Allergies? An effective way to get rid of the drug ।

Allergies? An effective way to get rid of the drug

An effective way to get rid of allergies, we divided this article into 8 sections so that you can read it easily. For example:

1)What is allergy?
2)mental stress and allergies,
3)allergy symptoms
4)common allergic conditions
5)allergic reaction disorder
6) Testing
7)Medicines for allergy treatment
8)dementia (this is very important)

1.What is allergy ?

Allergies are an unusual reaction or ‘increased sensitivity to certain substances. When an allergy sufferer comes into contact with such objects, the symptoms become apparent. All of this is not harmful to ordinary people. |

The main reason for this is that a particular type of antibody, called immunoglobulin (IgE), is formed in an allergy sufferer … that causes it to react harmfully to the stored substances in the environment.

Substances that induce the discharge of IgE antibodies are called ‘allergens.’

It causes symptoms of allergies on the skin, nose, eyes, ears and chest. Food items, such as fish, eggs, milk and sewage, are also included.

Bee stings can also cause an allergic reaction … which in some cases can be fatal. In addition, algae also works for birds, wool, doh, cosmetics and perfume.

There are two main types :

  1. Seasonal algae, such as Hey Fever, become quite common when palliation of trees begins in the spring.
    Trees and grasses produce most of the symptoms in the spring season, and ragweed is responsible for most of the symptoms shown during the leaf fall season.
  2. Assisted allergy is usually a problem throughout the year. Common triggers for permanent algae are Moldspore, Pet Dunder and Dust Mitesi

Common allergies

Although allergic reactions or rages can affect any part of the body … it has an immediate and severe effect on the nose and chest … which can cause symptoms such as “hay fever,” rhinitis “or” asthma. The eyes and skin also show allergic symptoms.

Anaphylactic attack is an acute type of allergy, which simultaneously affects many organs of the body … resulting in a sharp decrease in blood pressure, loss of consciousness, and even death in the mouth. Although such reactions are generally rare.

Risk factor?

  1. Family, genetic or personal history of allergies.
  2. Intense exposure to known allergies. For example – if a person has an allergy to a bird’s wings, even if he or she sleeps under the pillow head of a continuous bird’s wings … then in that case the person is more likely to develop an allergy. But using cotton or foam pillows may not alleviate allergies at all.

2. mental stress and allergies

If you say that most of the rage can be related to mental states, then very few will accept it. Despite all this, it is anecdotal evidence that mental stress is one of the major contributors to the oil, increasing the intensity and frequency of the allergen.

 Mental stress and allergies. “O Fever” or “Rhinitis Disease” has two effects on mental stress. As you well know, mental stress is caused by the adrenaline flow in the body.

The first reaction is that the ability of the gland to stimulate adrenaline is limited due to constant stress … resulting in histamine produced by the mast cells. The ability to fight is also reduced.

The second response depends on the fact that the automatic nervous system has two parts … one is the sympathetic process, which primarily regulates the response to stress, and the second one is. Parasympathetic procedure. It is the mechanism that is linked to the immune response and fights infection and external substances.

And if the entire automatic process is continuous, then the emotional stress response is continuous and the immune response is affected. This is the reason, which emphasizes that to fight allergies, stress should be reduced and a positive outlook on life should be taken.

3. allergy symptoms

Allergies? An effective way to get rid of the drug ।

Most of the allergens that cause allergies enter the body through the respiratory tract (nose, pharynx, larynx, throat, bronchi and lungs).

In the upper respiratory tract, allergens produce the following symptoms of tension?
  1. Neck haircut 2. Sneezing 3. Nose twitching 4. Nose obstruction 5. Nose haircut or tingling | 6. Paste nasal drip 7. Read water with eyes.
In the lower respiratory tract, allergies are caused by substances that cause low levels of tension.
  1. Chest tension 2. Difficulty breathing 3. Coughing
When allergens stimulate the stomach and intestines in the oil, they cause lower levels of symptoms.
  1. Coughing 2. Vomiting 3. Diarrhea. | Alkaline reactions in Kakhna-Kakhna may also cause the body to become covered with wheels.
Anaphylaxis (exaggerated reaction or serum disease)

What is most commonly called the Sirius allergic reaction, occurs when an allergen causes a reaction in the body’s circulatory system (blood, heart and chest). During anaphylaxis, the blood vessels in the vessels relax (slower), and they also decrease the amount of fluid stored in them.

