Being a mother? The mantra of being a healthy mom

Being a mother? The mantra of being a healthy mom|

Being a mother? The mantra of being a healthy mom | Exercise is essential to keep the body healthy while in the body. But to know what kind of exercise to do is very easy.

Now the era has changed, the thoughts of people have changed. Pregnancy Period Women travel to the metro. So at this time. It’s important to stay fit. While playing tennis, there are some simple exercises that you can easily maintain in your fitness even when you are in a gut state. |

What kind of exercise should be done at this time? That’s a big question. Some advise Jiggayam. To do Someone in the gym again. Go for a light exercise. : Said. Fitness trainer Chinmoy Roy said, “The best is if: following the advice of the doctor, exercise can be done. If someone is pregnant. : If there is a related complication, it is inappropriate to do gym or any heavy exercise. ”

Anish Raghupati, a specialist in Zygayam and Acupressure, reiterated, “Do not do any heavy exercise in the heart, mind. The body is relaxed, it should be monitored. This is not a hard jet, but a light type of jiggabyam you can do at this time. Pranayama, meditation can be done. “

Emergency Awareness Exercise

Being a mother? The mantra of being a healthy mom
Being a mother? The mantra of being a healthy mom

When it comes to exercise, you need to remember first. | In terms of physical condition. Body | What exactly is the situation, | In that sense, it should be done in consultation with an expert. |

Anish Raghupati’s advice on exercise and acupressure specialist, | Four to five days 20 minutes a week to wake up. As it fits in, the mind and body will be full of joy.

Easy bridge seat:
You can hold this seat for up to six months. Many do this for up to seven months. Take a seat The pain at the waist, at this time, provides some relief.

Bramcharge seats and dormant Bramcharge seats
Both of these seats can last up to the last month. It also increases the firmness of the bottom pelvis and laryngeal hip.

Closed dome seat:
In the pregnancy period, the floor becomes heavy. As a result, the stretch mark is likely to be higher

Dance Movement Therapy:
There are some simple dance movements, which are effective at this time. .

Meditation is very important for those who need to take stress for the sake of their mother’s profession. You can sit in Bajrasana by playing music. Read the storybook. Do whatever you can to keep your mind calm.

Seat and jayasana:
Both seats are very useful for mother and baby. However, it is unfair at this time to force a seat.

Finance Seats:
In this seat, Thai muscles are stretching. It reduced depression.

Exercise in the gym

He went on to talk about jiggayam. Now fitness trainers suggest going to the gym when it comes to intimacy. However, in the words of fitness trainer Chinmay Roy, it is very light. The training maintains the fitness of the mother, either at the birth of the baby or at a later time. Many complications are also avoided. |

Plank, Side Plank:
Up to five-six months, this exercise can be done effortlessly.

As a result of this exercise | Pelvic floor mass work | To begin with Which is that of the floor Strengthens the muscles, which are associated with the uterus and bladder. Even Jenny’s muscles Power. After the baby is born. The pelvis is likely to grow as the pelvic floor masses become weak. For that to happen, Kegel is up for it.

Cycling can be done to keep the weight under control. | However, before starting any exercise you must take. Expert advice.

Look carefully

  • For those who have been miscarried before, jerking is like that No exercise, such as light jumping, should be done with double weights.
  • No one has ever done any fitness training, never go to the gym suddenly while in a state of intimacy. Exercise light instead. Pranayama. After getting pregnant, gym exercises can be done in the gym up to six months.
  • If you do not want to do any exercise or exercise, you can at least walk regularly.
  • In any case, swimming is always effective. Not just swimming, walking down the pool will also benefit.
  • To stay fit, you need to look at the food. Avoid outside food. A balanced diet.
Being a mother? The mantra of being a healthy mom|
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