Ayurvedic medicines Triphala medical use at all ages

Ayurvedic medicines Triphala medical use at all ages

Ayurvedic medicines Triphala medical use at all ages It is a health promotion. It will benefit you if you follow it properly. Make sure you talk to your doctor before using the rules given here.This post is for information only about Triphala. .

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Ayurvedic medicines Triphala medical use at all ages

Triphala means we are equal. (Amalkhi, Haritaki and Bahra or
Understand the mixture of divisive fruits. The mixture of three fruits is hence the name Triphala.

But, according to the Sanghada Code, Triphala. Is a mixture of one-half greenery, two-wheeler and four-part amalgam. In this ratio (1: 2: 1) the three fruits are crushed well. |

Triphala powder is mixed after mixing. It is mixed with a little honey or ghee (3 grams. Only), diabetes, edema or sachets, various types of fever, skin disease, eyes. Anger goes away, digestion power increases, body mass increases and cough and bile guilt are eliminated.

Mouth wash

Triphala in crushed water. You have to cool it and shake it. This extract can be used as a mouth wash. This mouth wash is especially effective in preventing infection of dental cavities, parasites, teeth and gums. Children can also be given nausea, because even if it is swallowed, there is no danger of harm.

Ayurvedic medicines Triphala medical use at all ages

Stomach problems

At regular 3 grams, Triphala powder increases digestion, helps reduce acidity and constipation. Abdominal pain, heavy feeling in the abdomen. Triphala lime is very effective in reducing. Triphala. Natural laxatives.

So to reduce constipation you can eat triphala powder twice a day. Staph and ulcerative ulcer lesions heal triphala. Some studies claim that Triphala inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria inside the intestine. Triphala helps in the body’s enzymatic enzyme release.


The amalgamas present in Triphala are very useful in this rag. Glucose and cholesterol levels in Triphala diabetes regi, as evidenced by several studies. Another element of Triphala is anti-oxidant antidiabetic antibiotic. Diabetic neuritis helps prevent diabetic neuritis.

Various skin problems

Triphala is used in numerous skin rashes. It is an anti-oxidant and antiinflammatory quality skin rag. Defy. | Triphala Anti-Aging Quality. Therefore, the skin’s blemishes, scalp, skin damage are under control. Triphala bacteria in the skin. Prevents infection and collagen. Helps to increase the amount of tissue.


Colon cancer The role of the triangle in resistance is to be mentioned. In addition, given to cure cancer. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy help reduce the levels of side effects.

Triphala counteracts tumors. And stops the growth of tumor cells. Triphala is also very resistant to skin cancer. Works well But keep that in mind. Need, is common in cancer treatment. Triphala is used at levels much higher than levels

Ayurvedic medicines Triphala medical use at all ages

Arthritis and gout

Anti-Inflammatory Quality Triphala Rags | Helps control. It also prevents the loss of bones and young bones. As proven by various scientific studies, Triphala regulates uric acid levels in the blood.

Various eye diseases

Triphala maintains sight. The muscles of the eye. Solidify. Being Triphala anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant helps to prevent problems like eye infections, redness, age cataract, glaucoma, degeneration etc. |

The boy should be cooled by boiling it in Triphala water. The extract should be soaked in cotton and left on the eyes for five minutes. In addition, trifala should be eaten regularly to prevent eye problems as a crush.

Extra weight

Obesity problems and high cholesterol. Triphala powder should be eaten at 4 grams daily. Triphala has lots of dietary fiber, which helps with weight loss. Triphala removes harmful toxins from Stomac and Intestine. Improves colon function. The result is weight. Is in control.

Stress and Angiitis

Something Scientific studies have proven, | Problems such as mental anxiety, depression, anxiety, etc. are less frequent in the use of Triphala.

Cholesterol Problems

At least Three months trifala limestone plays regularly (levels.
1 gm) to control LDL, triglyceride and total cholesterol levels. | Come on At the same time, liver transplants. | Increases the enzyme degradation. |


AIDS, epilepsy, tuberculosis and heart problems. | Do not eat Triphala without doctor’s advice. If you have diarrhea or vomiting you should stop eating Triphala. Excessive triple ate. Can’t go

Triphala eating rules

Ayurvedic medicines Triphala medical use at all ages

Triphala is a well-known Ayurveda T (medicinal herb that has long been known for its long-lasting fame. Triphala is a widely used herbal mixture. This mixture contains three very important herbs called Haratiki, Amalki and Bahera).

Triphala on medicinal properties

Triphala in product quality. Due to its triticidal and multifunctional properties. This mixture has been praised in numerous places in Ayurveda. This mixture is a natural laxative, mainly in the gentle blanket, ie, in the drying process of Sukuma’s nature. As unique.

Who will enjoy Triphala?