As a result, the blood pressure decreases and most feel. The solids also clog into the surrounding cells, causing inflammation. If this swelling becomes too severe, it affects the breathing process … making breathing almost impossible.

4. common allergic conditions

Hey fever

If you suffer from “O Fever”, the main cause of grass pollinators, seeds, trees, flowers, etc … though the meld can cause such symptoms. In this, the lining of the nose becomes inflamed and the fluid that flows through the nose lies in the beret.

Sudden sneezing and a sore throat can be triggered and it has an effect on the eyes. Such attacks usually occur during the fall, spring or summer, and the depth of the plant depends on where you live and how long you have been exposed to allergens.

The appearance of contact lenses decreases with the appearance of these symptoms. | In severe allergic rhinitis, although the symptoms are similar to “hey juror” … the allergic condition lasts for up to one year. This condition is caused by non-seasonal allergens, such as house dust and beans.

Conjunctivitis (Eye Mucus)

If you are an adult, you are more likely to have this allergy. Allergic conjunctivitis is often associated with rhinitis. Common signs of this. Hatching eyes, itching, irritation and want to rub eyes.

Asthma (stormy Disease)

If you have asthma, you may have an attack that interrupts the flow of air into your lungs. Breathing becomes difficult and it is necessary to force breathing.

This causes the air to accelerate as a result of narrowing in your respiratory tract, causing Wheezing to enrich. It can also cause discomfort like oil. Anthema can start at any age, and ignoring it can make it serious.


If you suffer from eczema, your skin develops a rash and falls like dry and thin shit … which can burst into erosion.

Along with such a reaction, haircut also develops. Although no cause for this has yet been known … but this problem is often seen in children from families with a prior history of eczema.

In the beginning, eczema appears on the face. Later, it can occur in the back of the hammer and in the middle of the elbow, on the neck, in the spine, in the palm of the hand, and also on the back of the hand. In addition, the possibility of bacterial infection of eczema hair follicles increases.


This reaction occurs suddenly. Symptoms of the skin becoming hot, reddish and itchy. Such symptoms can last for 1-2 hours or even for a whole day. Blotches look like raised wheels, which can range from a few inches to a few inches in the mosquito bite.

Contact dermatitis

Symptoms of contact dermatitis can be similar to those you have, such as eczema. It can be seen (as previously reported) … but this reaction is somewhat different.

The reason for this is the direct interaction with different substances. The main products are – 1. Nickel (coin, stainless steel, clamp, jewelry) 2. Rubber production (glove, shoes, belt) 3. Chromium (cement, leather). 4, Latex 5. Preservatives used in creams, ointments and cosmetics.

Unlike other situations described above, this condition is not caused by the production of IgE antibodies … rather it is a reaction to a completely different type of immune system. It is caused by excessive sensitivity to any substance in the body’s organs.

Food allergies

The stomach and digestive tract are the simplest target of allergic rashes. Such symptoms are caused by allergies in the morning … which is caused by nausea, stomach aches, diarrhea or constipation.

Food allergies can lead to asthma attacks and general anaphylaxis in the mouth. In most cases, food anaphylaxis is caused by feces and adenyzed reel fish (lobster or shrimp).

Algae from Pika-Spider

It is a very common case of severe allergy to bee or beetle to bite, although the common reaction or distress resulting from such a bite is usually not known to be allergic. | Allergic reactions sent by lgE, some symptoms, such as –

Nettlerrash (nausea), nasal passages, watery eyes, swelling in the throat, asthma attacks and some cause more. | The swelling of the whole organ is called “increased local response”. Although it may indicate high sensitivity, this type of reaction does not usually cause anaphylaxis due to future bite. |

If you have a deep sting injury or an allergic reaction to your body, your doctor may give you an adrenal kit to apply. If you are very susceptible to pica bite … then it may be possible that you may become unconscious after the bite. In such a situation, it is important to take Hake and Reggie to the hospital immediately after being consulted by a doctor.

