Cancer of stomach and stomach from delicious and lovoli food ! What are the ways to do it ?

Stomach cancer is actually a fatal disease. Usually a little more. Tends to be older. To be more precise, 40 years. The risk of this rag is highest in Peralei.

After school, Fuchka and college tiffin mean Kachuri, Telavaja, Choumin, Agarel. Where to eat in the office or leisure?

Anything faster than that, in hunger. | On the stomach Oops! In a while. But in the meantime, Parel changed that dilemma.

The discomfort goes to Dacure. Then two or four faceted tablets around the peace. But peace in this world does not become a future punishment.

There? In such a way that the risk is constantly increasing in our neighborhood. Cancer, he noticed? Thinking of good and bad, but fear of cancer! Yes, there is fear. Can be stomach cancer.


It is a little difficult to identify stomach cancer. Nevertheless, some aspects can be highlighted.

• People who have never had digestion problems before, but after 1. The diarrhea of ​​the digestive tract begins, in their case, but there is a considerable risk of this cancer

• Petrega, Ambly Vega. Bengali diarrhea problems due to two digestive drugs is relaxed. Be it In fact, the reason for fear may be more than that.

• One of the symptoms of stomach cancer is sudden loss of appetite. To go For those who have never had a problem, suddenly have an appetite, think of them as a symptom of stomach cancer.

Anemia or anemia may occur. Naturally from him. The body is also constantly weakened, losing weight

• Cancer is exacerbated. When the stomach is closed, vomiting begins. Keep in mind, stomach cancer is primarily stomach pain. No Pain is at many advanced levels. Reggae raises a lot in those days.

good food can make cancer

Pancreatic cancer can be of several types:

Adenocarcinoma of the stomach, in general, stomach cancer. It is from the lining of the stomach or mucous membrane;

Helicobacter pylori is responsible for the bacteria. This bacterium is also responsible for duodenal ulcer. Excessive intake of pantoprazole or rabiprazole group drugs can lead to stomach cancer.

It reduces gastric acidity, which is one of the leading causes of cancer in the stomach. If the symptoms mentioned above are noticeable, not too late. Should be done by endoscopy. Endoscopy,

whether you can take it to reggae or not – spend time thinking about these things but there is sadness in the forehead. In addition, gastroscopy is one of the main ways to diagnose stomach cancer. Regular blood tests with him, CT scan.


• When cancer is diagnosed at the primary stage, it is an ineffective means of operation.

• When the cancer has progressed to the stage of exacerbation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy is applied immediately along with the operation. But keep in mind, not only chemotherapy or radiotherapy but ever operation Not Complementary

• If there is cancer in the lower abdomen, then | He was removed from the stomach by operation.

Partial gastrectomy is the upper part of the stomach or esophagus If there is cancer in the pelvic joint, then remove the entire stomach. Either. It is a major operation, called total gastrectomy.

Reggie still needs to be under surveillance after the operation. Regular. | The results must be maintained. Those who drink excessively – are at great risk.

In addition, there are genetic risks. If there was a family member before, you would also be at risk. This article was written by Magazine, SUSTHA

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