Triphala regularly advises doctors to stay calm because of the quality of the triphala chemistry. You can enjoy it. Trifala nectarine in the case of eye rash, flame rash, medoregi, rattlesnakes and skin and hair problems. | But very sick, rough, weak, infants and | In the case of trifala pregnant women should consult the Ayurveda doctor. |

Quantity and Rules of Triphala Service

Mainly, Triphala lime is consumed in 1-5 grams. | 8-20 mL Triphala Juice Double. According to Ayurveda, it is rag-based. Depending on the taxonomy (rage symptoms, prevalence and guilt-based discrimination, etc.), it is advisable to consume a triphala with different supplements and supplements.

Examples will be clear. Trifala ghee is used in the treatment of trigeminal ghee in the eye. Compassion is suggested. In the case of constipation, triphala is mixed with warm water after an overnight meal.

Triphala can be eaten with equal amount of water, such as trifla kakath, if consumed with arsenic. If it is advisable to consume the trifla fungicide, then it should be chewed with hot water.

However, after half an hour of overnight eating, drinking water is more prevalent in the triphala consumption and in the trifala soaking, with boiling water.

Ayurvedic medicines Triphala medical use at all ages

Triphala Chemistry Rules

The rules for serving Triphala chemistry in the chemistry of Charak Samhita are:

The first trifla chemistry. |
Very early in the morning, a green crushed crust, two bangles crushed before the meal, four regular sprinkles of honey with honey and cumin seeds after soaking.

Second Triphala Chemistry |
Put the trifala bowl in the iron pan for 24 hours. Then enough honey. Mix regularly with water and consume a mixed diet consisting of dietary supplements. | Thus, the body of the Triphala service. Benefits of loneliness and longevity.

Third Triphala Chemistry |
According to Charak, the consumption of triphala powder along with herbs, honey, ghee, honey, ghee, etc. is resistant to raga, while on the other hand it is also quite effective in maintaining youth.

Triphala for children and the elderly

Ayurvedic medicines Triphala medical use at all ages

Ayurveda brings together some herbs that have medicinal properties. Herbal style of preparation. Contains. One such drug is Triphala. Triphala is made up of amalgamation, greenery, and bravery.

Now the question may be, why bureaucracy, greenery. And the bride is mixed together? Simply put, these fruits have been used together because of the many similarities between the three fruits.

Currently, data has already been proved in various studies. | Dry the fruit only by excluding the tamarind, green chilli, and coriander seeds. The powder is powdered to powder. This time, the three fruit powders are usually made in a 3: 1: 3 formula, made of triphala.

There are other formulas as well. | Triphala is one of the most common medicines in Ayurveda. It is used in Ayurveda for various reasons. And most importantly, from all ages, from child to elderly, people of all ages feel free. It is advisable to use Triphala.

Trifla of rats.

Nowadays, the pattern of growing up has changed a lot. Now. Children do not play in the field. Bat, ball. Instead, their partner is TV, computer, mobile, play-station. Due to lack of physical activity, many problems are affecting their bodies at home. Triphala works very well to solve such problems

Digestive Problems

In today’s children, the tendency to eat fast food, junk food, grill is very high. This has a direct adverse effect on the digestive system of rats. The problem of hunger, food digestion, and even constipation are now constantly affecting them. Triphala can work in the magic of magic to solve all these problems.


Over-eating and under-labor, these two habits become friendships. The baby is bound to gain weight. In that case Obesity problems with regular triphala service. Something is possible to control. Because various studies have shown, there are many factors that can contribute to obesity in trifles.

Eye problems

There are various types of eye problems such as increased eye power, infection, etc. To solve this problem, eat Triphala. As well as water in the trifla mix in the eyes.

It is also advisable to drop. In this case a ghetta is soaked in triple water. Have to keep Then, in the morning, the water should be washed with water in the trifala mix. Regularly following this particular procedure, the eye can be used to eliminate various chronic eye problems.

Ayurvedic medicines Triphala medical use at all ages

Conduct Issues

Many children have behavioral problems. In this case the antistress and anti-oxidant material present in the trifle is the baby Behavioral problems are somewhat common. Can do

Overall Growth of a Child

In the trifle. All three fruits contain beneficial ingredients. So on the advice of the doctor. Regular triphala service has various problems related to the physical and mental growth of the child. It is possible to avoid.

Immunity Growth

Many children suffer from occasional fever, chills and cough due to lack of immune resistance. It is present in the trifle. Many beneficial ingredients. Able to increase body immunity.

To protect the skin

Problems with the baby’s skin. Benefits of playing Triphala. To match Trifler in this case. The antioxidants present in, Minerals. Etc. Material keeps the skin well.

Baby’s Triphala Eating

Trifla of rats. Before feeding, a doctor must. Consulting should be taken. In this case, the trifle dose is to be adjusted according to the weight and age of the baby. T

riphala is usually consumed as a powder. In this case if the trifala feeding due to stomach problems. Triphala powder can be mixed with sugarcane jaggery or honey. Many times keep the triphala soaked in water overnight.