Allergy to the profession

The phrase “occupation allergy” is pronounced. Generally, work is done about the local environment, such as industrial dust, industrial pollution, gas, smoke, etc … that can cause allergies.

In addition, some other substances, such as nickel (in currency), chromium (cement reserves), rubber, various types of inflammation, formaldehyde and mattress, also cause eczema and other allergies when it comes to skin and body contact. The impact of reservoir dust on crops and crops etc. affects the farmers. |

The severity of eczema depends on the level of exposure to allergens and the duration of contact. Although the symptoms can be seen within a few weeks … it may take months, years or even decades for the eczema to develop.

Although it can affect any part of the skin … but in most cases it happens in the hands, feet or mouth … because being skinned, these parts of the body are relatively less protected. The “occupation allergy” is pulmonary or upper. Disease may also occur with respiratory tract treatment.

In this case, away from the workplace (away, on vacation, elsewhere), the symptoms of alzhea decrease … but once again, the algae that are exposed to the environment come back to work.

5.Allergic reaction disorder

Mast cells cause instability, which discharges the algae-producing chemistry. There are three stages of the allergic reaction. In the first phase, our body’s immune system resists the attack of external substances by counteracting them.

This immune system then begins to recognize the external substances that, if repelled, immediately produce resistance. This stage is called sericitization. The next stage is activation of mast cells and prolonged immune activation.

Stage-1 sensitization

When an allergen is first exposed to the immune system, no allergic reaction occurs. Instead, the immune system prepares itself to fight against such substances in the future.

Macrophages are summoned by scavenger cells, which scatter the outside substances that surround them. These macrophages then show the residues of extracellular attacks on their wall, in particular white blood cells, called T lymphocytes … that develop immune systems accordingly.

T-cells discharge a particular type of chemistry, interleukin-4, that activates other white blood cells, called B-lymphocytes. All these cells belong to that particular allergen. Creates antibodies for prevention.

These antibodies, called immunolabelin E (lgE) receptors, bind to cells located in the immune system, called mast cells and basophils. In individuals with a high likelihood of allergy, lgE antibody levels are found to be higher.

Stage – 2 mast cells are active. To become

Activation of phage-2 or mast cells is the next between allergens and the immune system. The encounter unfolds and the process begins within minutes of the second exposure to allergens.

The antibodies present on the mast cells (which were created by the sex of the sexes), recognize these allergens and bind to the invader. Once bound to the allergen receptor, the annules present in the mast cells begin to discharge their contents.

Some of these substances are mediators – histamine, platelets that activate oils, bradykinase, nitric oxide, prestalandine and locotrin. The mediator is the one that prompted the Allegri attack. Histamine stimulates mucus production and causes redness, swelling and infection. Prestaglandin causes obstruction in the airway and causes blood vessels to enlarge.

Stage – 3 last stages – response to infection

At stage 3, mast produces chemical airways in the cells and in neighboring cells, which signal the flowing basophils, sunfills, and other cells to reach the cells in which the extracellular material is present.

This produces auto-chemistry in the immune cells, which helps in the infection, damages the cells and gives rise to more resistant cells. This phase occurs several hours after exposure to allergens and lasts for several hours or several days. |

Allergy to IGE (lGE)

When a person is exposed to common environmental allergens, the person produces a special type of antibody, called immunulazulin E or IgE. In the blood of a healthy person Low levels of lgE are found … on the other hand, people who have allergic asthma or eczema. No matter, high levels of IgE are seen in them.

IgE levels are especially high in the blood of a person suffering from eczema. Some cells in the human body, called mast cells or basophils, are involved in allergic reactions.

Repeatedly, the lgE resulting from the allergenic tension becomes attached to the bottom of these cells and then breaks along the wall of the cells to discharge a variety of substances.

