vegetarian diets, produce protein.

More than 99% of fat intake is triglyceride. When our city breaks down the Trahshirhod … then 9 calories enaji is obtained from 1 gram of Trahshirhod.

Structure of triglyceride

From the name it is clear that trihaliside is formed from three units of fatty acids. (Typically, long-range think fats are made in the form of carbon and hydrogen). A hierarchical molecule is attached to it.

We have about 22 fatty on-the-go stores. Fatty ounces contain carbon molecules (they are in series 12, 14, 18, 20). Each has the ability to combine two hydrogen molecules.

Cholesterol and Fat? Eating foods that will keep the heart healthy and reduce fat.

Differences between saturated and non-saturated triglyceride

Carbon and hydrogen molecules are found in fatty acid series. Suppose there are 15 molecules in a series. Each carbon is linked to two hydrogen atoms. This means that the series will have 30 hydrogen molecules in a series of 15 carbon. If a hydrogen atom in a fatty acid series overlaps all of the carbon, then it will be called saturated trichloride. Let’s explain this in a much simpler way. If a movie has 100 seats and all of them are full … then. That would be called saturated. In this way, the TrashiirHood of saturated fatty acids series will be called saturated oil.

Un-saturated triglyceride.

I have a very simple question for you. I’m doing. If the movie hall we’re talking about has a seat vacant … what would it be? A-Saturated. Exactly the same type if a hydrogen molecule is removed from a series of triglycerides … then it will become un-saturated oil.

We can also call this unsaturated oil a mana-unsaturated oil … because only hydrogen atoms have been removed from it. Now if two hydrogen molecules are taken in one place … then they will become poly-unsaturated oil.

After looking at all this information, one can easily understand that there is a slight difference between saturated and un-saturated oil. We can understand this also in ordinary life.

It is well known to us that saturated oils can cause 100% damage to the heart. By looking at the structure of mumana-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated oils, it is clear that they will be 97% and 100% respectively.

So if I ask you again, which oil is good for the heart? Then the answer would be – “None. If all the oils cause heart damage … then why is the ban on saturated oil only? “

Cholesterol and Fat? Eating foods that will keep the heart healthy and reduce fat.

Why 2 or 6 tablespoons of oil? Why not 1 liter in the whole?

A cardiologist is advised to take 2 to 6 teaspoons of poly-unsaturated oil per day. The cardiologist told her that it would be appropriate for her. Reggie immediately replied – “Sir! If it is good, then why ban it? I want to keep my heart fully fit. If it’s good … then I’ll take it one glass every day. “

Why allow the use of dalda or any other saturated oil?

Most consumers are delusional about the fact that saturated oil is harmful. And un-saturated oils are profitable. They prefer to use non-saturated oils. Can do like One wrote a letter to Mahali asking why the ban on saturated oil should not be banned. No reply to that letter!

Views and Invisible Oil

Cholesterol and Fat? Eating foods that will keep the heart healthy and reduce fat.

There may be two types of oil in our diet; Visible and invisible. Scenes are fat that we see while eating; For example, fat used in cooking.

For example – butter, ghee (neurot of indigestion) and fat, nuts, mustard, sunflower, maize, olive or coconut oil (obtained at room temperature) obtained from sanji and saplings. Sanji’s fat is second class fat.

For example – Dalda (it is also bare at room temperature). Animal fat is a high saturated fat … while the fat obtained from Sanji and Charagach is an unsaturated type of fat. Besides, they also contain fat … which cannot be seen in the eyes.

These are called invisible fats; For example, grains, wells, fruits, oilseeds, milk and fat found in milk products.

Zero oil intake and obesity

Cholesterol and Fat? Eating foods that will keep the heart healthy and reduce fat.

What exactly is obesity? When a person’s weight exceeds that of a person, it is called obesity. How does that happen? If you are consuming excess fatty fat on the side of the penis, then it is light.

As we all know, the food we eat … begins to merge into our bodies in the form of fat. Fat is the repository of the enzyme in our body. The requirement of the individual for the body is substantially less.

Fatty fat, like fat, begins to accumulate in the lower abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms. That’s why the best way to lose weight is to split the oil into cumin and exercise regularly!

Which oil is suitable?