It is also advisable to take the boy in the morning and drink that water. May want to eat. So their triphala syrup can be fed. Now available in the market to buy Triphala syrup. However, you must buy according to the doctor’s advice.

The problem of the elderly

As you get older, different types of problems arise in the body. However, Triphala works very well in solving such problems.

In cancer

Brifla contains a large amount of taqidem hakal as well as various anti-cancer ingredients. Various studies have shown that playing regular triphala improves the quality of life of a cancer-stricken reggae. On the other hand, Triphala is effective against cancer prevention.

To hold the age

Age is only a few. At least several studies have shown that the quality of life can be improved even if you regularly play trifala. The aromatic elements present in the trifle keep people refreshed. Avoid the risk of age-related physical problems.

Ayurvedic medicines Triphala medical use at all ages

Stomach problems

Acne, gas, acidic problems of the stomach regularly playing trifala benefits. In addition, many people suffer from the problem of constipation. Triphala is very into this problem. Works well

Dental problems

As you age, your teeth fall. The problem of infection, tooth loss, tooth infection. Such a problem. Triphala works very well in prevention.

Inflammatory problems

Trifler too. Well has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, according to arthritis, Triphala is very beneficial for various inflammatory problems.


Colds, coughs, diarrhea persist due to lack of immune resistance during aging. So to raise the immunity, playing regular trifles gives work.

How to eat

If you do not have diabetes with stomach problems, mix trifla with jaggery or honey. Goes If you have diabetes, it can be mixed with trifla in hot water. Again.

Drinking that water in the morning mixed with Triphala water for various other problems. The words are also spoken. In this case, 3 to 5 grams of Triphala can be consumed daily. Sometimes doctors understand the condition of reggae and eat up to 12 grams a day You say.

Multiplication of wounds

Ayurvedic medicines Triphala medical use at all ages

According to the World Health Organization statistics, more than eighty percent of the world’s population is Mate. Depending on the traditional medicine in the field of primary health. Sheep is one of the most widely used herbs of fruit.

The wolf is just traditionally. No, many Ayurvedic medicines are used in the making of many medicines, even the Unani and Siddha systems. One of the elements of the popular ‘Triphala’ is that the rest of the fleet is amalgamated and green.

The Bahrera (Terminalia ballerica) tree is a large tree, about 20-25 m. Tall. Between December and February. The ovary is colored with gray ovaries. | The seeds of boys and girls in the countryside. Fruits are a favorite of the elderly even though the kids avoid the taste.

Everywhere in West Bengal, Ben’s shop is dried or broken separately Available with the trifle. In the Rigveda. | Its name is ‘divisive’. There are consequences. | Beta-sitosterol, gallic acid, | Ingredients such as mannitol, fructose, chebulazic acid, balearicin, etc. are very beneficial to human health. |

Ayurvedic medicines Triphala medical use at all ages


Throat is happy that there is cough, | It is made of powdered powder of 1 teaspoon (3 g) of salt Benefits of playing cheetah in the morning and evening (without salt if high-pressure). Is available Ayurvedic herbs are used in the manufacture of cloves (axis), so useful in cough and shortness of breath.


Boiled fruit powder should be eaten in the morning and evening with 1-2/1 spoon honey. Evidence of its broncholatory and anti-asthmatic efficacy in the study. Have been found.

Sore throat

As the season changes, the tone of the voice changes as the tone of many sits. Or the constant pressure on the neck of a child artist often causes a sore throat.

In this case, mixed with 1 spoons of honey powder mixed with honey will be beneficial by cheating. Playing veggies in Behera Ghee improves the sound. |


In Diarrhea, the ancient people of the village burn many with salt. Eat Such is the case in Ayurveda. Usage Specifications As well as studies, its anti-spasmodic properties. Have been seen

Ayurvedic medicines Triphala medical use at all ages

Reggae Increases Immunity

Due to the wrong lifestyle and eating habits, people easily lose their immune system. Being infected with various germs.

Immunity or rag defensive capability. Allergies, asthma, arthritis and various infectious rages can result if not done properly. Immune Response The family must eat regularly.


India ranks second in the world in diabetes, followed by China. Some beneficial herbs with proper lifestyle and diet can be used to prevent diabetes. For example, it is awful.

It has been shown, aqua feet in the outer Extract helps in removing insulin from the pancreas. And diabetes reggae. At the doctor’s suggestion, you can eat trifla powder 2 to 2 tablespoons daily.

Pain and swelling

Reduce pain and swelling in any part of the body. The people of the countryside warmed to the bay. Planted. This exterior of Bahra is Pragyati. Ayurveda’s documentary book ‘Charaka Samhita’ is mentioned.

Ayurvedic medicines Triphala medical use at all ages
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