The bladder of the allergen and the location of the reaction are determined by what the symptoms may be as a result of the allergen. If the reaction occurs in the nose and eyes – “O fever” will occur … On the other hand, chest infections result in stagnation. Eczema is when the tuk is affected.


Generating allergens for successful treatment of allergies. It is very important to get accurate information about FO substances. There are several treatment modalities.

It is important to know about Reggie’s history in all tests related to allergies Either. Based on the symptoms, the doctor determines which tests should be performed.

History of Disease

The history of the disease should be the basis of all types of testing. The doctor gave Reggie a question-and-answer question about the substance associated with the allergy causing the problem. It is important to know when and how the symptoms increase.

Relationships with different seasons, humid seasons, physical activity, and fatigue are also studied. It is also important to know about personal habits, such as smoking, occupation and favorite activities. Information about the home (the increase of symptoms by rotten animals, wall coverings, dust particles flying while cleaning) is also important.

Aromatic products can be the cause of allergic conjunctivitis. Soap Can cause eczema. The patient’s history of nasal allergy may provide sufficient information and rage is accurate The doctor can tell you the correct way to treat it.

Skin examination

Many doctors also test tumors to find out about allergens. There are several methods. One of the most important skin tests that have been done is related to the history of reggae rage. Positive skin testing is sufficient for ragweed.

If it has no symptoms of allergies. A few drops of suspected allergens are placed on the skin of the forearm. If the skin becomes red, it becomes sure. Suspicious allergens are injected under the skin of the back.

After 15-20 minutes, if there is allergy to one or more substances, then the four sides of the injected hand become red and swollen spots appear. In this way, Allaji is convinced. | Stradormal skin tests make Reggie suffer and he is not very loyal.

This test fails if you take the drug 72 hours before the skin test. This test is unbelievable and inconvenient for young children.

Patch Test

Patch tests are used to detect allergic contact dermatitis. This test is done by piece of blotting paper. Different types of allergens are found in Vezzana blotting paper.

The pieces are given to the chips for 24 or 48 hours on healthy skin. If you have allergies to a specific mutation, eczema will develop in the test arm.

Prevocation and Elimination Test

This type of test, “O fever patients’ eyes and nose is done. Extremely diluted liquid allergens are poured into the eyes or nose. It is poured until the symptoms of allergies are developed. It is known about the allergen responsible for causing symptoms

When suspected allergies are associated with the drug, the various types of substances are given to Reggie until the symptoms begin to disappear. Then they are fed one by one to each other and it is observed that the symptoms are beginning to regenerate from a particular substance.

The most sensible form of communication is PADATH Milk, grains, wheat, eggs and seaweed. | Skin and preventive tests are harmful as well as harmful.

Laboratory Testing

lgE is used to treat allergic fever, asthma and certain types of eczema. Alzheimer’s can be treated with the right size for IgE levels. Keeping in mind the limitations and disadvantages of skin and preventive tests.

The need for a more convenient approach has been realized. Nowadays even lgE is measured correctly by very small blood volume. This test reveals complete IgE in the blood, which is caused by a particular lqE. It is possible to know about the allergic substance caused.

Another type of blood test is called RAST (Radioimmuno Absorbent Test). This test is very useful for newborns and young children. The algae is created by the substance. Is known about. One of the most common tests is called Absolute Eosinophil Count. It grows into a kind of WBC and allergy.

7.Medicines for allergy treatment

No specific information has yet been known about the mechanism of the allergic reaction. Therefore, reciprocal drugs are applied to relieve the symptoms. It cannot be fully cured.

Here we will explain how all of these drugs work and what are the side effects. It is not our intention to discourage you from serving your medicines … You should continue to use the medicine as your doctor advised.

Antihistamines, Sympathomimetics, Corticosteroids, Mast Cell Stabilizers


It’s histamine released by mast cells … so it’s specially prepared. Drugs that reduce the effect of histamine. One problem is that it has an opposite effect.