Indian families have become firm enough to believe that a delicious dish can not be made without oil. Various types of oil are available in the market. Some oil makers claim that the use of the oil produced by them reduces the chance of heartburn. The slogan of “friend’s oil of the heart” – is completely false.

All oil producing companies have to give some reason for their production; For example – “This oil keeps your family fit and active.” “This oil will make your dishes healthy. “This oil lowers cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol and Fat? Eating foods that will keep the heart healthy and reduce fat.

“The taste of digestion also benefits from digestion and taste.” “Use our oil … stay healthy all day long.” “Paly-Attached Saturated Oil
Healthy for your heart. ” All oils from Sanji have one thing in common – they are available in 0% cholesterol. Cholesterol is found only in animal fat.

Since all these oils are available from plants … there is no question that they contain cholesterol. Oil-makers have shouted “Cholesterol in cumin” for oils, deluding their clientele in companies … so that their oils | Leads to sales.

Oil prepared from plants or vegetables does not have that high level of cholesterol. Triglyceride is available in all types of oils such as Mecca, saia, sunflower etc. Various types of oil labels say that 90 calories is available in 10 grams of oil.

The oil label also states that it contains 12% saturated and 88% mana or poly-ulcerated fat. In the market, these levels tend to be 2- 4% less-expensive. You just have to understand that this is the market policy of oil trading house.

Cholesterol intensifies the process by setting oil water, triglyceride, saturated fats, mana-unsaturated fats, poly-unsaturated hacks or blended hacks. That is why they are all harmful to the heart

Should oil and cholesterol be banned for children?

Cholesterol and Fat? Eating foods that will keep the heart healthy and reduce fat.

Kids should be nourishing it again … so that their body develops properly The extra weight does not add up. Parents can help children choose a positive diet. Childhood habits do not go away as they age.

No food for kids to eat. Substances should not be banned. Children’s bodies grow up to the age of 30 Until then, they need fat. They should be given fat at rest, not excessively.

Parents who ban fat intake will restrict calorie intake to continue their baby’s development. Of course, for kids who have high fat or heart rage issues, it’s important to pay close attention.

Seoul oil.

This time we have figured out an alternative. In Seoul, it is defined as ‘water’ or ‘seoul oil’ … so that there is no harmful triglyceride, saturated, mana or poly-unsaturated fat. By this it does not increase cholesterol … nor does it cause obstruction in the arteries.

Because of the use of oil in the sauce, the taste of the spices is also suppressed, while the saji is not fried. All the spices are available and Sanji too. Became delicious. There is no restriction on the use of this ‘oil’. You are this. Without worry, you can apply as much as you want.

Cholesterol and Fat? Eating foods that will keep the heart healthy and reduce fat.

Eat a high fat diet

The way petrol is measured in liters is exactly the kind of energy calories our body needs. | It depends on the amount of energy a body has … It depends on the function of the body and its magnitude.

(A person who lives a comfortable lifestyle requires 1600 calories per day. Receives calories from three types of fats? Carbohydrates, fats and prattins. 9 calories is obtained from a diet containing gram fat.

In fact, fat is higher in calories than carbohydrates and protein intake.

Milk and dairy production

Milk is a substance that has no alternative. Because it is rich in calcium and vitamin D content. But it also has its own downside. It shows lack of vitamin C, iron and copper.

Milk is not fully digested and saves failed substances. Beef milk is a huge source of saturated fat. As we all know, 3.5% fat is found in milk; That is 3.5% of the meat open and most of the weight is water … which means that about 50% of the milk comes from calories, fat.

This type of worm or toe milk contains 2% fat; That is 3% calories in fat form. Either. Ghee – It is a milk product … that contains about 100% saturated fat. It contains high levels of cholesterol. It is harmful to the heartbroken. Saul’s fleet does not advise.

Although milk and dairy products are rich sources of protein and calcium, it is found in high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol. We all know that sweet foods (calories and chocolate) and sweet forest. Milk is the main ingredient in (pies and ice cream, etc.).

It is also the main product of dairy products like cheese, butter and less. Along with milk, sugar, flour and mewa are also available. Either … these are high calorie too. They also increase the levels of triglyceride and cholesterol.

High milk and dairy products should not be used. Weaned Except they should be less fatty. You should not consume more than 200 ml of milk a day. This will reduce the levels of cholesterol and saturated fats you eat, and also protect your heart from Disease।

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