The secret of aloe vera is to keep skin refreshed

The secret of aloe vera is to keep skin refreshed|

The quality that hides in the leaves of aloe vera leaf, Which keeps the body indoors and out … healthy. But it is also important to know how to use it.

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A long time ago The beauty of Egypt’s two beautiful Nefertiti and Cleopatra, the radiance of the skin is practiced everywhere. They use to retain their beauty.

There were many natural ingredients. Often in their repertoire. There was aloe vera extract, shells. | Wounded soldiers wounded in battle again Alexander, Christopher Columbus. Greece, Egypt, India, Mexico, Japan, China many ages.

Aloe Vera is already using the ministry. Rupture hack or temporal comfort … Ala Vera is equally potent for both. Recently, its popularity is also increasing. But alas What are the qualities of Vera? How to use or use it?

On a tree trunk

Ala Vera is a type of succulent. Each leaf is soft, pruned. Inside is a soft cotton shell with white color. This tree can grow everywhere. Special care is not required. When on any plant or substance.

There are many qualities, but inside it lies the mystery of nature. Ala Verate is also her. Otherwise not. Science says it has about 5 times. Vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugar, amino acids, saponins, fatty acids, hormones … all together make

Aloe Vera. Extraordinary. As a result, skincare or health care in the surrounding gums … Aloe Vera is very useful.


  • Ala Vera helps keep the skin hydrated. This tree is rough and fresh even in dry weather. Remain The leaves are stored in water, plant food. Complexes on-page. Carbohydrates moisturize the skin.
  • Again this tree exfoliates the skin and also helps in skin repair. Its shells are thus cold. As a result, the skin is relaxed. Aloe vera contains vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene. As a result, moisture in the skin prevents the ball line from falling. However, there are several ways to use aloe vera to take care of the skin. It’s the same way on all skin types. Cannot be used

Usage rules

Use of aloe vera for morphology. Can directly. In that case. Take only the plants whose leaves are healthy, healthy and in the roots. Cut a leaf well and cut it vertically. Found inside Goes soft, cold shells. The shells. You can use it with a knife or a spoon. At ease.

On dry skin:

Cut the leaves and cut the shells. In it. One pinch of yellow powder, one. Mix teaspoon honey, one teaspoon of milk and a few drops of gallop water. This time, rub it on the face, neck, neck and mix it. After 20 minutes, wash in clean water.

Sensitive skin:

Ala Vera gel, sesame juice, milk, rage oil should be mixed together and used
It also helps to remove acne again.

Natural Scrub:

Half a cup of alley | A cup of sugar with Vera gel, two tablespoons of Pillsbury juice mixed with scrub. This time in Alta. This scrub should be rubbed in the mouth and throat.

Aloe will help clear the skin as it removes dead cells. To do Again that’s the juice of Patilibur. To reduce any stains and tension. Helps Use if you want this scrub. Rage can be done.

Nature Sunscreen:

Ala Vera is also worthless in Sunburn, Suntan Rukh. Artificial before Raeda Berena. Don’t want to use sunscreen Ala Vera’s gel is a little fitted. Can take it in the face. However, after coming back to clean your face, you will get more benefits if you apply aloe gel.

Lip Care:

aloe vera is also unique in keeping lips soft. Little alley The gel can be applied directly to the lips. You can buy Ala Vera rich lip left. However at home Aloe. If you want to use the lip balm more days, you need a little exercise.

Melt two tablespoons pure coconut oil in double boiling method. When cold, add half tablespoon B wax, 1 teaspoon shea butter, 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel, 8-10 drops of hohoba or mango oil. That is the left of the rich aloe vera lip made.

 Hair Shine

The aloe vera contains a proteolytic enzyme, which helps to cure scalp cells. It also works great as a hair conditioner. | Increases hair growth, reduces itching of the scalp. It also helps reduce dandruff. Aloe.

For this, mix equal amounts of aloe gel and extra virgin coconut oil onto the hair and scalp all night. Have to be fitted. The next morning Shampoo hair should be done. During the week This can be done for two days.

Deep in the aloe vera


Aloe is a highly beneficial growth hormone called glucomannan. Inflammation is triggered by flames, sunlight or flames on the skin from fire, sunlight or any injury. If so, it’s a cure in a while. Alla can. Cutting off. In the usual way, it provides comfort.

To stay up to date:

A couple of years Seen through a test before. The alley gel was supposed to help keep any herbs fresh. By doing This test is done primarily on tomatoes and apples.

Any harmful if the light of the alley gel on the grain is worn. Bacteria can no longer grow or breed. Therefore, aloe gel can be used without storing it with artificial materials.

Natural mouthwash:

Ala vera contains vitamin C. So, with a mushroom cleaner made with aloe gel, the plaque (which causes the bacteria to become yellow, to become yellow, and the odor on the tooth) is removed.

Alae Body Outdoor Care Hack or Inner Care … Aloe Vera is ideal for both. Do not want to look good or in the overall wellness … Ala Vera. Know what to use. Urgent. Then he just needs to put him to work on that resolution.

The Mystery of Aloe Vera-Ross

  • Ala Vera’s juice can be a problem if made directly by playing. Unprocessed juice often causes stomach pain, diarrhea problems. So it is best to buy from the medical store. Before buying, however, be sure to buy organic, purified, decolorized and safety tested if they are.
  • If you do not want to buy packet juice, put the shells in a blender and cut them into a blender. You can grind it with kiwi, cucumber and national fruit.
  • Aloe vera juice regularly plays down heartburn, maintains blood sugar levels … There is a lot of information that goes around. However, in all these cases, it is advisable to consult a doctor directly.

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