Due to some old medicines, Reggie feels sluggish, sleepy, trembling, blurred eyes and so on. Do not drive a car after consuming this drug. The effect of this type has been somewhat reduced by the discovery of new drugs. Some commonly used antihistamines are removed

Tablets: Zadine, Citzine, Alday, Alerid, Zetop, Avil, Actifed, Practin, Lorday,
Mebryl, Allergra.
Syrup: Zadine, Avil, Benadryl.
Injection : Avil, Chloram.

Think about these points, if you do not take Actihistamine.

  • The car Driving.
  • Consuming other drugs and not consulting your own doctor.You have a heart attack, blood transfusion problem or high blood pressure.
  • You have liver, kidney or urinary problems.

Do not take Sympathematics for this reason

  1. You have a blood transfusion problem or high blood pressure.
  2. 2. You are pregnant or breastfeeding a baby.
  3. Consuming other drugs and not consulting his niece.


These drugs reduce the action of adrenaline … causing the histamine to be regulated in the body in a natural way. This drug is applied to the nose and eyes. It opens the closed nose. As the adrenaline acts, the nose and eyes become constricted with blood vessels, so the inflammation also decreases.

There are also some weaknesses. Adrenaline is the stress Hameen, in response to its fight to escape. If | If it is used for more than a few weeks, then it becomes a habit and | Then you have to take more doses. This causes side effects. Some of the common Sympatheticmatics are: Nasivion, Sinarest, Otrivin.


Infection is caused by allergic rhinitis. Corticosteroids are antihypnothemical drugs that increase the effect of cortisol produced by the body in oil. This is an intense influencer. Drugs and it is used in many cases.

These drugs are usually taken as a drop in the nose and eyes. It is also used as an injection. The disadvantage of this drug is that cortisol, which is used as a corticosteroid, affects the body’s chemical balance.

Corticosteroids increase it in oil. It is harmful. Artificial cortisol. If consumed, it is likely that cortisol will be low in the body. So much in the nose and eyes The killer is not in effect. The problem is caused by prolonged injection or consumption of this medicine as a prescription.

Some commonly used cuticosteroids are: Beclate, Rhinocort, Efcorlin | For nasal congestion, Prednisolone, in the form of Betnesol tablets, hydrocortisone. | In the form of and Beclate, Diprovate, Metacort Ointment. General Chat Chat Lounge

Mast Cell Stabilizers

Corticosteroids are successful to some extent when it stabilizes mast sensation and reduces histamine. Although some drugs have recently been developed that specialize in these tasks – the most common of these are cadmium chromaquist.

It does not have any special or serious side effects, but can cause some hotness in the nose. If you are allergic to any allergic season, it will be a sign of intelligence. Some of the most common drugs in this category are: finite epidermal and so on. In the form of L-Spray with nose, and Jirajma Katajma – in the form of Nibblett.

Therapy to reduce sensitivity

There are mainly three types of therapies used for this. Practicing such a therapy can protect you from allergies in the long run. There are three types of therapy – hypersensitization, enzyme proton associated desiccation and natalization.


In hypersensitivity, a mixture of similar types of allergens is injected under the skin. At first, the mixture is kept light, but its magnitude and intensity are increased slightly every week for up to ten weeks.

The goal is to give Ellen a father and the ability to fight him. This treatment is applied for 4-5 years before every allergic season … so it takes a long time.

Enzyme Patentiated Decentralization

This therapy is used in most cases and is successful in 50% of cases. Equilibrium of different types of gelatin and allergens is mixed with a special type of ejam and inserted under the skin and inserted under the skin. This treatment should be done for up to five years.


Neutralization therapy is done by injecting allergens into the skin or placing a few drops of the allergen mixture under the tongue. All concentrations of this mixture are applied so that no allergic reaction is known.

This concentrated mixture is Reggie’s Naturalizing Disease. A mixture of this intensity is made, and Reggie is asked to consume two to three drops of allergic season afterwards and reduce it later.

Air Filter

When there is a baby in the house, it is difficult to maintain the home environment (air, etc.). Tall The animal of the hair gathers pollen particles in their hair and goes up to the bedroom.

