There is a lot of research currently being done on cancer or cancer reggae Every moment new information is emerging. Medical treatment is far ahead in the treatment of this rage. As a result, cancer does not mean death. So far, about 200 types of cancer have been found. Today we will talk about Multiple Myannema or pancreatic cancer.

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 What are multiple myeloma?

There is a type of white cell called plasma cell in our body. Multiple myeloma is a cancer of the pancreas. This disease occurs when the amount of white blood cells increases.

Generally, plasma cells produce a type of protein called immunoglobulin, which enhances immunity. This protein helps us stay healthy by fighting bacteria. But when this plasma cell grows too much, we call it multiple myeloma or plasma cell cancer.

What are the symptoms?

It is usually seen in the back or waist bone pain. But always. Back pain in the back or waist does not mean multiple myeloma.

In most cases I have seen Reggie’s back or waist pain. In addition there is anemia or anemia. When the plasma cell increases in the marrow, the number of blood cells in the marrow decreases.

Anemia occurs. Again multiple kidney disease is also multiple. There are some other symptoms of this disease. For example, Mynema. If the calcium levels in the body increase too much.

When the amount of protein in the body becomes excessive, it stops the kidney’s filtration, so the kidney is unable to do its normal function and the amount of calcium in the body increases. Increasing the amount of calcium. Symptoms of any cancer.

How to diagnose anger?

If these symptoms occur, then one type of protein P ‘M Pratin’ is seen in the blood. The name M comes from Mylema. In addition, when a person is infected with myeloma, there is a certain type of antibody in the body.

Raises very high compared to other antibodies. We have five types of antibodies in our body – IgM, IgD, IgG, IgA, IgE. In myeloma, antibodies of one of these five classes are increased. Usually IgG antibodies are elevated.

If IGM antibody is increased then it is suspected that it is not a symptom of myeloma? To make sure the marrow is checked, there are several plasma cells in the marrow. If the marrow test is seen. |

The plasma cell is above 30 percent, he was taken. Myeloma suffers. In addition to marrow, there are some special tests for this disease. For diagnosis.

Such as x-rays. X-ray of the bone is usually seen, whether the leakage of the skull or the leakage has taken place. The type of protein that myeloma produces enhances the function of osteoclasts responsible for bone loss in the body.

It may not always be detected on X-rays, it requires MRI. However the best abdominal CT scan. This can be seen very well in the skull where the myeloma cells have bred.

If there are three or four things at the same time, such as increased protein and calcium, kidney problems, bone loss, then he should understand that he is suffering from myeloma. However, only ‘M Pratin increases. Myeloma can not be called.

Because 3 percent of people have higher levels of M protein than normal. Myeloma may appear after 25 to 30 years in their wounds. Plasma cells in the marrow grow by more than 30 percent, along with M. praetin and calcium.

Leads to anemia and | Kidney problems, then understand that reggae is suffering from myeloma. Or if the plasma cell in the marrow goes up more than 60 percent, then myeloma may still occur.

Now a test called Free Light Chain has arrived to diagnose myeloma. There are five types in our body. Antibody rag powers immunity, they have two chains. A | Heavy chain, light chain. This light chain is of two types –

1.Kappa and 2. Lambda.

Any kind of antibody is produced in Myanima, and its cells have little to no variation. Normally plasma cells are usually of 20-25 varieties. However, the cells in the myeloma look the same.

Pratin also makes one. If he makes IGG Kappa. Then he can’t make the IGG Lambda. It increases the ratio of cuppa to lambdar. This kappa and lambda ratio are called free light chains.

If this ratio goes above 200, it can be said without doing any further tests. Mylema. Or if more than 5 millimeters of bone (especially the bone in the back) is broken or broken in the MRI, | It is also considered as a miasma.

The spread of illness.

All other test reports are OK, but not in blood if M. Pratin. | If the levels are high, then it is not a myeloma, but you have to be on regular doctor’s results. Which is called MGS.

After that Comes in multiple mynima and finally plasma cell leukemia. Plasma Cells See also Plasma Cells in Normal Blood in Leukemia. Goes Plasma cells are usually not seen in normal blood. In Benares or | They are seen in the marrow

Cancer does not mean death. What is pancreatic cancer?

Medical *

The treatment for this disease can vary. MGUS does not require any treatment. Only if the results are in the app. * In Plasma Cell Leukemia. Once cells or cells come out of the marrow, the number of days to survive.

A lot is reduced. Because then. The least difficult to treat. * With the treatment of multiple myeloma, the drugs that have come out now can easily save people 5-10 years. Usually three drugs are started together and if these three drugs are working then they are given regularly.

But once the drugs are stopped, because of them. | Nothing will completely cure Mynema. Plays drugs. It will reduce, and stop the drug The illness will come back. Even if the drug is hacked. | We cannot completely cure Mylema Reggie.

One part of the treatment for myeloma is the marrow transplant. Those whose age is below 60 are given their marrow after treating their meniema. It can be seen that some of them are completely cured. If the illness comes back, give it a lot

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