So, from time to time, they have to be cleansed. Air filter protrusion to keep air from pollen Is well Although, there are various types of air filters on the market … but the best is the HEPA (High Efficiency Particular Air) Filter, which filters out about 99.9% of the air. |

Although you should clear the air four times per hour with the help of a powerful filter. | In addition, if you wish, you can also install an air conditioner in your home.

8. dementia (this is very important)

If you have allergies to livestock limes or wings, keep them in a close relationship. If the lime or wings are removed from the environment, the symptoms of allergy may be reduced or may even be completely gone.

The lean animals must be removed. Shaba’s house should be controlled. If litter animals are kept out of the bedroom, they can be tolerated. No, his foam mattress should not be used too.

Carpets, linen, etc. made from the slaughter of animals should not be used.
Animal contact should be avoided outside the home (for example if you are accustomed to horse riding and if you are allergic to the herd, you should avoid horseback riding).

Eleazer before going home to the laying animal. Reggie’s should be used to prevent the symptoms of allergy. Also keep in mind that you may have allergic symptoms in the sauces or zoos.

Allergies due to dust in the house

If you have allergies due to the dust of the house, then your home with a vacuum cleaner. | Should clean up … do this to a person who does not have allergies.

The house should not have carpet fitting. At home No furniture should be stored in the dust. Mattresses and pillows are synthetic materials. It is very good when made with. Pillows and foam mattresses should not be used. |

In bedding and carpets, micro-organisms grow up, which can only be seen with a microscope.

Mild allergy

Molds grow in a humid environment. If you have | If you have allergies to it, you should not be in a humid home. Dust particles also contain purses of melds. Moisturizing machines should be rubbed with light chlorine once or twice a week.

In some reggae, it is possible to cause an allergic reaction when consuming contaminated foods (such as cheese, dried fruit, mushrooms, sauces, wine, and beans) due to the molds. Powder or dense vegetation).

Always cut, prune and clean your grassy fields. Keep the old leaves falling from the tree in place. | Do not wander around the countryside when harvesting. Keep the cabin, which is always closed at all times, clean and tidy, keeping the environment warm in winter.

It’s like air in that cabin … especially when there is no mail in that cabin. Eleazi is the victim.

Palayan Elazee (from pollen to Elazee)

The decision is that you do not go to the plants to which you have algae. It is not possible to do so … because profession may change, school or friends may have to go home. In addition, there may be algae from any other pollen in the new place.

You can reduce the enclosure and partially protect it. Some lakes take a vacation when the number of pollinators in the environment is high, and they choose a place for enclosures, where they have higher numbers. Avoid direct contact with pollinators when flowering. Should go

When the wind is blowing, the windows of the house should be closed. In the morning when pollinators. Keep the clothes together even when the numbers are low. When the breeze blows in the summer, stay indoors.

Insect algae |

Don’t go to places where insects can bite you. Do not wear a headgear that attracts ants.

There are other ways –

  1. Time to go where bees or other insects are likely to bite Put a spray of antibacterial spray on to treat yourself.
  2. Do not apply perfume on hair or clothes
  3. Do not apply perfume on the outside of the house.
  4. Do not walk barefoot outside the house. Wear gloves in hand while working. |
  5. Examine all areas of your home, where all these pests are nesting.
    Do it. |
  6. Avoid gardening where this type of pest is present.
  7. Do not eat anything outside the home. |
  8. If you have bees or bulls nearby, don’t bother them, | Rather, move your head downward.
  9. Always carry an emergency kit with you. |
  10. Take medicines as advised by your doctor and apply them on bite-sized bites … so that allergies can be done. Is saved from.

For your help

Although extra effort is required to avoid allergens, they can be effective and cost-effective.

You can protect yourself by applying the methods below –

01. Read the newspaper and collect information about the count. This is you Can also be found on the website. When these numbers are too high, stay indoors. |

02. Apply air conditioner to the car. When the number of counts (pollen) escapes into the environment If it is high, do not open the car window and drive.

03. Apply pillows and mattresses that are allergic to cure. Wash the lid on them occasionally.

04. If you have a laying animal that produces algae … then removing them as needed is not an option. Carpet and home furnishings with vacuum cleaner. Do not allow lame animals to enter the shelter.

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